Weiss CANNON Explosiv 16 (1.30) String Customer feedback

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Comments: Horrible experience with this string. I did 7% tension plus as the notice said, but experienced loss of total control on the baseline -- not really stable and it needs a lot of precision to use it. However, it gives me good feeling on the serve, strangely.
From: Fred, 4/16

Comments: Great, great string for an affordable price. I thank you again Mr. Weiss for such a great string on the market! For the past couple of months I suffered with tennis elbow (I have had hybrid of MSV Focus Hex and Wilson Synthetic Gut Power -- bad, bad choice for me and my racquet). Now I am carefully returning to the court but without WC Explosiv I would be still out. This is the first time I put a multi string in a full bed and I really enjoy it! WC Explosiv allows me to continue with tennis without paying double the price. No other string on the market has such great comfort/price ratio.
From: Vladimir, 11/15

Comments: Crossed it in a 18x20 frame at 53 lbs with Kirshbaum Pro Line X at 48 lbs and it softened the poly well and added some power. Also, I put in a full bed on the same frame but prefer the hybrid because of the better control. It's too jumpy in an open string patten unless strung at a higher tension. All-in-all, a good multi at a reasonable price.
From: Cyril, 6/15

Comments: Absolutely the best multi string! Strung it in a Wilson Blade 93 and it is very, very hard to find good feel/touch on this racquet, it is absolutely unforgiving, and this string makes it a beauty. I read other reviews, (very helpful) and waned to share my experience, anyone looking for a soft, arm-friendly string, look no further. My continuous wrist issues are finally fixed. Thank you Weiss Cannon! Happy player here!
From: Tony, 3/15

Comments: Plays well all around. But it broke after 15 hours of play and I am not a hard hitter.
From: Sander, 8/14

Comments: I tried this string on my Pure Drive at 61 lbs. From the start, it had great feel and comfort. But, aftter 10 games the string went flat/dead. As I proceeded to cut the string, it had no tension at all.
From: Manny, 1/14

Comments: I love this string! I finally found a string that is really arm friendly (I had been developing bad tennis elbow). Previously, I used Tecnifibre X-Bi Phase on my Volkl Classic V1 stick. Still playing with getting the tension right at the initial stringing, but otherwise, I will be sticking with this string for awhile. Really like the pop I get off the strings. I play at most twice aweek, so no problem with durability yet. I have noticed after afew matches, the strings start to move on me as they loose tension (first, I started out stringing at a higher tension), I think as I go to the lower tensions (low 50s), I will see alot more moving of the strings, but that's ok for now. So glad I found this string, good price to.
From: Glenn, 11/13

Comments: During clay court season, I am using a full poly string bet. During winter time indoor on carpet, I am using Explosiv with Scorpio. It doesnt matter if you put Expolsiv in the main or crosses, everytime you need to raise the tension a minimum of 2 kilos. Explosive, lasts less on main strings, but it is really explosive! Nice one Weiss Cannon!
From: Jan, 6/13

Comments: Tried this string at 53 pounds today and liked it very much. It is very soft but has a great feel. Yes it is powerful but not overly, so if you have decent racquet skills. The string moves a little but unless you are a huge hitter it is fine. I bought it because my elbow is sensitive and it lives up to all the hype as a string for players with a sensitive arm. For me the only softer multi is RAB Sensor Fiber - it's a little softer than Weiss Cannon Explosiv but very marginally and is 3 times the price! Weiss Cannon is a winner for me, if your arm is sensitive and you want a little pop from your strings then this is the one.
From: John, 3/13

Comments: This is a nice string in terms of feel. I've been playing full poly (trying all the brands) and recently switched to hybrid Weiss Cannon TurboTwist on the Main and Explosiv on the cross. It felt great, I don't know how to explain it but after playing with full poly for years the hybrid felt sensational. Unfortunately, it didn't last long. I'm a 4.5 player that hits heavy topspin on both wings. I strung the hybrid on 2 custom Vantage VT21 racquets at 64lbs (I'm at high altitude). But after hitting with players on the University of Utah tennis team for 3 hours, I broke the cross string on both racquets. However, those guys are 5.5 level so they hit with massive amount of spin that us rec players can't produce. Nontheless, I'm concerned about the durability so I'll be looking for another string. In short, the feel is great but durability isn't.
From: Lee. 7/12

Comments: This is a great string. Weiss Cannon Explosiv 16 comfort and power are far better than Tecnifibre X- One Biphase 17 crosses (56 lbs) in hybrid with ALU Power Rough in the mains (54 lbs) using Volkl Power Bridge 10 Mid. The sound of ball hits with this string is amazing too, you have to try to understand.
From: Paulo, 6/12

