Wilson Juice 100 BLX Racquet Customer feedback

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Comments: This racquet is amazing! It gives me amazing power and spin. I noticed that while using this racquet, my serves are 10 times more powerful and also just all of my shots are more powerful. One note though is that sometimes if you have a fast swing, your shots could be a little unstable, but it was very easy to adapt and it helped. I love this racquet.
From: Jillian, 3/14

Comments: Phenomenal racquet! For high school players, like me, this racquet gives great stability all around the court while offering generous amounts of spin and power to keep the ball in. For a comfortable feel and control, I would go with a hybrid for strings. Luxilon Savage with Wilson Sensation is what I use, and I have absolutely no complaints. Not the stiffest so it won't give you arm problems, it reversed mine!
From: Justin, 2/14

Comments: Definitely worth a try, a very fun lively racquet. I am a 4.0 player and try many different racquets and this one is quite good. It is a little light at stock weight but adding 6-12 grams of lead tape makes it much more stable. This racquet is very maneuverable and works well for all shots. Very comfortable using NXT Control, not good at all with cheap synthetics such as Wilson Extreme. Recommended for sure.
From: William, 1/14

Comments: Bought this and immediately leaded it up to 11.528 ounces with strips of Wilson lead tape with strips covering the head of the frame throughout 3, 9, and 12 o' clock. Strung it up with Wilson Ultimate Duo at 53/52 lbs. There was no noticeable weakness, I was able to serve well above 50 mph. Ground strokes are solid and easy to place, also great for flattening out some returns against net rushers. Works well with my one handed backhand. I am a 13 year old 4.0 all-court player playing in USTA level 6 tournaments.
From: Anon, 7/13

Comments: I used a HEAD Radical Pro racquet for many years, as it is a lot of fun. Because of my shoulder injury this year, I switched to the WIlson Juice 100 and Weiss Cannon string. It is friendly to my shoulder and arm. And has power and control. Recommended this for anyone with arm injuries, or anyone that likes power and control.
From: Gao, 7/13

Comments: I was looking for racquet to replace my Pure Drive. I had short listed 3. The new Aero Pro, the Head Instinct MP and this one. My Level is Intermediate/advanced and my play style is aggressive. Having bought this Juice, I can see straight away I made the right decision. Power is on tap, with minimum effort. Volleys are crisp and precise, with put away power. The stick moves effortlessly through the air and is fast and responsive. As someone who plays a lot of doubles, net play is an important part of my game. The Juice lets me react instinctively and with speed. Ground strokes are solid and deep. I did not witness any loss of control. On the contrary, placement was accurate.The connection with the ball is kinetic and you can really feel a solid hit. My serves, often the weakest part of my game, are now weaponized beyond all recognition. All in all this thing shouldn't be legal. If your looking for something that compliments your game , look further. I string mine with Wilson NXT at 56 lbs.
From: Jon, 6/13

Comments: Not bad for a stick of that size. I bought it to rest my arm from an APD and was not disappointed. String it low with a Black Venom or a Solinco and you also get maximum spin from the open pattern. Totally recommend it.
From: Harry, 6/13

Comments: I used a Wilson Pro Staff 85 prior to using this racquet. My friend is also the same. What we found was this BLX Juice 100 has no power at all! It gives us less topspin! Our shots had way less spin with this racquet. The other negative is: a big variation between each of our racquets' weight distribution. Mine is more headlight. My friend's is more balanced. This is not right! I don't want to get a second one because I never know what it will be like, more head light or balanced? I think quality control with the production of this racquet is not good at all.
From: Anon, 3/13

Comments: When you pick up the racquet, it almost feels like you're holding a Babolat Pure Drive. When you hit the ball, it's very similar to a Dunlop Aerogel 4D 500 tour. So if you didn't like the balance of the 4D 500 Tour (3pt head light, majority of the weight at the throat), but liked the spin it produced, the Juice 100 would be a good option.
From: Jessie, 3/13

