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Comments: Durability is the biggest issue -- it breaks after about 3 months of usage and you need to replace it. The steel is not so solid and it bends easily. Otherwise, light and easy to use.
From: Corneliu, 1/13

Comments: Compared to my old orange Ball Hopper, this is a piece of junk. As it was $22.99, I did not even bother returning it. Just threw it in the trash. I then ordered the Master Pro 50 ball. There are times when things are just not made like the old days. My orange hopper is twenty years old, no problems. I bought this Wilson hopper for my son, pic of Fed on the box. Don't think Rog would be impressed by it.
From: David. 7/11

Comments: I've used this basket for about 5 years and it's still as solid as ever. Have not had any problems standing it up or returning it to carry basket form. Lightweight and really gets the job done. A great buy!
From: Giovanni. 7/11

Comments: This is OK. I really don't like it because mine was messed up because the rubber guard things in the handles came off and now it's really sticky. VERY HARD TO CHANGE FROM PICKER UPPER TO STAND. I was not impressed by this product at all.
From: tanner. 3/09

Comments: I really enjoyed this lighter weight basket for the first 2 weeks that I had it. It is easy to change from a pick-up basket to a stand up for practicing one's serve. The only problem was that if one tries to pick up a ball next to the fence, the tabs for standing it catch on the fence and bend (a 10 second realignment with a pair of pliers.) Just use your foot to roll the ball a few inches from the fence before picking up the ball and it doesn't happen. The real problem came after 2 weeks of totally normal use. The welds broke on the tube, attached to the side, that accepts the handles. I hadn't paid attention to them before, but they are not sturdy, which is a serious fault. I didn't want to go through the aggravation and time of returning it to Tennis Warehouse because I know how to weld and have the equipment (and really kind of like the basket.) I hope that Tennis Warehouse will bring this to Wilson's attention, because I really can't recommend it until Wilson welds it on all 6 potential weld points.
From: John, intermediate trying to become advanced, Marathon, Florida Keys. 12/08

Comments: There is absolutely nothing wrong with this hopper. It's as solid a hopper as there's ever been made. It's not difficult to assemble and/or stand up if you're even a somewhat competent person. Do not be put off by previous comments. There are locking hooks, which the legs snap into, that provide stability for this hopper, though they aren't necessary. Those with patience will find that unlocking the handles/legs from the locked position is no big ordeal. It is what it is; for goodness sake. You can modify this hopper by taping the handles with any type of cloth or tack tape to add even more stability.
From: Brian, Wise, VA, USA. 8/08

Comments:This basket is poorly constructed. It is very hard to make it stand up
From: Juan, Managua, Nicaragua, 06/07

Comments: Great holder for balls, never breaks but it is hard to set up though otherwise great; it works well
From: Liam, NZ, 04/07

Comments: This basket is REALLY annoying to change from standing to folded position. I am returning mine today.
From: Dave, Baltimore, MD, USA 06/06

Comments: This is the most poorly constructed ball basket I have ever used. The basket simply does not hold up.
From: Jon, Leesburg, VA USA 05/06

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