Wilson Juice Pro 96 BLX Racquet Customer feedback

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Comments: I am a high school student playing competition tennis, and I am 3rd in my school squad. I play with a heavy topspin forehand (extreme western) and a two handed backhand. When I first got this racquet two years ago, I loved it. It brought my game to new heights! I loved the easy power and control at the same time. However, as I improved, and played at higher levels, in the longer matches the racquet began to feel sluggish and heavy. Because of the energetic way I play my game, the racquet made my game very tiring. A good friend of mine got the Pro Staff 95, and once I had a go at that, I loved it even more. It felt more maneuverable and did not take any effort to swing with pace and generate spin. Because of my experience with the PS 95, (after several playtests) I have decided to switch to the new Wilson Six.One 95S. This racquet takes away all the faults of the Juice, while still retaining all the good things. The stability and control are still there, but the Six.One 95S really compliments my game, particularly my topspin forehand. From my experience with this racquet, I would recommend it to the players who hit a flatter ball, and enjoy a bit of weight behind their shots. I do not recommend this to players like myself, who have very heavy topspin forehands; the weight of the racquet combined with the style of forehand I have do not go very well together. All in all though, a very good racquet, stunning on serves and overheads, and solid at the net.
From: Chris, 11/13

Comments: It feels good at first, but I got real tired of it real fast. If I'm taking a hard crack at the ball, it's fine. But if you want to sit back and just roll the ball in the court, this racquet has nothing. I bought it and hit a couple of winners, then went out and bought two. Now, I've had them for three months and I'm switching back to my old, bigger PD Roddicks. I felt like I had to hit every ball like it was a match point; like nothing but winners all the time. It may be a great racquet for a better player, but not me (I am a 4.0 player with a 4.5 rating).
From: Caleb, 7/13

Comments: First I'm a 4.5 powerful baseliner with top spin on my ground strokes and I'm very picky with my choice of racquet. The Wilson Juice Pro is a awesome. Great racquet, strung it at 50 pounds. I am coming from a Wilson N blade 98 (strung at 50lbs also). I have gained much control, power and spin. I would recommend this racquet. Keep in mind, this is not a racquet for everybody as it is a heavy racquet and nowadays players are looking for lighter racquets for extended games. I suggest demoing it first if you're interested in the racquet.
From: Jesus, 7/13

Comments: Great racquet! I highly recommend it to anyone that loves power and spin.
From: Paden, 4/13

Comments:I played with the Wilson NCode 95 6.1 for many years and loved the frame. It was flexible enough and also light enough for me to get some serious pop off my ground strokes. I am also a one-handed backhand player and the Wilson racquet suited my style of game best. So I decided after so many years with my NCodes that I needed to make a change and check out the latest and greatest Wilson 6.1 I demoed it for a bit but found it heavier than my previous NCode and also had more weight to it. Not for me. I then tried lots of other racquets but never seemed to find anything that fit my game. I was not really looking at the Juice Pro since I thought it was a bit too gimmicky but once I put the racquet in my hand I was instantly rewarded. Great power, great with my one hander and also just enough weight to drive some big groudstrokes. Finished my demoing after that and bought two. Played some sessions with the racquet and find myself winning more matches. Great racquet that does a lot of things well. And the paint job also grew on me.
From: Adam, 2/13

Comments: Love this stick. One thing that bothers me though is its weight. I would love to see Wilson bring out a Juice Pro Team with 315g (RDC 323g), please! 324g is on the heavier side and makes this racquet heavy after two hours of play for a 36 year old guy. What happened to the good K Pro Tour!? Only Head (Extreme Pro) and Babolat (Pure Drive Roddick) offer similar rackets. But they have way too much power and 100sq.in. heads.
From: Pete, 2/13