Comments: Good power, good spin, really nice control on drop shots, serves well. I've choked up a bit to reduce torque on my forearm and have found the racquet to continue to perform nicely. Currently stringing it with Volkl Cyclone 17s at 56 lb.
From: Andy, 2/13

Comments: This racquet has improved my game and quality of shots. It proves to have lots of power wth control and the design is cute.
From: Melanie, 2/13

Comments: This is like the love-child offspring of the APD and PD! It's actually a bit more comfortable than both. Serve-wise it's up there or even better than the PD. Topspin-wise it's on a par on maybe even better than than the AeroPro Drie. Re touch and feel, I think the Juice is superior to both Babs. There is a little 'give' or slight accompanying 'pockety' flex to accompany the stiffness. Okay, it's still a stiff frame, absolutely, but, as I said, it's more comfortable than the Babs in my view. One surprise for me is the more all-court performance or in and around the net (with the addition of lead) is excellent. As you'd expect, the Juice excels from the backcourt though. With it's wide open pattern you're hitting a very very deep and spin-friendly, very stinging and zipping groundstroke. There is also a certain solid feeling in the hoop, a feeling of 'body', that's maybe due to the PWS, and is often absent with other tweeners. If I've had any 'issues' it's been drawing back a tad on the groundstroke power level. I can 'launch' a bit too often with this racquet, but hopefully this will be ironed out the more I play with it and the more settled I get with setups. I also have to say the flare down at the end of the butt cap takes a bit of getting used to. Anyhow, as someone who likes these kind of frames, this may well be the very best fit for my game.
From: R.K., 12/12

Comments: After trying a bunch of comparable racquets I decided on this little gem. In its raw form it is too headlight and unstable on the return of serve, so I added lead tape like the previous posters suggested and switched to hybrid stringing (Luxilon Adrenaline/Sensation). Let me say this is the best racquet I have used and provides effortless power and spin. The volleys are crisp and accurate. The touch and feel is unreal and allows you to hit drop shots quite freely.
From: Drew, 10/12
String type: Luxilon Adrenaline mains / Wilson Sensation crosses

Comments: This is a fantastic racquet, offering amazing spin, power, and control. It takes some getting used to though. The first week most of my balls were flying long because of the power, but once I got used to it I loved it. The power is quite effortless. However, try to attack more if you use it because it is fairly lightweight which can make it unstable returning big shots. Nonetheless, I highly recommend it.
From: Juan, 8/12

Comments: Great racquet with the right string. It has the right mix of power and control.
From: Kevin, 8/12
String type and tension: Luxilon Adrenaline @ 60 lbs

Comments: Tennis has never been more fun than when playing it with this racquet -- effortless power with surprisingly tight control, very easy to swing, surprisingly stable against heavy balls, serves quite well -- you feel like you can give anyone a tough time with this confidence builder. Not unlike the Pure Drive, this racquet feel empowering, and I felt I had more precise control with this one than with the PD. But like the PD there's a stiffness that can be hard on your joints. Anyone who can tolerate the jolt from this racquet will have a ball playing tennis with it.
From: Mike, 8/12

Comments: This is my favorite racquet I have ever used, and I have used many! Babolat APD, Pure Drive Roddick, BLX 9, BLX 100, Juice 96, and Head Murray, Prestige. This racquet has just enough plow through, while enabling incredible maneuverability, thus enabling massive spin and great placement. Forehands are magical. The only con is that on serve you won't get as much weight on the ball, but believe me folks, the trade off is more than worth it. Just go for it and demo the racquet. "Get Juiced"!!
From: Danny, 8/12
String type and tension: Luxilon Big Banger Original @ 54 lbs

