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Comments: Extra spin and extra power is what the Juice 100S gave me. My previous racquets were the Wilson N Code, N3 (113 square inches), which I had been playing with for about the last 8 years. Going from an oversize racquet to a more standard size racquet was a concern, but after several sets playing with the Juice, my topspin shots were dropping in very near the baseline, as if by magic. One of the opponents in my doubles group approached me and said, "You're really hitting with a lot of spin now, I never saw you hit with that much spin." I love this racquet. Game, set, match.
From: John, 10/15

Comments: I came from a fairly dead-feeling Wilson BLX Bold, and from the first hit with the Wilson Juice, I knew I wanted it. The combination of power and spin provided by the racquet allowed me to hit angles I never could before. My second serve (a splice) landed every time, and my baseline shots went right where I wanted them. Thank you for the fantastic demo racquet!
From: Alex, 6/15

Comments: It is a very powerful weapon when you play at the baseline. It comes with superb spin with power, sometimes too much. It feels very nice when I hit the ball down the line with side-spin. The ball draws beautiful curves and really jumps off the bounce. However, it is too powerful sometimes and the ball goes beyond the baseline too easily when I hit a little bit late.
From: Jay, 3/15

Comments: Tried it with Solinco Tour Bite Soft full bed. Feels totally different than my Babolat Aero Pro. It will not magically add spin if your swing path creates a flat shot -- flat shots will stay flat. In fact, flat shots will probably fly out long. Do not expect magic. However, if you normally use significant topspin on your shots, it seems to throw the ball off the strings a little more livelier -- which seems to create more revolutions of the ball. If your topspin shots usually land somewhere in the midcourt, they will land even shorter in the midcourt. Remember, more topspin (revolutions) equals shorter length of shot. However, since it is also a powerful racquet, with time, you should be able to adjust your length of shot - if you play at a high enough level. Overall, interesting racquet. You probably will need three or four weeks of playing to decide if it is right for your game. If you are a flat hitter, I would avoid it since it will work against you.
From: Andy, 1/15

Comments: I have always been a big topspin player and decided to give the Juice Spin a try. The transition from my Babolat Pure Drive was very easy and there is no doubt that the Juice does provide enhanced spin. After all of the comments about too much power, my view is that unless you're a flat hitter, the extra spin potential more than offsets any issue with power. I do string mine at the upper end of the spectrum which also probably helps provide a little more control. I have found it to play equally well from the baseline and around the net and definitely adds more spin on the serve. So if you're game is built around topspin, you should give this racquet a try. However, given the open string pattern you will definitely go through more strings -- so I would also recommend that you string your own racquets as well.
From: Jim, 1/15

Comments: I've been using the Juice 100S for the past few months and it has been really successful. It gives similar amounts of power to that of a Pure Drive but without the dead feel that I get when I use one. My extreme western forehand suits the racquet great, perfect of spin and power. Although this is not a control racquet, it is certainly more controllable than most of its main rivals (Pure Drive, APD, Speed). Slice serves are great, same with kickers and flat serves, probably less power than a Pure Drive and ADP, but certainly more spin. Perfect racquet for extreme western grips and other spin players.
From: Sam, 12/14

Comments: Love this raquet. I have been playing with it for more than 6 months and I think that it is amazing. The main issue is the strings. They break every 3 days and I don't have a reel so it's super expensive. I have been looking for the perfect strings but nothing has passed by. I am even thinking of changing raquet just because of this. Anyway, if you are a topspin player and you can really afford buying a reel every 2 or 3 months then go for it, you won't be dissapointed.
From: Sebastian, 12/14

Comments: I love this racquet -- as a 4.5 all-court player I'm getting amazing spin and power with a full bed of 17g Solinco Tour Bite strings. The ball literally dances off the clay more than any other racquet I've used. Downside is now I'm popping strings every 2 matches. Stick with the 16g strings on this one.
From: Eric, 10/14

Comments: I love this racquet. I get great feel and a ton of spin and power. It's fun to watch the ball drop harder with this racquet. Like everybody else the Wilson NXT Tour broke in the middle of my second match. I'm about to try Wilson Ripsin combo of 15 and 16 based on other reviews. I'm hoping the hybrid will give me the feel, power and spin I'm looking for. I would recommend this racquet! I'm much more confident with my serves and the ball drops in more often on rallies than it did with my old racquet because of the added spin.
From: Jeff, 9/14

Comments: I love this racquet. This is great for players who have a lot of topspin. There hasn't been a match where the other team didn't say, wow you have so much topspin after our match. It has power, spin, and if you don't spin the ball then this racquet is not for you in my opinion. It takes some time to get use to because it has a lot of power. I would run for a tough ball at the net and barely touch the ball and it would fly out. This was only simply because I wasn't using it right at first. This is not a good weapon for playing really soft dinky players in my opinion. Good luck!
From: Gina, 8/14

Comments: I purchased the Wilson Juice 100S and the Wilson Champion's Choice hybrid strings. I like the set up with the gut in the mains and the ALU in the crosses.
From: Randy, 8/14