Comments: Update to my earlier comment (11/12.) After coming back from a knee injury I tried a variety of Wilson racquets to see if the Juice was still my favorite, but I've recently fallen in love with the Pro Staff 90. Surprisingly, I was framing more shots with the Juice Pro, possibly because I found myself slowing down too often before my shots. Having grown nearly 3 inches in height and 15 lbs since I started with the Juice, I can see why there's been this change in my racquet preference. I am almost certainly switching to either the Pro Staff 90 or the Blade 93 (have yet to try that one.) I'll keep a Juice Pro for coaching in the summer.
From: Anon, 2/13
String type and tension: Luxilon Savage @ 55 lbs

Comments: I spent two years playing with the Six.One 95 18x20 BLX. I liked that racquet's feel a lot, but because of my high-energy playstyle, the racquet tended to become cumbersome toward the end of matches. My two Six.One 95s had gotten a lot of wear and tear over two years, so I was looking to replace them. I tried several of Wilson's newer frames for 2012 as soon as they were available. I found the Pro Staff 95 to be very light, and I never really got a great feel for it. The updated 18x20 played well, but still had a tad too much weight to it. When I tried the Juice Pro, I was initially a little skeptical. It seemed to be a little gimmicky for me with its vibrant colors and slightly extended length. Fortunately, this stick is a lot more than an attention- grabber. Access to spin is improved with the Juice Pro. I love how the racquet has some weight to it, enough to let me really hit out on the ball without losing control, while it is also arm-friendly. It doesn't fatigue the player nearly as much as a Six.One 95 would. The length takes a little getting used to, but the longer than average handle is also a plus for me. For me, a tall player with grinding matches and a big serve, this racquet gets the job done. When I switched my old hybrid for a full bed of Savage in it at 55 lbs, it was out of this world.
From: Anon, 11/12
String type and tension: Luxilon Savage @ 55 lbs

Comments: I was going to buy a BLX Six.One 95 but decided to demo the BLX Juice Pro this as well. I started hitting with the Six.One 95 and liked the way it felt. Then picked up this stick and WOW! It fit my strokes like a glove. Every stroke was improved instantly, especially the serve. More pace, more spin, and more control. It's hard for me to describe but this racquet is definitely the one for my game.
From: Jim, 11/12
String type: Wilson NXT 16g

Comments: It took a while until I was able to use this racquet properly, but once I tried every possibility of handling it, my shots became stronger and precise as never before. I am very satisfied! Good job Wilson!
From: Sandro, 8/12
String type and tension: Topspin Cyber Flash @ 45 lbs

Comments: I've owned several racquets, including the Wilson kTour 95, Wilson K Factor 6.1 90 (Federer), and the Head Extreme Pro MP. This racquet is better than any of those that I've used. I demo'ed it a while ago with the Sensation 16g string. It had great power and my one handed backhand worked far better than with any of the other racquets. My forehand was somewhat overpowered and would fly long too often. I bought the racquet and switched to Nat Gut 15g main/ Lux BB Alu Power 1.25 crosses at 53 lb/51 lb. It's just a dream now. I couldn't be happier. It feels solid, forgiving and maneuverable for its weight. Highly recommended.
From: Andreas, 8/12
String type and tension: Babolat Natural Gut 15g mains @ 53 lbs / Luxilon Big Banger ALU Power 17g crosses @ 51 lbs

Comments: I love this racquet! I am simply speechless. I have nothing to complain about what so ever. Control, power, and spin all in one frame. I love the plow through. I love to hit big with spin so this racquet was a great fit for me. I don't know how Wilson makes every version of every racquet better than its last. Simply amazing.
From: Anon, 8/12
String type: Wilson Natural Gut mains / Luxilon Big Banger ALU Power crosses

Comments: This racquet is just awesome with the set up of Dunlop Silk 17 at 53 pounds. The shop was dead-on saying it will make the racquet less stiff and with feel.
From: Jon, 7/12