Comments: After demoing many similar and different racquets (Babolat Pure Drive, Wilson Six.One 95, Head Youtek IG Radical Pro & MP), I found this racquet to be my favorite. I found lots of power and spin on my groundstrokes (more power) and good pop on my serve. I would recommend this racquet to advanced level players who are looking for lots of power and decent spin on serve and groundstrokes. GET JUICED!
From: Mary, 7/12
String type and tension: Wilson NXT mains / Luxilon Big Banger ALU Power crosses @ 60 lbs

Comments: This is honestly the best racquet I have ever played with. It gives me extra crisp power and has given me more pace and spin. Extremely good racquet from Wilson!
From: Anon, 7/12

Comments: I just received this racquet for Fathers Day along with the matching bag and was a little skeptical based on the thick beam (typically use a BLX Blade and Pure Storm). I immediately leaded it up, added an overgrip and dampener and BAM, it was great! Reminds me of the Pure Drive with better feel and even more spin based on the 16X18 string pattern. I can't believe how much I like this stick and how fun it is to play with!
From: Mike, 6/12
NTRP Rating:4.5

Comments: This is a super fun stick! Add some lead and this thing is like a plush cannon.
From: Anon, 6/12
String type and tension: Hybrid 56/55
Headsize: 100

Comments: I really thought that this was a good racquet, but found it to be a great one due to its light weight, feel and maneuverability on the court. I highly recommend this racquet for those who love the game of tennis. It's a great asset to have in your arsenal. I am glad to have it and as you see, I love it! My serves are much better, along with my drop shots. I feel like a all around pro playing with it.
From: LJ, 6/12
String type and tension: Wilson NXT Tour 17

Comments: Best racquet I've owned. Great comfort and feel. Nice pop on serving. Decent topspin. Feels very comfortable against power hitters. Not quite sure what these other players are talking about in the comments? Overall I would highly recommend this racquet for the levels 3.5 and up.
From: Mark Piscitelli
String type and tension: Wilson NXT 16
Headsize:100 sq in
NTRP Rating: 3.5

Comments: WAY too light in stock form and unstable against big hitters. Not even worth a demo in my opinion if you are a competitive adult male tennis player.
From: Chris, 6/12

Comments: I have demoed this racquet for a few days, and right when you hit the first ball, you can feel the spin and power added to your game. You must have previous experience and good form, if you have that this racquet it will add more to your game and be able to help you perform at a higher level. I enjoy the feel and the smoothness of the hit. I would use it any day.
From: Anon, 6/12

Comments: I just demoed this racquet, looking to find a lighter racquet to replace my Wilson Pro Staff 6.1, since I am now 63 and also suffered a severe shoulder injury 3 years ago. I had tried the Prince EX03 Tour and Babolat Pure Storm GT, but neither had any plow through on groundstrokes, and despite their lighter weight, I could not serve as fast as with the Pro Staff with either of them. I tried the Babolat Pure Drive and Aero Pro Drive, and they had better power, but I could not control it, plus they both hurt my elbow and wrist. I tried the Juice 100 today, not expecting much, but this racquet not only provided good plow through for a lighter racquet, I also could serve easy with it. I was concerned about the the high stiffness rating, but surprisingly it was very easy on the arm. I guess due to the new technology. The really nice thing: normally after playing 2 hours in the Arizona heat I feel just dead, but today I felt like I could play another 2 hours. It is amazing how much less energy you use when going from a 12.6 oz racquet to one weighing just 11.3 oz, especially at my age. It appeared to be strung with a 16 gauge synthetic gut, probably at mid tension range.
From: Dave, 6/12

