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Comments: This is the most undervalued racquet from Wilson within the last few years. I've been playing for 40 years and started to find a replacement for my 12 years old Pro Staff 95. I have bought (not only tested) racquets like the Babolat APD, the Head Extreme, the Wilson 6.1 95S and also the PS97. All good racquets but none of them made me so happy like the Pro Open does recently. I have added lead tape at 9 and 3 and in the handle to have a total weight of 336 grams! And now the really suprising thing is the string setting. I have strung with MSV focus hex at only 35/33 lbs and this combination is making me crying whenever I play! Give this setting a try and you will not be disappointed. Plus the price is unbeatable!
From: Gero, 11/15

Comments: Gave me a lot of spin and control.
From: Anon, 6/14

Comments: Experimenting with this and the current Extreme Pro as I am coming from Babolat Pure Drive and APD which were giving me arm problems. Both of these are more comfortable but I found the Extreme Pro to be too heavy and sluggish and tiring and too powerful. The Pro Open seems to have a nice blend of power and control. Surprisingly comfortable and good feel given the flex and weight. Great spin with the MSV Hex at 55 lbs. Biggest difference is maneuverability at the net and defensive shots. I just get more volleys back in quick doubles exchanges with this one. Not much power on serve is about the only downside I can think of. Currently demoing the Yonex Vcore Tour 97 310 which has the static weight of the Extreme Pro but the swingweight of this Pro Open. Great serving and flat putaways but doesn't suit my topspin forehand like this one. So far this one is still the one for critical matches!
From: Ping, 6/14

Comments: This is an awesome racquet. I love it! I am one-handed and it really helped me adjust. The bigger head helps me put more power on it.
From: Anon, 4/14

Comments: I just ordered a pair of these despite my life long hate for tweener frames! I grew up using heavier frames, 12oz and over, and through the years I have improved beyond being just a weekend warrior, I still stuck by my comfort zone of using or modding sticks to a higher swingweight. My frame history has been lead, lead, lead, and leather customizations to what I thought was what I needed for my game. But as soon as I picked up this stick with a fresh job of full poly at my preferred tension, I realized what I was missing all these years. I'm happy to realize that such a tweener with so much to offer was right under my nose! But sad that this frame has been discontinued by Wilson. I'm hoping Tennis warehouse/Wilson can confirm or deny if they plan to bring back this stick so I can buy another pair along with grommets. If you are listening TW, please leave me a simple comment. It would mean a lot to me.
From: Anon, 11/13
Note from TW: Yes, this racquet is being discontinued unfortunately. You can stock up now, or you can always call/email us and we can help you find a racquet in the same spec that would be a good replacement as well.

Comments: Just demoed it. The balance is not quite there; all the weight seems to be at the handle (it says 7p HL at the throat). For a 6' guy with a full and fast swing like me, it tends to fly a bit. In other words, too much power, not enough control.
From: Nagan, 10/13

Comments: I have used this racquet for 2 months. Overall, I like it. Prior to this one, I used a Babolat PD Roddick, which has more power but less control. For me, the Pro Open is kind of a combination of the Pure Drive and Pure Storm.
From: Yuan, 9/13

Comments: I love this racquet! I'm a high school varsity player and I went from a crappy oversized racquet to this and it has made all the difference! It is great everywhere on the court and i would highly recommend it!
From: Brynne, 6/13

Comments: My son uses this racquet. He says it has a great balance of power and control. Great topspin. Tried to get him to demo some others over the last few years. He did so just to amuse me. He loves this racquet, doesn't want to switch to the newer Juice replacement. He's a top twenty Norcal junior player with a good all around game. Just convinced him to let me try some hybrid patterns on his racquet to see what if we could add a little more power and spin to his game. He agreed, again reluctantly, probably just to amuse me. He had been using a full bed of Luxilon M2 Pro (125) starting at about 46 lbs when he was 12, now up to 58 lbs as an older, heavier hitting junior. We're trying Solinco Revolution main at 54 pounds and Mantis Comfort Synthetic Cross at 58. He didn't like it at first, but now after a few days, he wants me to string up his other backup racquets just like this. Still keeping the M2 around just in case. I hear Solinco may come out with a Softer Tour Bite, would love to try this as I could never dial in tension with Tour Bite. Had to string about five pounds heavier than I wanted and let the racquet sit for a week before using it. The Pro Open is a good racquet, the price is awesome.
From: Bill, 4/13