Comments: I love this racquet. Ground strokes are solid, and feel great with lots of spin and pace. Volleys are excellent too, very stable, although this is one of the places that takes a bit longer to adjust to. Serves are the same as groundstrokes, great spin and power, and just spectacular there. I go full poly (Tecnifibre Black Code) at 55-57 pounds. I will say that it is very important to keep fresh strings in this stick, shots will fly without it, and you'll lose all control.
From: Nick, 7/12

Comments: I demoed this Juice Pro with Wilson Sensation 16 and it was terrific. Control was spot on and feel was great. I bought the racquet and strung it mid tension with Prince Syn Gut Duraflex 55 pounds and it ruined the racquet. It felt like a 2x4 board. So I went to the shop to restring it with Dunlop Silk at 53 pounds. Will pick it up in 2 days and leave feedback later.
From: Jon, 7/12

Comments: Great racquet! I demoed this racquet and within a couple of days I found that it is a real weapon. You can generate a ton of spin with a decent amount of power. Plus with the smaller headsize there is plenty of control. Also, out of all of the racquets I've played with, this is the best to serve with. One question I have is whether or not the Juice Pro has Amplifeel in the handle.
From: Mike, 7/12

Comments: I got to play with this racket and have really enjoyed it. I have not decided what strings will play the best in it but I get more pop on my forehand, better control on my serve and I have a fierce backhand now -- I love this racket.
From: Woody, 6/12

Comments: Great for forehand. Can really whip the racquet through to create a heavy ball. Also great for serving with pace and spin. Little tougher to get bite on a slice though, and volleys need to be timed very well with a solid punch, or they lack penetration. Feels very good on the arm as well, i have golfers/tennis elbow and no pain with this racket with a multi in it. Overall liked it very much.
From: Nathan, 4/12

Comments: A tad more muted than the Blade 98 and the six.one series. It felt more solid and stable than the BLX Pro Tour. This one is more in line with the weight and feel I like, so it was a better fit for me than the old Pro Tour. I found better power from the BLX Juice Pro off the ground and felt I had more plow through from the racquet. Coming through contact the racquet felt beefier, like I was getting more stick behind the ball. I really enjoyed smacking some big forehands with this racquet. Working the rally and waiting for the right ball to take a big cut at was the order of the day. I found decent spin when rolling angles and enough spin to keep aggressive approach shots inside the baseline. I also liked this racquet on my slice backhand. It came through the ball well, with enough drive to knife the ball deep and keep it low. I loved the racquet at net. It's rock solid and it was a better fit for me than the Blade 98 and BLX 6.1 95's. It felt in comparison to the Blade 98 and the 95's more maneuverable, more solid and much better dampened. I got wrist problems at net with the BLX Blade 98! But I actually served best with this racquet. My first serve is a weapon and this racquet increased that even more. I also found a lot of spin on my second serve, more than with the Blade 98 and six.one 95's. The touch and feel of this racquet is just awesome. Overall a stick of dynamite and in my opinion the best offering from Wilson this year!!!
From: Phil, 3/12
String type and tension: Luxilon BB Alu Power Rough, 53x51lbs
Headsize: 96
NTRP Rating: 6.0

Comments: I am not a 4.5 player as the recommendation says this racquet is geared for. After purchasing the Pro Tour a year ago, I loved the racquet but had decided that the tight string pattern may be holding me back in developing top spin. I immediately liked this racquet better than the Pro Tour. This racquet requires me to use less power than the Pro Tour which has been a bit of an adjustment (unless I am really focusing on Top Spin). I love this racquet for slice it is wicked from all areas of the court. Net play has been a bit of an adjustment there is just enough of a difference between racquets for me to have to really, really think about my volley's. My serve is insane with the Juice, I do think the extra length has forced me to change my service toss a bit. I don't know maybe it is just my skill level.
From: Anon, 2/12