Comments: I really thought this was a great racket despite the less than steller TW review scores. I played several days with a demo of this frame along with the Pure Drive Roddick 2012, my current racket is a customized Aeropro Drive GT. The demo used was strung with Luxilon Savage and I added lead to the 12, 3, & 9 o'clock positions of the racket head, so that it swung and felt similar to my current racket, the PD Roddick also had lead added. I think the added lead makes a big difference in the way it feels and plays. It hit serves just as big as the PD Roddick, faster than my current frame. It was very similar to the APDGT and PD Roddick on groundstrokes, lots of spin and lots of power - it was hard to tell the shots they produced apart. The PD Roddick and Juice both felt very firm/stiff but not harsh, the APDGT has more flex and better comfort but also a bit less power than the other two rackets. The Juice felt very well dampened - very firm and no flex but also no vibrations and not harsh. Whether or not it is safe on the arm I cannot say. In comparison, the PD Roddick was vibration free and smooth with a multifilament string (Babolat Addiction) but had very little feel and "buzzed"/vibrated a bit with a full bed of Babolat Pro Hurricane Tour. Between the PD Roddick 2012 and Juice, the two played very similar when weighted up the same with lead tape - spin and power were almost identical, serves were the same speed. However the Juice had much better feel and with the lower stock weight it left more room for customization. I would choose the Juice over the PD Roddick 2012. This racket seems to play just like my current racket but with a firmer feel and bigger serves - I will demo again to see if I will switch.
From: Anon, 5/12

Comments: This is a great all around racquet. It can definitely be compared with a Babolat Pure Drive. I have used it for about 3 months now. I placed some lead tape on the head for a heavier swing and Luxilon ALU on the mains with Wilson Sensation on the crosses. The combo is incredibly powerful and spin comes effortlessly. I highly recommend this stick for an intermediate player looking to add a bit more power to their game.
From: Brandon, 5/12
String type and tension: main: Luxilon Alu Big Banger, Crosses: Wilson Sensation at 58 lbs

Comments: This is the first racquet that I have demoed in a long time that had me smiling from ear to ear. It gave me an instant confidence right from the get go, without even really having to get used to it. Coming from the Prince Black line, this racquet has all that you would want: crispness, power, control and feel. I've tried many sticks in the tweener class (including the new Pure Drive 2012) and this one is a must try. I have heard that it can be string sensitive, so take that into consideration when testing. It paired extremely well with the Luxilon Savage string.
From: Matt, 4/12

Comments: My first impression was not that good. I changed string and the results were much better. I could hit really crisp volleys and ground strokes with this racquet now. The serves had good placement, spin and pop. The strung weight on my racquet is a little heavier at 11.5 ounces but it helps this stick be more solid. I usually use an oversize Head racquet but this Wilson was really solid.
From: Mike, 4/12
String type and tension: Tecnifibre X-One Biphase 17 at 63 lbs

Comments: This is a great racquet. I found it more stable, more comfortable and even a bit more powerful compared to the Babolat Pure Drive! Really a good job for Wilson!
From: Marco, 4/12
String type and tension: Solinco Tourbite 1.15, 23kg
NTRP Rating: 4.0

Comments: Recently traded my 2012 Pure Drive for the Juice 100 as I just enjoyed the feel more. The spin is insane due to the 16X18 string pattern but surprisingly maintains pretty good control as well. Another great aspect is that it's fairly headlight, so it's customizable with lead if you are accustomed to a higher swingweight. Based on my skill level I typically play with the Head Radical Pro but racquet is a lot of fun if you want to blast someone off the court.
From: Rick, 4/12

Comments: This is a must-demo if you're thinking about a Pure Drive or similar frame. It's much quicker through the ball, hits heavier with more pace, terrific on returns and at net. Made the switch after playing with the PD for years and never been happier.
From: Steve, 4/12

Comments: I demoed both Juice and Steam 100 racquets and I decided to choose the Juice, it really gives you the juicy tennis, whatever you're asking for. I used to use BLX Pro Open (a very good all-around racquet itself as well), so of'course I want to keep the same feeling or even better feeling. After I tried the Juice 100, I just felt that this is it. This stick gives you tremendous power yet lots of control and spin for your baseline game. I used it to play against my friend who beats me all the time before, but no more since I used the Juice (feels like cheating!). Sometimes, I can't even believe that I hit the shot with that much brilliance. Just because it gives you lots of power for the ground strokes, it doesn't mean that the Juice would take away the control for serve and volley. I won't say it's perfect for the net game, but it's simply good enough for all-around players. The one and only con might be the unstable when you return the serve, but after I bought my own and use my own hybrid combination of strings, it doesn't seem like a problem anymore. Well done, Wilson. This is it, I regained full of confidence and ready to steam rolling in the summer tournaments. Come on!!!!!
From: Richard, 3/12

