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Comments: On my machine first the wheel broke after 3 weeks of use, then after another two weeks the other broke off. I had to drill holes in plastic and put on my custom wheels because original design was terrible. Yes, speed seems a bit low.
From: Viatcheslav, Santa Clara, CA, USA. 1/09

Comments: Overall, my impression has not been good and I plan to exchange it for something else.
1. The ball speed is poor. It does not feed balls up to 70mph. I would be surprised if the balls went 50mph.
2. Transporting this machine is horrible. It is extremely difficult to pull around due to the low handle and positioning of the wheels.
From: Barbara, Austin, Texas, USA.

Comments: I ordered and received my Wilson ball machine about a month ago and this review will make two main points.
First, I am very happy with the machine. It has the remote and 2-line feature which is great and I highly recommend. It can mimic most any shot, throws balls with good speed, and has proven itself to offer a great workout. The random oscillation feature combined with a short throwing interval will get the heart pumping. I hit with it for nearly 3 hours recently and the battery still had plenty of juice left for more. I did decide to subsequently order the optional smart charger which provides a safeguard against overcharging the battery. It is easy to transport, but being made with a plastic case, I would recommend it be treated as such.
Second, the level of customer service backing the machine is fabulous. Made by Sport Tutor for Wilson, the machine arrived with a good battery, but after using the machine, I could not get it recharged. The folks at Sports Tutor were great. They promptly worked with me to try and find the cause, including send me a second battery and a replacement charger. Failing to solve the problem, they arranged for the machine to be returned and discovered that the control panel was faulty. I had the machine back within a week and it is now working well.
If you want to focus on specific shot making, this is the tool to help with that.
From: Jim, Havasu City, AZ, USA. 11/05

Comments: It basically works well, but I did have a problem right when it arrived. One of the tabs on a side hopper flap broke off, for which there was a warning about how to avoid that happening that came with the product. However, I think it was broken like that when I got it new. Anyway, I was too lazy to send it back. Also, one wheel broke off of it a few weeks ago, but I think it was because I was pulling it over a field to get to a court.
From: Jeff, USA. 9/04.

Comments: The ball machine has worked well. There needs to be better explanation of the differences between the various machines on the website. The elevation works well and the varying speed settings have been used by both my son and me. It was a great addition to our training.
From: Jean. 8/04

Comments:Overall, my impression of the machine is positive. However, there are a few items I've been meaning to contact Tennis Warehouse about to get resolved:
1. Both wheels broke off the machine relatively early on.
2. The speed leaves a bit to be desired. I have the machine at the highest speed setting and the pace is still a bit tepid (FYI, I've followed all the charging instructions as set forth in the manual).
From: Kevin. 8/04

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