Weiss CANNON 6 Star Supercharged 16 (1.30) Purple Customer feedback

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Comments: At first, this string played jedi mind tricks with my clamps, "this is not the string you are looking for." Once I got the clamps adjusted properly though, it was fine. This is the stretchiest string I have ever strung. I strung it as a full bed in my wife's racquet and she said it was soft, powerful and gave the racquet a lighter feel. I noticed considerable spin coming off her backhand slice compared to the poly/synthetic gut it replaced.
From: William, 4/16

Comments: I was very confused by my experience with this string. I use a Klipper drop-weight machine to string. I could not get this string to tension properly -- it seemed to stretch so much that I could not keep the drop weight from dipping inches below center, even when I pulled the string as taut as possible. I've never experienced this with a string. When I hit around with it (strung my AeroPro Drive with this string), it was producing very erratic shots. Not sure what the "trick" is to string this properly, but I'm going to cut it out and call it a test loss unfortunately.
From: Ben, 2/15

Comments: This is a great string. I have used it only as a hybrid (as mains) in combination with poly (usually Babolat RPM Blast 17). I strung two Babolat AeroPro Drives with the same tension (62/62 lbs), one with full poly (RPM 17) and the other with the Weiss Cannon 6 Star Mains and RPM Blast 17 crosses for comparison. While the spin obtained by the full poly bed was appreciably greater, the hybrid set up still had a great amount of spin and a lot more power. The feel with the hybrid set up was greater as well. My opponent noticed the difference right away and commented on how much faster the ball was coming off the hybrid set up and that this ball "felt" heavier. Surprisingly, the string holds its tension quite well and although it lost some tension initially, it leveled off after the first few uses and remained stable at a tension that I could still work with. Compared to other similar strings (Head FXP Tour) the 6 Star feels superior in all aspects (power, feel, tension maintenance). It is a set up that I will continue to use periodically.
From: Steve, 5/12

Comments: Hitting with a variety of strings like Recoil and M2 and hybrid strings, this 6 Star Supercharged from Weiss Cannon feels and performs the best. Soft at first, then as tension drops and stabilizes, they stiffen up. They feel optimal the first 6-8 hours of hitting. I've hit with them in the same frame now for over 20 hours and still enjoying them.
From: Peter, 4/12

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