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Comments: Wow, what a difference this has made to my tennis elbow and rotator cuff issues! Those issues have almost completely disappeared. And, compared to my prior raquet (Prince EXO3), it has a larger sweet spot. Love how it plays.
From: Christa, 9/13

Comments: I have enjoyed this technology as it has eliminate my tennis elbow. However, I have broken two racquets just on a swing. Wilson replaced the first but refused the second because it was 2 months over the warranty. This is an expensive habit.
From: Jeff, 6/13

Comments: Very good racquet. Gives you a lot of spin and average power. The head is heavy considering how controllably light it is. You can swing very freely. The ground strokes are great.
From: Andrew, 6/13

Comments: I have been using the Wilson Triad 3S for 15 years but have been disappointed that they have been getting larger & larger (110-118) so I was anxious to try the 103. I demoed it twice and it was great on all my shots with power, control, spin so I bought one and strung with my Solinco Tour Bite at 58 lbs and it only got better. I can now take full swings and not worry about it flying long. I am a 68 year old 4.0 (was 4.5 when younger) who plays singles and leagues.
From: Jerry, 2/13

Comments: Killer Racquet. Don't let the 103 Headsize scare you off. It is a little light but very maneuverable. The articulated grommets produce a catapult effect. If you put on a nice leather handle you will have a sweet stick. Strung with Wilson Sensation to add a little more control. Nice looking racquet and easy on the arm.
From: Todd, 6/12

Comments: Looking for a racquet to replace my original 4.0 Triads. They are still very playable but technology continues to advance. Tried Head 5 star -- too much vibration and trampoline effect for my taste. Tried Wilson BLX - Five Demo .At first I said no different than my triads but the more I played with it I realized the feel was better, power a little easier to generate, vibration dampening was as good and maybe better and control slightly better. Demo was 3/8 grip which I thought I would not like (I use 5/8) but was wrong with the grip used on the racquet. Very little adjustment to a "new" racquet - it plays like the triad but better. 103 sq in vs my present 110 -- was not noticeable and it seemed easier to move through the air. Have ordered one even though originally I said I would wait for second year pricing. This Tennis Warehouse site was very helpful.
From: Jim, 6/12

Comments: Great racquet. Smooth and easy on the arm. Great control with power. Put.5 oz lead at 3 and 9 and it becomes a players racquet with big sweet spot. Great for older player!
From: Bill, 6/12
String type and tension: NXT Tour 55
NTRP Rating:5

Comments: This racquet has a plush feel and a huge sweet spot. For my taste it is much too head heavy and a little difficult to maneuver. You will also have to sacrifice control with this one, the more precise feel of a shot sort of absorbs too much into the racquet. Clearly a racquet that emphasizes comfort over anything else.
From: Ken, 5/12

Comments: I have been playing with a Ti.S5 for a long time and I thought it was a very good racquet. After many years it broke and I decided to do some research on racquets and demoed a few different brands. I have been playing for many years and at this point I wanted a racquest that was powerful, comfortable and also had control and light weight which attributes are not easy to find in the same racquet. I demoed and than bought the Wilson 5 BLX. It was everything I wanted in a racquet; power, control and confort. This racquet is not only for beginners and itermediates. It has as much power at the Ti.S5, more control, and a better feel. The smaller header size 103 sq in vs 107 sq in coupled with the pro hurricane string contributed to better feel and control in the Wilson 5 BLX. The weight is perfect for those getting older and prefer a lighter racquet. I would recommend the Wilson 5 BLX to any older or younger players who are looking for the the same requirements as I was.
From: Geordie, 2/12

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