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Comments: This is a good leather grip. However, the color comes off in time with overgrip usage. The orange just rubs off and turns into a dull brown color. It still performs well with that, but this is the only leather grip I've used that shows discoloration. Also, the price is ridiculous. Buy a TW private label leather grip instead, as those are half the price and arguably perform better than the Wilson ones.
From: BM, 11/14

Comments: Great feel on the bevels, but does the leather start to lose colors? For some reason after removing my overgrip, the orange color on the leather grip seems to have disappeared.
From: Anon, 10/12

Comments: This grip is great. I'm a 4.0 level all courter and I love it. I also tried out the Wilson Comfort Hybrid but I liked the leather is better. I put it on my BLX Juice 100 with a Tournagrip wrapped about 3/4 the way up the handle. Let me tell you, the Wilson Leather under a Tournagrip is the best feel in the game. The leather gave me more feedback and stability than my stock Pro Hybrid. Babolat leather also works well but not as well as the Wilson. I made my Juice 100 so much better with this grip.
From: Dean, 10/12

Comments: I have this grip on my PS90 BLX and I just put an overgrip around it. The leather grip helps you get a feel for the bevels on the handle and the overgrip just secures your hand is locked in place. The only downside with the leather grip is that it apparently gets rough and shrinks a bit, so an overgrip is a necessity when using this replacement grip (in my opinion). I would probably recommend the Wilson Pro Overgrip.
From: Anon, 9/12

Comments: Amazing grip, but it gave me blisters. I'm going to have to get an overgrip for it.
From: Richard, 9/12

Comments: Great feel and tack, but you have to use it with overgrip. I recommend the Wilson Pro Overgrip or one of HEAD ones.
From: Indra, 8/12

Comments: I had this grip on my Wilson BLX Six.One Tour and decided to replace it with something that offered the same feel, but a bit more absorption as my hands tend to sweat a bit during play. Tried the Wilson Pro Hybrid (Leather + Polyurethane) and it has kinda the same excellent feel, but also a bit more comfort. Tried the Shock Shield Hybrid which even though is marketed as a comfort grip, in reality because it's heavy (due to the gel), rather thin and narrow, it also feels great (you can feel the bevels and everything). Both were good but not better than the original so I'm going back to leather. Note: Regardless of the grip, I always use an overgrip (Tourna Tack or Wilson Pro Overgrip/Sensation/Perforated). I'm a 2-3 times a week player with a rating of 4+.
From: Sammy, 4/12

Comments: This is a great grip! it is very durable and has a lot of feel. The only downside is this is a rough grip that might hurt your hand after 1 or two hours of play.
From: Kay, 7/11

Comments: A very rough grip that is HORRIBLE for indoor play. All my other leather grips were durable and lasted for a long period; this one grew smooth and loose after a week. Caused me to have the racquet out of my hand and break in 3 spots, not buying again...
From: Alex, Columbus, OH, USA, 01/11

Comments: Does not compare with the Fairway Leather Grip for tack, feel nor durability. I was using this with both single and double overgrip setups but found that this Wilson leather replacement grip was completely flattened and flaky after just 4 months.
From: Garry, Australia, 10/10

Comments: This grip alone is very bad, but with a overgrip (I recommend a Wilson pro overgrip) it is very good and has a great feel.
From: Harry, 05/10

Comments: Very very good grip. I'm using it with an overgrip. I feel really good control. But I hated when I use without a overgrip. It feels sticky.
From: anon. Madison, Alabama, USA 08/09

Comments: Really really specific grip. Very hard and gives you lots of blisters when you just start using it. I also noticed that it's a good idea to add some water on it during your game session, that way it becomes more softer and feels much better. Overall, this is by far not a universal grip that will suit anyone...
From: Pavel, Canada. 05/09

Comments: This grip is awful. The first time I used it (which wasn't even an hour) I had blisters. It has no comfort whatsoever and is very slippery. Once I covered it with a Wilson Pro overgrip everything was awesome.
From: Wes, Post Falls, ID, USA. 1/09

Comments: This was the best leather grip ever! Great feel and very durable.
From: James, New York, New York, USA. 1/08

Comments: I had a black leather grip on my prince it's not good on its own but it feels good when under an overgrip. Recommend a Wilson Pro Overgrip
From: Vinh, Morgan City, LA, USA, 06/07

Comments: I like this grip, but like everyone says, it's the same as the Babolat one. However, I would buy the Babolat because of the gold writing--embossed versus gold? I'll take the shiny writing. Also, if your racquet handle is really long, then maybe the extra 5 in. on this grip is necessary.
From: Ronak, Tempe, AZ, USA, 02/07

Comments: The Babolat leather grip is better because it's cheaper and there doesn't seem to be any difference in quality. I tried both with and without overgrip. I prefer Babolat version also because the strip is wider.
From: Derek, San Francisco, CA, USA. 12/06

Comments: Use this replacement grip with 2 overgrips, feels hard but not so hard that you get blisters.
From: Anon, 11/06

Comments: I used to use synthetic grips but I will no more. With this grip you can really feel the bevels on the racket. I don't have any problems with blisters, even though I don't use an overgrip. Love the old school look. Great grip.
From: Robert, Alpharetta, GA, USA 07/06

Comments: This leather grip is definitely an acquired taste. It is comfortable on the hand and pretty durable. However it offers very little or no tack at all, something of a hindrance for most modern day players. I use it with the Wilson Pro Overgrips. It gives a nice comfy feels as well as the tack of the overgrip.
From: Adam, London, UK 06/06

Comments: This is an excellent grip. I use the Wilson pro overgrip with this and the feel is great. Highly recommended.
From: William
Monterey, California 4/1/06

Comments: This is a great grip. It's got to be the best grip out on the market. It is very tacky and has an all around great feel. It looks great on my nCode nSix-One Tour. Awesome grip.
From: Roger, Jacksonville, FL, USA. 12/05

Comments:This is a very good grip, and I always use them on my bats. It's all about leather grips!! Fairway grips are still available, and I have tried both-equally impressive IMO. I wouldn't recommend using a bare leather grip, its not the idea really-tourna over the top creates a fantastic effect.
From: Andrew 9/30
Epsom, Surrey, UK

Comments: An excellent quality grip that adds noticeable heft to the racquet (when compared to the Micro-Dry of the n-Tour.) Provides a nice solid feel with the use of any overgrip, but definitely NOT recommended for use without one - blisters anyone!
From: Iaquinta. 9/05

Comments: This is a great grip when used under a Tournagrip or a Wilson pro white or Yonex supergrap. It feels nice and firm. A great setup under a Tournagrip especially. Also lasts a long time when used under an overgrip. A better feel then synthetics, I'd say it's worth the cash. I use a Babolat pure drive plus with this on the pallet instead of the stock synthetic grip.
From: Mike, Dayton, NJ, USA. 11/04

Comments: This grip makes the handle very hard and begins to hurt hand after a while.
From: Anon. 10/03

Comments: These grips are too thin and wear through quickly. They are not even comparable to the best made, now out of release, Fairway leather grips. Advise Pro Kennex when tan is available.
From: Mark, Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA. 8/03

Comments: A very high quality leather. Somewhat tacky. Definitely provides more feedback than synthetics. Expect to get one season out of each grip. Using grip on Dunlop 300G's. Primarily, all court player with a big serve. Skill level 6.0.
From: Gary, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. 6/03

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