Comments: That was a heavenly racket. Power, control and easy bounce on forehand, and easy maneuverability (doubt I spelled that right). What else would you like with a racket. Perfect for a junior player (not sure for an adult cause I'm not one but my two coaches just placed an order so it seems go for everyone). Ill see how much money I have in my piggy bank to buy this one!!!
From: Shant, 2/12

Comments: A very headlight frame with power, very crisp volley producing frame. Extremely quick through the hitting zone on groundstrokes and especially on the serve. With it's headlight balance it can get pushed around against heavier hitters. Excellent spin producing frame, but it produces a bit of a lighter ball at contact than with other frames. A very interesting demo session with this frame.
From: Curtis, 2/12

Comments: I demoed this racket at a well known retail store with an indoor tennis court(kind of cool!). I came with high hopes and expectations. It might be premature, but I was disappointed. The racket was strung with an unknown hybrid set up at unknown tension. My take was that my ground strokes landed deep and sometimes long. But, the speed of the ball was slow! I mean slow! The static weight felt real good! TW staff nailed it just right when they commented that the racket felt unstable against heavier hitters. THAT IS TOTALLY TRUE!!!!! Serving felt good, but my backhand slice was just HORRID!! Just a nightmare! On the other hand with the BLX Steam 100 my BH slice was just awesome! Another thing, what is this amplefeel or what ever is called. Didn't feel any difference than other BLX. Matter of fact my (k)Kobra Tour felt much better and comfortable. If you play at the 4.0+ level, you might need to lead up this thing in the head a little bit(4-6 grams should do it) If you are a beginner, than it should be ok. I don't want to diss this frame just yet. Might demoed it one more time and see what happens.
From: Wil, 2/12

Comments: I am a tennis coach and I just ordered one from Tennis Warehouse Europe. WOW...just WOOOW, This is IT! The future weapon for all aggressive players out there. Very powerful, control is still there, the feel is amazing for this kind of racquet. Sweet spot is big and that helps so much when you are playing aggressive, close to base line. Serves are atomic, volleys crisp and easy to hit. If you are a doubles player...look no further! Good job Wilson !!!
From: David, 1/12

Comments: Just demoed this racquet for a week and I really enjoyed it. I'm not sure if this is a replacement for the Pro Open but it should be. It has everything I liked about the Pro Open and improved on my dislikes. Definitely a more solid feel all around but it it was still comfortable despite the stiffness rating. Great spin, solid volleys, and nice to serve with.
From: Dan, 1/12

Comments: Just demoed this racket. By the specs it looks to be very stiff but it doesn't play that way. Very comfortable, clean/crisp volleys, controllable ground strokes and serves.
From: Ed, 1/12
NTRP Rating: 4.0

Comments: I really wanted to love this racket having heard so many positive reviews in the media. First off, coming from the Wilson family of rackets like PS 85, Blx 90, and K factor PS88, this racket appears very powerful and not so control oriented to me. Easy access to spin and power. Found to be extremely maneuverable and great feel. Not crazy about the whimsical paint job. I do like how Wilson hides the specs in the streaks of paint, but making reading the specs a tad difficult. Overall, if you want supreme ball control try the new BLX prostaff's. If you want slightly more focused ball spin try the juice pro 96. This version is like an improved AERO pro GT, (Nadal's current racket) with Ampifeel. Your joints will love you for it. I can see this line of Wilson rackets being used by older players that are suffering from joint pains due to racket vibrations caused by older racket technology.
From: Anon, 1/12

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