Wilson Juice 100L Racquet 2013 Customer feedback

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Comments: After demoing this racquet, it was definitely a mixed bag. The first thing I noticed was how thick the frame was. I knew it would be thicker than the racquet I typically use a Wilson Hammer 7.3 Ti, but I wasn't anticipating that much thickness. Regardless, it hit surprisingly well. Despite its weight being only 10.6 oz strung, it had good plow through due to it being head heavy. It's a fairly powerful racquet, so I'd go with control-oriented strings and/or high tension with this stick. My only con against the racquet, and it could be due to the strings, is that I got very little feel out of it. Some may like that, especially those with arm or elbow issues, but I like to get that feedback when I hit the ball. I wasn't getting it from this racquet, unfortunately. It's not a bad racquet at all, but those that want more feel might need to experiment with strings or select another stick.
From: Steve, 2/14

Comments: I bought this one as a second racquet to rest my elbow from an APDC and ended up using it all the time. Although light weight, it still offers good feel and control. Very lively spin if you string it low with some spin oriented poly (I use Solinco at 53lbs). Totally worths giving it a try.
From: Harry, 6/13

Comments: Awesome! I thought this racquet would be too heavy for me. It's not. I thought the head size would be too small. It's not. I get power on ground strokes and my serve. The spin is amazing. Shots that look like they are going out, land solidly on the line. I strung it with the Babolat RPM Blast 17 g on the mains at 50 lbs and Babolat VS gut 16 g on the crosses at 53lbs. This combination gives me great feel and control.
From: Emily, 6/13

Comments: I'd say that the description is a very good one. Great maneuverability and yet rock solid (with a lot of pop) on volleys. I liked this racquet a lot. I play with a Head racquet of similar weight, but this one has much more stability for volleys.
From: Kim, 1/13

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