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Weiss CANNON Scorpion 16L (1.28) 660 String Reel Customer feedback

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Comments: I have tested most Weiss Cannon strings now: this is the only one I'm not impressed by. Surprisingly boardy and missing the spring that their other thinner strings have: the Scorpion 1.22 plays much better - more lively and pockets more than this. If you want a control string, slightly 'dead' and long lasting, try this - but I suggest a low tension, because even @ 52 lbs mains in a Volkl 10 MP - bland and boardy. Suggest high 40s to find some pop and maybe liven up crosses with something else.
From: Paul. 6/11

Comments: Tested this string in a hybrid combination with the Tecnifibre NGR2 string in the crosses. The combination felt very stiff. I think I should have tried this one with 50 and 54 tension because at this tension power was hard to get, spin was very limited, and power & spin on the serve was hard to get. I ended up cutting the string. I still have the other half of each so I might try this one again at a lower tension. But not now.
From: Miguel, San Juan, PR, 11/10

Comments: As polys go, this one is medium powered and seems to stay in place a little less well than other strings of its type. Tension maintenance is good. Spin production average, less so than the Luxilons. All in all, nothing special to recommend it.
From: Mike, Montclair, NJ. 04/09

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