Comments: I love this racquet - it makes my elbow locking flick backhand better than before! I used to play with a light weight racquet and it always slipped out of my hands but with this racquet I dont encounter this dilemma anymore! The grip is superb as it absorbs mass amounts of sweat and oil during the match. I dont get made fun of anymore! This was a real confidence booster!
From: Oily, 4/13

Comments: I have been playing with this racquet for almost a year now. Previously to this, I used to play with a K Blade 98 and a Babolat Pure Drive. This racquet seems to play as a combination of a Pure Drive and an Aero Pro Drive GT, as it has the maneuverability, stifness and ability to hit flat or with spin of the PD and the (lower) power, stability and solid feel of the APD GT. From the baseline the racquet has good control, spin and power; at the net is stable, maneuverable and not overpowered - you can play short volleys or punch the ball deep in the opponent's court; on overheads it's maneuverable and stable; on serve returns, it is stable enough to block big serves and on second serves it provides the control and spin to be aggressive. It is a bit difficut to hit heavy serves, mainly due to low mass; placement is good, nice spin but kick seems not be very effective.
From: Mic, 4/13

Comments: About 8 months ago I switched from my very old and very heavy racquet to this racquet. I did demo it first along with the the Pure Storm, but chose this racquet because of it's versatility. I play about 4 times a month during the winter and 2-3 times a week during the summer and I love it more and more. I especially love the control that I have with this racquet and the power I am able to wield without over-hitting the ball. My backhand along with my ball placement have improved tremendously. It also does a good job absorbing harder/faster balls coming across the net. Also now that I am playing with a racquet that is a lot lighter than my old racquet my forehand/backhand/serve no longer breakdown during longer matches and my elbows no longer feel sore afterwards. I am pleased with this purchase and cannot wait to try it outdoors this summer.
From: Chinta, 3/13

Comments: Played with this for a week now and it is a very stable racquet with a lot of spin and large power sweet spot. However I found it hard to get a lot of power behind it.
From: Andrew, 3/13

Comments: Terrific racquet and the best of the Pro Open series. It is superior to the Juice model that is supposed to replace it (Wilson is making another mistake with their model changes.) It is truly a great all court stick that does everything well. I'm not a 100 sq. inch fan, but it doesn't feel that big because it is so manuverable. But it's real strength is control while providing more than adequate power on all shots - ground strokes, serves and volleys.
From: Dwight, 11/12

Comments: I just switched to this racquet. and it has great control and power. I'm totally satisfied with this purchase.
From: Eduardo, 11/12

Comments: This racquet does everything extremely well with the extra power. It feels like a softer Pure Drive. I've demo'ed this and the Pure Drive extensively, but chose this one. I got better control and touch shots came easier. The paint job is hideous though. I used to play with heavy racquets until recently, but my game fell apart after longer matches. It's extremely stable even against hard hitters despite the weight. Tennis Warehouse should review this racquet. I highly recommend this to players looking for great control and some added zip to their shots.
From: Richard, 11/12
String type and tension: Wilson NXT @ mid tension

Comments: I'll just start this by saying that I currently play with the last version of this racquet and I've been playing with the Pro Open since the NCode days and it has always been an absolutely incredible racquet. That being said, this new version of BLX Pro Open is a flop. First off, the first BLX Pro was maybe just a little bit too light, but that was okay because I put a couple over grips and head tape on it (I'm pretty tough on my racquets). Anyway, I tried a demo of the new racquet and I realized that Wilson went exactly the wrong direction with this new one. While they may have only made it one tenth of an ounce lighter, it really pushes it over the edge. It was already too light and now its basically a beginner's racquet. Now, that may seem a little ridiculous, but here's where Wilson really went wrong...the looks. I don't like the look of this racquet if you just look at it on its own, but if you compare it to the old ones that were beautiful it's a total lemon. Anyway, all this being said it still has great feel to it and a good balance. Because of this I give it a 7/10, which isn't terrible, but there's no reason to buy it if you can still get the old one which is more like a 9.5/10 for 10 dollars less.
From: Peter, 8/12
String type and tension: Gamma TNT2 17g @ 58 lbs

Comments: Every racquet is a compromise. Give it more plow and you usually lose agility. Give it more power and you usually feel less control. Give it a firmer feel and it's likely to be less comfortable. This racquet manages the compromise as well as anything I've tried. It does everything quite well, but would likely say control if I had to pick its greatest virtue. Stongly recommended.
From: Mike, 8/12

