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Comments: It's a pretty good machine. 1) Battery works well, certainly good for an hour or two workout. 2) Ball speed, well, it's not going to give you exceptionally fast feeds, but it's a decent speed. Great speed for helping me create consistency with my stroke. 3) Easily adjusts speed, direction, and spin. 4) The height for wheeling it is a bit low (but I'm tall). But it's okay.
From: Bill, Los Angeles, CA, USA, 06/08

Comments: This is the machine. If you are thinking about buying a Tennis Ball Machine and live in the U.S., don't consider any other brand. This machine has all the features at a reasonable price and is the only one backed by an extended warranty of up to 5 years ($40 for each additional year after the first year). The Wilson machine is manufactured in the U.S. by Tennis Tutor, a reputed and experienced Tennis Ball Machine manufacturer. The quality is excellent. You definitely need to buy the 2 line and random oscillation features, as well as the remote. The smart charger is also a most. I have used the machine for up to two hours at a time. The drain on the battery didn't change the performance of the machine at all. After each use, the smart charger replenished the battery in an hour or two, faster than advertised. The placement, speed and spin on the balls is always very consistant, the machine practically never misses one. It also doesn't jam. Brand new balls are not recommended, because wax and ink on new balls can build up on the throwing wheels. Slightly used or just used balls work fine. Just discard the ones that don't have enough bounce in them. The Wilson machine can spin and speed tennis balls much harder than most humans, so you will find yourself using only 10 to 20% of the spinning and maybe 50 to 70% of the speed capability. The interval goes from one ball every 10 seconds to one per second. I found that number 2 in the interval is fair enough for me, spinning at 1 to 2 and speed at 6 to 7 are my selected numbers right now. Transporting the machine may be a problem. Don't trust the very small and fragile wheels on the machine for transportation. I use a two wheels warehouse truck I previously had for other purposes. A small warehouse cart will also do.
From: J.Grana, Miami, Florida, USA. 12/07

Comments: Overall, my impression has not been good. I plan to exchange it for something else. The ball speed is poor. It does not feed balls up to 70mph, I would be surprised if the balls went 50mph. Transporting this machine is horrible. It is extremely difficult to pull around due to the low handle and positioning of the wheels.
From: Barbara McGary, Austin, Texas USA 05/06

Comments: I purchased this machine 14 months ago and am happy with it and the service from the manufacturer. After two months, one wheel covering started to disintegrate, so Sport Tutor sent me two new wheels, FedEx, with tools and install instructions. They said they got a "bad batch of wheels". After 10 months, ball feed & oscillator not working properly so I shipped it to Sports Tutor and they fixed it under the 12 month warranty, no charge, except one way shipping. They got it back to me in a week. They also replaced the AM remote with a new, improved FM remote, no charge. A fully loaded hopper sometimes creates a void above the carrousel, preventing ball feed after the first 8-10 balls. So I have to return to the machine to rearrange the balls -- a reason to buy the remote. I'd like to see top-end ball speed increased a bit to get faster balls with topspin, and adding a feature that allows stopping the oscillator remotely without also stopping the ball feed. I prefer the lift out handle of the Tennis Tutor, which I had before. I bought the Wilson rather than the almost identical Tennis Tutor since it's lighter to load and carry up/down stairs. Also for the difference in price you can get the remote. Assuming I don't have any more malfunctions, I'll be happy with it. I suggest getting the extended warranty and remote, and, if you're likely to forget to unplug the charger, like me, get the Smart Charger.
From: John, Denver,CO 04/06

Comments: Overall, my impression has not been good and I plan to exchange it for something else.
1. The ball speed is poor. It does not feed balls up to 70mph. I would be surprised if the balls went 50mph.
2. Transporting this machine is horrible. It is extremely difficult to pull around due to the low handle and positioning of the wheels.
From: Barbara, Austin, Texas, USA.

Comments: It basically works well, but I did have a problem right when it arrived. One of the tabs on a side hopper flap broke off, for which there was a warning about how to avoid that happening that came with the product. However, I think it was broken like that when I got it new. Anyway, I was too lazy to send it back. Also, one wheel broke off of it a few weeks ago, but I think it was because I was pulling it over a field to get to a court.
From: Jeff, USA. 9/04.

Comments: The ball machine has worked well. There needs to be better explanation of the differences between the various machines on the website. The elevation works well and the varying speed settings have been used by both my son and me. It was a great addition to our training.
From: Jean. 8/04

Comments:Overall, my impression of the machine is positive. However, there are a few items I've been meaning to contact Tennis Warehouse about to get resolved:
1. Both wheels broke off the machine relatively early on.
2. The speed leaves a bit to be desired. I have the machine at the highest speed setting and the pace is still a bit tepid (FYI, I've followed all the charging instructions as set forth in the manual).
From: Kevin. 8/04

Comments: I was looking for a portable ball machine for personal use. I had to adjust the 2 line feature for wider use as I desired it to go from side to side using the entire court width. It isn't real easy to do but is definitely possible. The ball throws are consistent, the battery life seems to be pretty long. The machine doesn't jam. The weight is light at under 40 pounds. It only holds about 110 balls which I thought might be a concern at first. This seems to be enough for a drill rotation. However, there are quite a few breaks picking up balls. I ordered the remote control. I need to be at the net for it to activate the machine. I find myself not using this feature very much with the low ball capacity. Overall, the weight of the machine a accuracy of feeds are pluses. Minuses include the low capacity for balls and not having a programmable oscillation. However, this feature is usually only available in more expensive machines for nonportable use.
From: Greg, Olympia, WA, USA 8/01

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