Comments: I put this on at 50 pounds on my Head Youtek Radical OS (no pre-stretching or anything else). Provides more comfort and more power. I then added the Wilson Shockshield dampener (looks like a blue worm) to further reduce vibration on off-centre hits. The string has a burnt smell to it, but of course you don't notice when you're playing. I don't see any problem with string movement. As someone who is scared to death of tendonitis (I got it from playing golf), this string is probably about as good as it gets for mitigating injury.
From: Marty, 3/12

Comments: It's a great string. Excellent feel. Good durability.
From: Cas, 2/12

Comments: Comfort is okay, string moves like crazy, it is a hybrid between silverstring and scorpion. Luxilon lasts about 15% longer, if all being equal price-wise, I would go for luxilon.
From: Anon, 1/12

Comments: This is the most powerful multi I've played with so far. Tremendous controllable power. Decent to good spin. Superb comfort and touch. Only played an hour so far so no idea about durability. If you need more pop from your strings - this stuff does the trick.
From: Tennismonkey, 12/11

Comments: Great string. I strung this with 58 main and 54 across. Shots are explosive with control. Top spin is so good that I had a 6 foot tall opponents jump up to hit the ball. Love it so far. Used this string on a Head Radical OS.
From: Siddharth, Johns Creek, GA, USA, 7/11

Comments: One of the best multis on the market. Exceptional power and comfort. I found I had to string 7- 10% higher than other multis or I had a trampoline. The only negative is excessive string movement.
From: Mark. 6/11
NTRP Rating: 4.0

Comments: I plugged these strings on with what seems like a conventional compliment to a string within its own family, Weiss Cannon Silver string on my PT57e. I have to say that it was the worst setup I had ever used. The racquet felt like it was tied together with palm fronds that washed up from some remote island. The racquet had no power, no feel, and medium control. The racquet feels like it's strung with straw that won't break. It feels boardy, unstable and I don't know if it's the setup of the two together with the racquet or what, but I will do some more experimenting. Maybe this is better with other polys, but this combo just sucked for me.
From: MT, Brooklyn, NY, USA, 4/11

Comments: You do need an extra 10% tension or the ball flies like a cannon.
From: F Chung, Hong Kong, 4/11

Comments: I do agree with Chris. I do like Weiss Cannon's poly strings, but this one is awful in feeling, playability, and durability. Don't even think to put in a hybrid setup. But it do excels in one thing: comfort. It's the most comfortable string on the market (you don't feel the pain... neither the ball) it can be of some help for those with arm problems who still want to play.
From: Anon, 02/11

Comments: Worst Weiss String made
I have used all of the Weiss strings, this is the most disappointing string I have ever used. I used the Weiss Cannon 17L and it is far better in every category; these strings broke in 46 minutes on a volley. If you want an excellent Weiss product that has great spin, power, control and durability the Weiss Cannon and Weiss Silverstring are two great products that deliver, this stuff was extremely disappointing it was strung by a URSA master tech over 40,000 racquets strung on a Star 5 used in crosses at 62 pounds with Weiss cannon mains 57lbs. Very hyped string poor playability I would have expected more from a great manufacturer like Weiss, who prides themselves on quality, performance and value.
Racquet used was a BLX tour 18x20 weight 369 grams(13ozs)
From: Chris, Atlanta, GA, USA, 01/11

Comments: I usually use Tecnifibre Bi Phase one and tried these strings. While Explosiv pockets better and hits very well, I am NOT a string breaker and these strings broke after only 4 matches. Bi Phase one takes me 3 months to break. Due to durability concerns, I cannot recommend these strings.
From: Brent, Little Rock, AR, USA, 11/10

Comments: Explosiv! This string excels in all categories but string movement. The recommendation from WeissCannon is correct, so string it at a tension 7% higher than you usually do. What I liked the most was its softness and playability. The most arm friendly multi string I've played yet. If string movement doesn't bother you, go for it!
From: Cristian, California, 10/10

Comments: I like to experiment with different strings and string combinations. I am testing WeissCannon Explosive as a hybrid on crosses with Topspin Cyber Flash on mains and Luxilon BB Ace 18 on mains and also for a full stringbed job. As expected, as a hybrid, it helped to decrease a vibration a lot (compared with Babolat Futura), increased my power a lot (better than Iso speed control plus and Head Fibergel power 17) and after several matches with such a hybrid I have to say that I play more precisely on the lines and dramatically improved my sliced backhand (with full poly I played mostly topspin from 1H BH, western grip). I play during the main season usually on red clay court so I have not yet tried this string in the match for the whole stringbed (topspin allegedly not so easy to generate with multis) but, at least at a bouncing wall, it is still quite O.K., powerful and very arm friendly so at least one of my 4 Head Flexpoint Radical MP will be strung just with Weisscannon Explosive. I have almost forgotten: to serve with this string was soooo comfortable and powerful! If I will succeed to generate also needed portion of a topspin from forehand it will be a weapon for this season!
From: Vladimir, Puchov, Slovakia, Europe. 5/10