Comments: Switched to this racquet recently for its combination of power, control, good stability and comfort. Had tried the Juice 100 and found it formidable, but with a jarring feel and an unpredictable tendency to launch balls a little long. This racquet, with a little lead added, gave me everything the Juice has but with far greater control, a more predictable response, and a more comfortable feel. A great control racquet, but with very ample power. I've had no arm pain issues with it at all. One of those rare racquets that lets you play a power game but keep the ball in the court. If there's a downside it's only that the feel is more firm than plush, but not uncomfortable.
From: Paul, 8/12

Comments: I recently switched to this racquet after playtesting Donnay Formula 100 and the Pure Drive 2012. All three were very similar, but the Wilson Pro Open seemed to be a little less jarring on off-center hits. This racquet has a huge sweet spot, generates good spin, and is very manueverable. I was surprised by how much better my volleys are with this stick also. Why didn't I switch from a 12 oz. player's frame years ago?
From: Shawn, 8/12

Comments: I love this racquet! I had a super light racquet before and have had no trouble switching to this heavier one. It is great with most every shot. Especially my backhand. I like to really rip the ball cross court and this racquet has only made it easier for me! My serve has also improved tons! It is easy to get super crazy slice spin on the serve and then change it up and hit flat! Highly recommended!
From: Brynne, 7/12
String type and tension: Wilson Extreme Synthetic Gut 17 @ 58 lbs

Comments: This is a great racquet! I've switched to the Wilson Pro Open from the NTour. The additional headsize and power immediately improved my volleys and serves are more consistent. The racquet is a little easier on my arm, especially on slightly miss hit balls. The racquet feels very solid, but is light enough to maneuver easily at net. I love the new cosmetics as opposed to the old black and yellow model.
From: Rick, 6/12
String type and tension: Wilson NXT 16, 55 lbs

Comments: I love this racquet!! Absolutely no vibration, and just feels solid. So far it's been great for my tennis elbow. Plenty of spin, power, and control. The HH/HL feels very neutral to me with an even balance. Volleys are solid, but this is a much heavier racquet than what I was using, so it's taking a little time to adjust. It definitely has improved my game, and my confidence.
From: Robert, 5/12
String type and tension: Solinco Tour Bite/Vanquish Hybrid, 58lbs
Headsize: 100
NTRP Rating: 3.0

Comments: I love this racquet! Super combination of spin, power, and control. Very much improved my serve, volley, and slices. Only downside was a little less control on forehands. I think that can be figured out, though.
From: Robert, 5/12

Comments: I love this racquet. Perfect for an all court game. I picked up a little speed on my serves, and overheads feel really solid. I was concerned about it being a bit light but I am pleasantly surprised to say I have not noticed this as a problem. My serve returns from big servers aren't really a problem, they have actually improved. I went from a 98 square inch head size with low power to this racquet with slightly more power and a bigger head and bigger sweet spot. Two thumbs up. Also, I managed to get this version and the old version with the same specs and I notice no difference between the two except for the paint job.
From: Mike, 4/12

Comments: For me it is fantastic racket, light, effortless swing, generates enough power, especially with Babolat xcel power strings, it is very comfortable and easy on the arm. It is a perfect all round racquet especially with 16/19 pattern, now my racquet of choice and after I bought first one I just ordered another one, and it is coming in a few days, so I am very happy. What surprises me is that Wilson no longer produces this racket ?! I think it came out not two years ago, if i am not wrong.
From: Mario, 3/12

Comments: Just got it in the UPS for a demo, & I'm happy to say I love it. It has great control & spin, and good aim. I'm planning on buying it soon! I just wish it came in more colors.
From: Nina, 2/12

Comments: Suppose to be the same racket but specs are slightly different on TW site, I plan to buy the new one and I loved the old one, too! Could be explained possibly by different lamination layers or just calibration on test equipment?
From: Steve, 2/12

Comments: Is there anything new about this BLX Pro Open compared to the previous version or is it just a new paint job? Paint job looks great on the new one. However, I don't want to pay the extra cost if the only thing that changed is the new paint. I love the previous BLX Pro Open. Good power, great spin, forgiving, great feel, easy on the arm/shoulder/elbow. This stick is good on volley at the net when you hit back. However, my only complaint is if the volley is coming with pace and you hold on tight enough and don't punch it back hard enough it can twist the racquet and your ball could end up in the net. Probably more user error than anything else.
From: Travis, 2/12

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