Comments: I had a chance to hit for a couple of hours with this and here are a few thoughts. Likes: I have a 2hbh, so I like the extra 1/4 of an inch when I have time to fully swing at it; stability is great; extra length, really helps with the backhand slice, the ball goes deeper and a shot is more penetrating and harder to attack; because the length is only 1/4 of an inch extra, I found that I can still hit a forehand on the run without hitting it late, which is a sensation I get with an extra 1/2 inch racquets; power and plow- through is reminiscent of PDR+, which is something that I happen to like, power on the serve is tremendous. Dislikes: Maneuverability is a big issue both at net and on the baseline, feels more like a 6 pts hl rather than 8 pts which is even tougher to handle with extra length; the racquet feels stiffer than 63 flex.
From: Anon, 2/12

Comments: First, the BLX feels better in this version. So here is how my first demo went - Went down to the local drop in and during warm ups I was hitting everything out (almost put it away) but thought I give it a longer try. I was playing singles, during the 1st game the stick felt awkward (still not used to it) by the 3rd game I settled into the game and started producing top spin winners off both wings. The opponent even commented about the spin coming from the racquet. Volley you need to drive though the ball as the head lightness can cause one to cut to quickly and into the net it goes. Slices were decent a few were long but the majority stay in and placement was decent. Serving was awkward at first but by the second set I had adjusted and Spin Kickers were awesome, slice wide was awesome and str8 down the T was freaking awesome (Can you say Ace, Ace, and Ace) needles to say I loved serving with it. Drop shot tended to go a little deeper than anticipated but that is due to first time with the racket but its does have a nice feel and directional control. I have it another week so well see but first impressions were that this good be my new stick.
From: Robert, 2/12

Comments: This racquet has the same 'it' factor that drew me to the BLX Pro Open a year ago. I was actually trying the Juice 100 looking for a compliment to my Pro Open, but I found it lacking in most regards to the Pro Open. Same results with the Steam. I had all but decided to just pick up another Pro Open, but then on a whim I tried this racquet. It just felt right. It was a natural progression from the Pro Open and it helped me improve on key areas of my game where I felt I lacked with the Pro Open. It had the same great feel that I felt when I first demo'd the Pro Open after about 10 other racquets, but it felt so much more solid on strong serve returns, volleys, and all over the court. It forced me to stick to nice full ground strokes instead of sometimes copping out halfway through a swing because I was scared of the power coming off the Pro Open. Most importantly, it improved my two hand backhand by leaps and bounds especially against strong shots. I can't recommend trying this enough even if you are set on a 100 sq in tweener. Most improved racquet of 2012 from Wilson (if you compare it to the BLX Pro Tour).
From: Blake, 2/12

Comments: Switched from Wilson BLX six-one team. When I demoed the Juice Pro, it came with NXT 16g. The first few hours of hitting was terrible due to the NXT so I replaced it Solinco Tour Bite 17G and the racquet was perfect. I got heavy topspin off of both wings. The serve took some time adjusting but once I adjusted, the kick and flat serve had more pop. On the slice serve, I didn't notice a difference. At the net, the racquet is very demanding. I'm a good volleyer but it took a long time adjusting to the racquet's extra length and 8pt head light. On the slice, the racquet was alright but you have to drive it more so than a racquet that has less head lightness. The racquet is geared toward players that use a lot of topspin so I wouldn't recommend this racquet to players whose game aren't revolved around their topspin forehand. Overall, I'm very satisfied with this Juice Pro because it's tailored made for topspin forehand.
From: Lee, 1/12

Comments: I just demoed these racquets and knew right away it was a good feel from what I am used to. I've always used the Wilson line of racquets below the traditional six one (surge, npro, etc. and most recently the k pro tour). I never liked the feel of the first BLX racquets and these are much better! The elongated frame does take a few hits to get used to, especially on serve and volley. I found that using a full handed grip instead of just holding the bottom of the racquet proved much more feel and control. The best part of this racquet is the power/control combo. It feels like the Babolat pure drive racquets in terms of pop, but maintains Wilson's traditional fee. 2 handed backhand feels amazing. Suggest this racquet for aggressive, flat hitters who mix it up (like Feliciano Lopez, Azarenka, and supposedly Del Potro is going to use it)
From: Peter, 1/12

