Wilson Natural Gut 16 String (2015) Customer feedback

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Comments: This Wilson Gut is actually manufactured by Babolat. It lacks the BT7 coating of the new Babolat VS formula. Because of that, it is a bit softer and offers more power and ball pocketing. It is a bit less durable than VS gut. I prefer this to VS gut, but you do pay a premium price. Wilson Gut 16 mains with Wilson Revolve 17 crosses is my usual set up. I'm a 4.5 NTRP player using a Wilson 6.1 95S strung at 53 lbs mains/ 50 lbs crosses.
From: Jason, 3/16

Comments: Really enjoy Wilson gut mains with poly crosses. Plays much softer and more "gut" like than the new BT7 VS. Those looking for the old VS feeling should definitely use Wilson gut.
From: Rye, 11/14

Comments: Everything it's cracked up to be. Touch, feel, comfort, power. Very impressed!
From: Mike, 5/13

Comments: Terrific string. What more could you want in terms of comfort, feel and playability?. Durability is dependent on the player. If your stokes involve rolling or whipping your wrist around with heaps of topspin, it probably won't last. Especially on an open string pattern. The problem is, there are so many more heavy baseline spinners that are willing to do reviews compared to oldies with arm problems or serve and volley (which are usually the oldschoolers as well). The string clearly doesn't suit their needs so they're the first to bag it. For me, I'm gonna get a few months of good serve and volleying out of it.
From: Isaac, 4/13

Comments: I strung my racquet myself with this string and I love it, but it lasts me no time what so ever. I strung this racquet and it lasted me 3 hours of hard baseline hitting. Although I feel this string would last for other people a lot longer than it lasted me.
From: Matt, 10/11

Comments:Anyhow, great string! I love it! Funny how marketing can make a difference. I use the Babolat, and some of my friends use the Wilson. Give it a shot though. I've turned about 20 people on to it and they cannot go back. It's that good!
From: Christian, Ft. Collins, CO, USA, 03/11

Comments: Most of the time the only reason people break strings is because of off sweet spot hits. These strings should last you a while if you hit like you are supposed to.
From: Ed, Hamton Bays, NY, USA, 09/10

Comments: A co-worker of mine gave me a half set of Lux. M2 and half set of Gut. This was my first time playing with gut so I had high expectations. I was only worried about the durability since I usually blow through anything soft. I strung the Lux. M2 on mains at 57.5 and gut on crosses at 59.5. This was by far the best combination of strings I have ever played with. The playability of gut was amazing. I actually broke the Lux. M2 on mains before the gut. This is an awesome string!!
From: Kyle, Atlanta, GA, USA 2/10

Comments: Plays exactly like Babolat vs. Therefore, it's a great feeling soft string with a plush pocketing response. Great string if you're willing to spend the money, but it's better than any string out there. No substitute for natural gut.
From: Anon, 08/09

Comments: I have been playing with these strings for 3 months. I like the feel, the topspin is awesome, and I'm currently using the gut as crosses and the gray ones as mains. However, if you are an aggressive player these won't be an excellent choice due to breaking really fast. I played with Dunlop strings and they lasted 10 times as much.
From: Hamood, BH. 04/09

Comments: I can use it as my first choice string on a hybrid on the mains at 58lbs with BB ace on crosses at 55/56lbs. The gut is so amazing, the feeling of the ball on the strings is so consistent and you come to trust the response every single time. The power is effortless, the slice is staggering, the topspin is sublime. My game was great before gut, and it took me into the stratosphere when I made the switch. Everything they say about gut is true. Try it right now. I can't understand how anyone can hate gut, its supercharged my game and I will never go back.
From: Steven, Scotland, UK, 10/08

Comments: Great string. Feels as good as the VS gut. If you can afford to spend the cash (because they break quickly; gut is not going to be durable), definitely go with the gut.
From: steven. 9/08

Comments: This string is very good. I like it a lot because of its feel and control. I strung this at 60 on my Head Radical.
From: Bjorn, Pittsburgh, PA. 11/07

Comments: I've used both the Wilson Natural Gut and the VS gut, and there is no comparison. I would break the Wilson Gut within the first 15 minutes and sometimes it would break in a newly strung racquet before I even pulled it our of the bag, usually at a knot, whereas the VS gut would last for at least 5-10 matches (same knot, same stringer). While I have always been a Wilson guy (used to be on their free list years ago as a junior), I would not recommend the Wilson gut. It is worth it to pay the extra cash to get VS.
From: Paul, Denver, CO, USA 05/06

Comments:This natural gut string is decent for playing in any condition. I have relied on this string for one year now and I have only broken them about twenty times. I hope my peers will have a chance to use this natural gut string because it is reliable and durable.
From: Anon 05/06

Comments: As a value-oriented player, I've always been skeptical of natural gut's durability. HOWEVER, I tried Wilson Natural 16 in hybrids with a few 1.20mm co-polys (TiMo 18, UltraTour 17, Enduro Pro 18) and have broken the poly mains before the gut crosses. In essence, I am getting gut quality play with poly durability. I love it and recommend everyone to try it.
From: Dean, Appleton, WI, USA 11/05

Comments: This is the greatest string. I mean I've been using it for 1 year maybe. I think nearly everyone should use this. It adds a lot of spin and power to your game. This is a great string.
From: Sarah, Winchester, VA, USA, 11/05

Comments: I've been using the Wilson Natural Gut 16 string for a little over six months and I must say I'm impressed with the amount of pop it's added to my shots. I can really feel the ball hitting the strings when I play with it, so it's no wonder Federer and Serena play with it. It generates excellent spin and control, but the power is what really stands out. Great string.
From: Terra, Independence, MO, USA. 10/05

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