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Comments: These shoes are very good and feel comparable to a $100 shoe. It is comfortable, stable, durable and a good width. The grain leather helps you cool down. You won't find any thing better, especially for this price.
From: MC, 5/13

Comments: It is a nice shoes for the price. Good ground feeling, good support, but they make your feet hurt after the game. Definitely not as comfortable as my Vapor 9. But I just cannot ask for more from shoes lower than $30.
From: Richard, 1/13

Comments: For other long-time wearers like me, I don't think that these are the "standard" Pro Staff. I have worn very similar Wilson court shoes forever and this is the first one that it was a half of a size too small. Plus, these wore out faster than other pairs, particularly the toes, which was a strong point of other versions. I have an older, almost identical pair (difference is lack of the black stripe across the toe) that is true to size and is holding up better. I'm not sure if this is the difference but these appear to be made in Cambodia and the better (older) pair is made in China. Not sure if Wilson is making manufacturing changes (one other Wilson user complained about size) or if this is just an off version.
From: Chuck, 1/13

Comments: This shoe is worth $39.95. No more and no less. I was looking for a shoe that has decent lateral support and durable toe rubbers. This shoe provides durable toe rubbers, however, lateral support is lacking quite a bit. Especially the heel support is very soft and I think the shoes will go in a month or so (I play about 5 times a week, 2 to 3 hours a day). The size is true to size, but I was hoping that it has a bit more room than other normal "M" size shoes. I normally wear New Balance size 9 2E or 4E, but I bought size 9.5 for this Wilson shoe. It does its job, but still it is bit too tight all around. I have been wearing it about five times and have mixed feeling about the shoes. I guess it's worth what I paid for. Next time, I will pay bit more and get better shoes.
From: Alex, 7/12

Comments: I can't ask for more from my Wilson Pro Staff Court tennis shoes. They've got it all; comfort, stability, durability and the classic look! I am about to order another 2 pairs to make a total of 7 pairs of Pro Staff Court tennis shoes in my shoe rack!
From: Patricio, 7/12

Comments: These are bad shoes and won't last more than 10 hours playing 4.0+ tennis. My feet also start heating up within a few minutes of walking.
From: Tom P., 4/12

Comments: I can certainly tell you that they are not worth $39. Maybe if you get them for casual wearing you might get some value out of them. They are very stiff and uncomfortable and my feet moved inside of them every time I came to an abrupt stop. I also need to tape my feet so I don't get blisters. I am a 5.0 player and I usually don't buy shoes cheaper than $80, but I really liked the classic look so I went for it. After playing with Nike Vapor for 2 years now, this pair felt like bricks and my footwork really suffered throughout the 10 days. I would recommend this shoes for a recreational player on a budget who doesn't have a power game.
From: Stefan, 11/11

Comments: This shoe is amazing. I found it at a good price and I also love the cushioning in the shoe. The shoe provides me with extra stability and is a good shoe to have for the Junior Varsity-Varsity players. This is my first pair of Wilson tennis shoes and I was surprised by how good it was. It is great to have on the court. You will enjoy having these shoes in your possession. It is a great shoe to have for indoor uses as well outdoor courts.
From: Josh, 10/11

Comments: I used these for about 4-5 months of 2-3 times playing a week. The comfort of the cushioning is really good. However I have a narrow foot, and I have mashed my toes into the front of the toe box many times and have 4 toenails that are black from it. I was still considering getting another pair because all the high end shoes don't feel comfortable to me. Overall, these Wilson's are so cheap and a comfortable shoe that I would recommend them for people on a budget. Sole lasted about 4 months for me.
From: Stephen, 10/11

Comments: I am a 16 years old junior player practicing tennis every other day. Regular tennis shoes only survived my tennis activity less than 2 months. I began using Barricade 5's and these only lasted me 10 weeks. I bought a pair of these Wilson Pro Staff as a temporary solution before I could buy the Barricades, but surprisingly these Wilson Pro Staff lasted almost 6 months. Aside from durability they were regularly comfortable, the only problem I've experienced with these shoes is playing in outdoors during hot weather as they transfer too much heat to the feet.
From: Ivan, 8/11

Comments: I have 3 pairs of Wilson Pro Staff Court men's shoes. I found it to be the most comfortable of all other Wilson tennis shoe models. Due to its wider sole, it gives me stability and balance and therefore more power to my swing. I have Tour Vision, Tour Spin 2 and Tour Fantom, but I enjoy most using my Pro Staff Court shoe! All in all I have 11 pairs of tennis shoes, 9 of them are Wilson tennis shoes!
From: Patricio. 5/11

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