Comments: I love this string and it is the first time that I have used a multi. It is easy on the arm and provides an excellent combo of power and feel. I wish they made it in a 17g.
From: Victor, Toronto, Ontario 03/10

Comments: A string with a lot of pop. Very nice power generated from these strings. Pay attention to the stringing instruction - string 7% tighter than you normally do The strings are stretchy and pull and pull on the machine so using a constant pull and adding tension does make a big difference in play. Great string if you get the tension right. When loose they play like a trampoline. Lasted 4-6 sets not very durable if you are a string breaker. If you are not and are using Wilson nxt or Tecnifibre nrg2 you should give this sting a try. Maybe consider using it as a cross with the above to add some pop or with a poly.
From: Larry, Mill Valley, CA 02/10

Comments: What can I say about the best string I ever hit with. Great power great control did not lose tension, which most multis do after a few matches. My game has changed for the better. Regarding topspin others have said they have trouble I hit plenty of to with no problem. Buy this string you will not be disappointed.
From: Rocky, Long Island, NY 01/10

Comments: I actually put this in the crosses as a hybrid with weisscannon silverstring! The power is great and the ball always goes in! I highly recommend it.
From: Colin Rieke, Rochester, MN, USA 12/09

Comments: Allelujah! It is a rare day indeed when a product comes along in a saturated market that truly sets itself apart..in a good way. For those who seek buttery comfort and are usually drawn to Wilson NXT or Tecnifibre NGR2 etc., Friends, you have found the class leader. No this isn't for the 5.5+ hard hitter who craves feel and uber durability. For those amongst us who crave exquisite comfort and wont sacrifice control, look no further. Bravo to these German string geniuses. I would even label this product sensuous: Yes, it makes love to the ball. Such is its feel.
From: Phillippe, Ct, USA 09/09

Comments: Strung this on the mains on my Head Micro Gel with Babolat polys on the crosses. Liked the string, although it did slide around. Only lasted 24 games though.
From: Tony, Tampa, FL, USA, 09/09

Comments: One of the top multis' I have ever tried. Only negative is string movement. I would give is a 9.50!
From: Dan, Cary, NC 07/09

Comments: Holds tension very well and is very durable. I think this is right up there with the best but I still prefer Tecnifibre NRG2 18 as my string of choice. Definitely worth a try if you're looking for a durable arm-friendly multi.
From: Joel, Studio City, CA, USA, 06/09

Comments: Best multi that I have ever played with. Great comfort, easy on the arm, great mix of both power and control, very durable for a multi, and the best for tension maintenance. Spin is there as well but I wouldn't put it at the tops with poly's.
From: Josh, KY. 04/09

Comments: Best multi on the market hands. Very durable as well. Worth the price as that is half the cost of gut.
From: Jonatha, Little Rock, Ark. Open player. 3/09

Comments: Really good string. I've traditionally played with a poly/nylon hybrid, primarily for durability but decided to give this string a shot at the recommendation of a friend. I must say, I'm quite impressed. Tension maintenance is great, spin is available, touch obviously is substantially improved. I can't speak to durability as I've only played a couple sets on it but I don't see obvious signs of wear which is surprising (I typically break Prince syn gut 17ga in 90 minutes). All in all a great string.
From: Geoff, Richmond, VA, USA. 2/09

Comments: This string is superb. I played the string both as a full job and as a hybrid with MSV Focus 1.10 in mains. Both times the strings played excellent. It holds its tension better than any other multifilament that I have played with. Very soft and comfortable for the elbow. Very flexible string that was easy to string. String movement was minimal compared to other multifilament I have played. One of the advantages besides the comfort was the extreme tension stability. The string provides top performance throughout its entire life. Stringing was easy, you can really feel the high elasticity, and the recommendation to string 10% higher is right.
From: Dennis, Burnsville, NC, USA. 1/09

Comments: Not too shabby a string. DO NOT pre-stretch it. I initially strung it at 60lbs prestretched.. I was asking wheres the hype about the power? I restrung reducing tension and no prestretch.. much better in terms of power. I like the tension retention best. Good feel and some ball pocketing.
From: Ric, NYC. 1/09

Comments: This is one great playing string. One of the best multis I have used. Touch shots and volleys are a pleasure with this string. As much as I like this string I have to say that in cold weather it does not perform as well as it does in normal temperatures. I will string all my frames when it warms up. But before that, I will probably use another multi.
From: Josh, East Bay, Ca, USA. 1/09

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