Wilson K Factor Hammer 2.7 Racquets Customer feedback

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Comments: I've played with Wilson racquets my whole tennis career and always used widebody, head-heavy frames. For years now I have played with the Wilson Hammer 4.0 and though I tried a number of different racquets over the years, I could never find one that played as well as it did. That has just changed. I was surprised to even see this racquet - a present-day racquet that is a widebody and head-heavy. I couldn't believe it was real, since I had never seen it on the Wilson site, but it was on sale here on TW, so I decided I would try it. I could not have been more shocked, or pleased! The very first day I pulled it out to play, I hit with big power, great consistency, and total control of virtually shot. My opponent, a friend and tennis foe for years, kept commenting on how well I was hitting the ball. I agreed but thought maybe it was just my day. Nope. Next time out was competitive doubles (4.0 level) and I played at least as well, if not better than my first time out with the racquet. I haven't had a poor showing with it yet. This frame is exceptionally stable and provided great power without ever costing you control of your shots. I have a moderately short backswing and like my racquet to provide some extra power for my game. This racquet does that exceptionally well. The info on this frame says it comes from the original Hammer 2.7 molds, but Wilson has toned down the power just a bit and modern technology has produced an absolutely awesome racquet for the player who creates his own consistency and placement but wants a frame that gives him a little added punch. I string mine at the bottom of the tension range (55 lbs) and let the racquet do the heavy lifting. After two weeks of playing with this racquet, I got a second, and I have a third on the way to me now. I fully expect to get at least 4 of these, maybe more, and replace all the other racquets I have. This is my new weapon of choice. Awesome job, Wilson.
From: Robert, 12/12

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