Comments: Great stick but I am spending more time stringing the racquet than playing because the strings are popping so often. I've tried the Lux 4G, Lux Savage Green, and Wilson NXT so far and am lucky if I get a few hours.
From: Sam, 6/14

Comments: I wrote an earlier review on this racquet. Still love it but was breaking strings in less than 3 hours like most other people. I tried the Wilson Ripspin 15 gauge and not only did I like how it felt better than Lux 4g, it also has been lasting forever. I have actually had to cut it out a few times if that tells you how long its lasting! I am so happy about finally finding a string that works in these spin rackets and is durable.
From: Michael, 5/14

Comments: I upgraded to this racquet from the Juice 100 BLX. That was a great racquet, but this one is even better. I especially notice a difference on my serve. I can put more spin on the ball without giving up power. This was quite evident on my second serve. I can go for more and not worry about hitting it out because of the spin. On my first serve, I can hit aces without going all out because I can paint the lines with great angles. My groundstrokes were a little wild at first, but I upped the tension by 4 lbs from what I was using on my previous Juice, and the control came back. I still get the spin and pop, though not us much as with the lower tension, but that's ok. My opponents notice the added spin. Volleys are very crisp and controlled. I was worried the open pattern would cause a trampoline effect, but it didn't. I probably lost a bit of touch, though I'm still able to hit drop shots. My only gripe with this racket is that I go through strings really quickly. I'm a 4.0 player and play mostly doubles, but I break strings every 5-6 times of playing. Using the same strings in my old Juice, I can get 2-3 months worth of play. Now it's 2-3 weeks. Could get expensive, especially with summer coming when I play a lot more frequently.
From: Nhan, 4/14

Comments: So far an excellent stick. I have been trying to adapt to the Steam 99S for the last 5 months, that racquet improved all my strokes except the forehand -- I could never hit a flat one. I have bought a Juice 100S and it is a totally different story. First, it takes much less effort to play with, due to the higher power. A breeze. Topspin is even better if that is possible. Control -- it didn't suffer as the sweetspot is much more generous than with the 99S, meaning far less shanks. Topspin covers that department. Flat forehands, although still not as easy as in a 16x19 stick, they are very real here. Drawbacks so far, still tuning the serve; slices are solid but not as razor sharp as with the 99S. Strings last me 3 hours of play, same as the 99S (unfortunately no gains). I was stringing at 45 lbs in the Steam, had to move to 56 lbs on the Juice. All in all, I wouldnt have bought the 99S if the Juice 100S had been available in 2013. I am making the switch no doubt.
From: Haa, 3/14

Comments: I have been demoing racquets for going on 4 months now and have tried just about everything! At first I never gave the S model racquets any thought thinking they were going to make me lose power or only be able to roll the ball back in. Boy was I wrong! I demoed this racquet, the Steam 99S and the Six One 95S and of all of them this was my hands down favorite. This racquet felt solid from every point on the court. My groundstrokes not only had more spin, but they had more power and were dropping in deeper in the court. I am a solid 4.5 player who plays a consistent move the ball around game, but with this stick I can actually hit put away shots from the baseline and be more aggressive on serve return. Also, as my brother said, my backhand went from a weakness to a weapon! This past weekend I was playing interclub against a big hitting guy and I started off with my Steam thinking that I would do better with my familiar racquet. The guy was pushing me all over the court and my shots just weren't strong enough to get out of defense. Once I went down 4-2 I said what the heck lets try the Juice. I ended up hitting 6 aces out side and fought back to win the first set 7-5. We ran out of time in the second set after 2 games and I also won the tie break 5-0 (our interclub plays a strange tie break). I truly believe that I would have lost that match had I not made the switch, it really is a game changer as the guy stated below. I was almost hesitant to post this review because I'm hoping other people in my area don't catch on and make the switch too, that will make my life much difficult facing these kind of groundstrokes! The racquet had Lux 4g in it and I played 2 matches plus hit 2 times with no breakage so string breaking does not seem to be as big a problem with this racquet like it is with the Steam 99S. The Juice was a much more solid feeling racquet than the Steam and what is surprising is that my current racquet had been a Steam 100 so you would have thought I would have naturally gravitated to the Steam versus the juice. If you are searching for a racquet you absolutely have to give this one a try.
From: Michael, 3/14

Comments: This is a game changing stick. Gives you 20% more power and spin to my shots without telling me anything. When I try to hit my best shot, the ball went out. Once I realized that my shots had 20% more power and spin, I started to hit shots that I could only dream of with my old stick. Only draw back was losing the feeling. I didn't need vibration dumper on this racquet. If you just want to improve little bits of your shots by switching your racquet, skip this. If you want to completely level up all of your shots, try this. However, with great power and spin comes with great sacrifice. The 4G string died after 3hrs; 4G and TNT2 died after one hour and half; and 4G with Sensation died after 30minutes.
From: Tiger, 2/14

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