Wilson Natural Gut 17 String (2015) Customer feedback

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Comments: I have been using Wilson Gut for 18 months or so. It feels the way VS Gut used to before the BT7 non- sense. Rumor is that VS manufactures this for Wilson. My string jobs are Wilson Gut 17 gauge on the mains at 48 pounds, and RPM Blast 18 gauge on the crosses at 44 pounds. Truly a sensational combo -- powerful, crisp, forgiving, tons of feel, and reasonably durable.
From: Ed, 10/13

Comments: I recently strung my new Pro Kennex KI Q5 with Wilson Gut 17g because of severe golfers elbow and it has helped tremendously! I went from a 9 out of 10 for pain (10 being the worst) to a 2. It could be the racquet, or the string, or both; I'm not sure, but it works. However, the Wilson gut string doesn't seem to have any coating, so they don't snap back after a good topspin swing. I haven't tried Babolat's 17g gut to give a fair comparison, but the Wilson gut is soft, powerful, and does have some spin potential. Overall, I would buy it again if my elbow problems don't subside, but I will try the Bobolat first so I know the difference.
From: Tony, 5/13

Comments: Although some forum posters expressed that Wilson was "softer" than Babolat VS BT7, I figured they were simply imagining such. At the time, I had already had four full gut setups using Babolat 16g, so I decided to test another full gut bed of Wilson 16g as well as another stick with a full bed of Wilson 17g. From my testing, Wilson really is perceptively softer than the Babolat BT7 and they're both about $43/set. Now Wilson is the only kind I use. But don't blindly believe the opinion of some random comment. Test it for yourself!
From: Corbind, 12/12

Comments: This string is a premium and the world class reference. It's softer than Babolat VS Team BT7, and it performs way better. Therefore, one cannot understand any reason why Tennis Warehouse Europe don't sell it.
From: Daniel, 10/12

Comments: Same quality as Babolat VS Team. Made in France and everything too. Messed up on the stringing and had to cut out 3 ft. of string and was still able to finish the string job. Did a one-piece box pattern on my racquet and boy, it is powerful.
From: Steve, 1/12

Comments: When I first saw this string with my racket, I couldn’t tell the difference from Babolat VS Team. This string gives a little softer feel, with more control, by its more spin-generating attribute. Tension loss is minimal I am going to stick to this for a while.
From: Yasuhiro, Okayama, Japan. 1/04

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