Comments: Got the demo for this with Wilson NXT 16 strings, which are stiff like Jon said. However, the strings couldn't prevent this stick from being the beast it is. It's like the rare fusion of a Pure Drive (power) and Wilson Pro Tour (control). The specs are deceiving- the higher head-light rating along with the more open string pattern make for a lighter feeling racquet with a lot of pop and added spin potential. This is also flexier than the predecesor (Pro Tour) despite being about .3 oz heavier. The extra 1/4inch is useful for extra speed on the serve but requires adjustment for volleying. My forehands tended to be more consistent when I whipped and went more under the ball for topspin, and less friendly to my usual flat, power forehand, unfortunately. My one handed backhand hasn't seen any drastic increases in play. After several hours of play, my game declined but I suspect this is the string's doing and not the racquet. Since this racquet is more on the lighter-feeling, so ft side, I'd go with a polyester like Solinco Tour Bite or Luxilon M2 Pro if you're a flat hitter. Overall, I'm impressed and might just buy 2 of these!
From: Anon, 1/12

Comments: Just demoed this racquet. I was really impressed with it, but it came strung with NXT 16 and it was kinda stiff feeling and not a lot of spin. I restrung the racquet with a blend of MSV Focus Hex 17and Babolat N.Vy 16. The racquet all of a sudden got a lot more spin and started to soften up a bit. I played again and added 4 1.5" strips of lead. The stiffer feeling went away with the addition of lead and the forehand got even heavier. My two-handed backhand had a clean response with tons of pop. The serve had extra pop and spin compared to my PK Ki-5x (note that the main difference between the 96 and my 100 frame is this racquet has shorter main strings). My forehand got decent spin from the racquet, although less so than my current frame. I like the extended nature of the racquet, although at times I missed the extra 1/4 in, for the most part, the extra maneuverability of the racquet made up for it. This is the first Wilson racquet that I may switch to since I played with the Ultra FPK as a junior.
From: Jon, 1/12

Comments: BLX Juice Pro 2012. Couple of thoughts. 1. Although this is supposedly Delpo's racket of choice but he is not using it at least not yet at the time of writing this review. 2. Why? Having demoed this and also his current model the K factor 95, I can perhaps offer some rationale. 1. The two rackets are completely different. 2. New BLX is longer not that Delpo need the extra reach. 3. racket geometries have completely changed going from 95 to 96 si. 4. Kfactor with its crispness and harsh responsiveness is different from the BLX Juice Pro's slight less crisp but plush feel. 5. Both are kind of middle of the road between Blx ProStaff 90 2012 and the BLX Juice 100 in terms of control, spin and power. Personally, I prefer the BLX Juice Pro's feel. I think Delpo is just clinging onto familiarity. Upside of the BLX Juice Pro's Ampifeel, is that it may just cure him of future wrist joint pains.
From: Anon, 1/12

Comments: The racquet is amazing for my 2 handed backhand, it's a compact stroke and the extra leverage and swing weight all accentuate each other. Serve also feels good, nice spin production. Those strengths become slight disadvantages when it comes to my forehand, since it is a loopier stroke and I have to spend more time adjusting and timing the ball. At the net the racquet is ok, given the extra length and sturdy weight. It has has a relatively soft feel, right in the middle of plush vs crisp. All in all it's a nice racquet with some really nice attributes and some okay.
From: Chris, 1/12

Comments: Switching over from BlX Blade 98, this racquet is a lot more arm friendly, a lot flexier and has good spin. Doesn't get pushed around by a big hitter, and takes a bit of getting used to for net volleying. Bottom line, I like this racquet very much and will get a second one soon.
From: Tim, 1/12

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