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Comments: The mechanism works well. But the outer case is a C- design for several reasons: 1 Not easy to move because of the cheap molded handle. There should be a hinge up handle so one does not hit feet. 2. The wheels are too high in back. I modified my wheels locations lower so the wheels are closer to the court surface for easier conveyance. 3. The flaps for loading or holding the balls in place are the cheapest and genuine junk. I had to repair the flaps several times. There should be support on the upper corners and material should be stiffer with strong hinges. Real junk. But, tech support has been helpful for when I needed new parts as they break. The guy that designed this machine probably never used it!
From: Karl, 5/15

Comments: Bought the basic spec machine earlier this year (no remote, no 2 line, battery power only). Out of the box the spin switch was wired backwards. No issues there but it gets much worse. After the first session, the height adjustment switch quits working. Then on the next attempted session, the machine refuses to start altogether. After taking it apart (I live in the middle east so no chance of sending it back for repairs), and jiggling the connections, lo and behold the machine comes back to life. The height adjustment now works too. After another 2 sessions it quit altogether again and I found that after opening it up again that the board has some black spots on the solder point, a telltale sign that component on the electrical board has failed. I'm seeing if I can get a replacement board again but as a brand new machine costing 1000+ dollars and only being used a handful of times, this is about as poor a build quality as it gets. It may be my unique bad experience but I would not be buying from these guys again. Hope I can still get the machine fixed so I can get some use out of it.
From: Christianto, 4/13

Comments: I liked the machine but within few days the oscillator stoped working. I hope someone can help, just can't get the ball high, and feel cheated.
From: jaz, hayward, california, usa. 9/09

Comments: I just bought this machine about a month ago and it has worked out perfectly for me so far. It is very useful to work on perfecting your forehands, backhands, volleys, and even overheads shots. It holds a little over 110 tennis balls which lasts me quite a while when I have it set on a slower interval to work on forehand and backhand shots. Sometimes at slower speeds the balls get stuck and then it will shoot two at once, but I usually have it set to 6 anyway. I have not experienced the problems that others have mentioned yet, but the only way to get the balls to go 70 would be if the machine is fully charged and turned up all the way with no spin, but at that rate the balls will fly out of the court anyway and you won;t get a good practice in. Overall, my impression is a good one and I would recommend it for any player looking to improve their strokes and their game.
From: Nick. 05/09

Comments: Great Machine. The spin control is excellent. Battery life is about 2.5 hours after about 10 months of use. It is light compared with other ball machines. Ball placement is very consistent. I would highly recommend it.
From: Mike, Philadelphia. 10/07

Comments: Overall, my impression has not been good. I plan to exchange it for something else. The ball speed is poor. It does not feed balls up to 70mph, I would be surprised if the balls went 50mph. Transporting this machine is horrible. It is extremely difficult to pull around due to the low handle and positioning of the wheels.
From: Barbara McGary, Austin, Texas USA 05/06

Comments: Ball machine is okay overall. One of the flaps broke off because I accidentally hit a ball at it. I havenít had the wheel problem yet but the ball machine is a bit low. If you're a tall person it'll be a bit tough dragging it by the wheel because you'll practically be kneeling. I just carry it everywhere but that gets tiring after about 4 minutes.
From: Derek, USA. 11/05

Comments: Overall, my impression has not been good and I plan to exchange it for something else.
1. The ball speed is poor. It does not feed balls up to 70mph. I would be surprised if the balls went 50mph.
2. Transporting this machine is horrible. It is extremely difficult to pull around due to the low handle and positioning of the wheels.
From: Barbara, Austin, Texas, USA.

Comments: It basically works well, but I did have a problem right when it arrived. One of the tabs on a side hopper flap broke off, for which there was a warning about how to avoid that happening that came with the product. However, I think it was broken like that when I got it new. Anyway, I was too lazy to send it back. Also, one wheel broke off of it a few weeks ago, but I think it was because I was pulling it over a field to get to a court.
From: Jeff, USA. 9/04.

Comments: The ball machine has worked well. There needs to be better explanation of the differences between the various machines on the website. The elevation works well and the varying speed settings have been used by both my son and me. It was a great addition to our training.
From: Jean. 8/04

Comments:Overall, my impression of the machine is positive. However, there are a few items I've been meaning to contact Tennis Warehouse about to get resolved:
1. Both wheels broke off the machine relatively early on.
2. The speed leaves a bit to be desired. I have the machine at the highest speed setting and the pace is still a bit tepid (FYI, I've followed all the charging instructions as set forth in the manual).
From: Kevin. 8/04

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