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Weiss CANNON Scorpion 17L (1.22) String Customer feedback

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Comments: Very nice string. I got this after looking online and seeing reviews that this was one of the best strings. It has much more feel than other polys such as Luxilon or RPM Blast without sacrificing power. Lots of power, spin and control. Balls go deep and then land in, right at the baseline. Only played once with it but will definitely be happy to keep playing with this. Wonder how it may do as a hybrid -- natural gut mains with Scorpion in the crosses. I played with a Wilson Steam 100 full bed of Scorpion 17L 1.22 -- really liked it!
From: Art, 2/15

Comments: I disagree with most of the other comments. I've tried this string in a full bed at 23 kg mains and 22 kg crosses in a Pro Staff 95. For the first 3-4 hours this strings were good, but then the stringbed became stiffer and stiffer and stiffer! And the sweetspot smaller, and smaller, and smaller! A completely different feeling. Is that because they are too thin? I don't know, but I would not raccomend them unless you want to restring your racquet every week.
From: Mauro, 10/14

Comments: One of my favorite strings that I carry all the time. It has such feeling control and durability as well, it helps me winning matches against tougher opponents and give me confidence. All of our player that we teach in our academy use this string with 1.22 diameter. It has everything that every professional player needs.
From: Igor Sokolovski, 6/12

Comments: Right now I am using Volkl Cyclone 17g on my Wilson K-90 at 47 lbs! It's unreal the control I get, the strings really grab the ball nicely, and pocketing is so sweet! Spin is very good too. I haven't found a better string so far and I've tried all the top brands of polys and co polys too!
From: Joe, 9/11

Comments: A very impressive poly! After playing a good synthetic gut and then Luxilon Alu Power (both 1.25), I can say that the W-C Scorpion 1.22 plays much closer to the former than to the latter. By comparison, the Luxilon feels like hitting with a block of dense cardboard. While I was not seeking power with the Scorpion, it has ample power and feel with excellent control. After also considering tension stability, reported durability and lack of string movement, this seems like an all-around winner.
From: Paul, Boston, MA, USA. 09/10
Strung at 62/62 on a 107 square inch Head Microgel Radical.

Comments: I bought a reel of Weiss Cannon Scorpion 1.22. I have strung three rackets with this string. Compared to other strings like Pro Hurricane, Black Code this string has more control. I'm curious if they could try making this string in a gear shape instead of the normal circle shape. This string has good spin capacity but the gear shape would make it #1 in spin along with its #1 rating for control, tension maintenance and being extremely durable.
From: George, Dallas, GA, USA, 08/10

Comments: The packaging states 'Turbo speed' and this string sure has amazing power. Strung at 49 pounds, this string also has very good control and is a lot more friendly on the elbow compared to Luxilon's Alu Power. I have been playing with them for about 4 hours and so far no string movement and no loss of tension. Anyone thinking about using Alu Power Fluro, this is a softer version of Alu Power, may consider choosing the Scorpion. It's cheaper, comes in a thinner gauge and has amazing power and control.
From: Simon, Hong Kong. 7/09

Comments: A comfortable and powerful string. This is the first poly that feels good in a full setup. Durability is much better than any synthetic. It is a very nice playing string.
From: Gabriel, Fort Worth, TX, USA. 2/08

Comments: I am a ranked high school player and use these strings in a hybrid (mains) with a solid core (crosses) and love them. Great power, good durability, and remarkable tension maintenance for a copoly. I have tried about 15 different high-end polys, and I think the Scorpion offers great value. I also have used the WC Silverstring and they are just as good.
From: Pete, Dallas, TX. 10/07
NTRP rating: 4.5+

Comments: I am a 4.0 power topspin player who has recently learned the difference quality string can make in your game. I absolutely LOVE this stuff. I am still testing, but this is at the top of the list thus far. I am using it as a blend with 18g syn. gut as the crosses and I felt like I couldn't miss. I was killing people. The only reason I am still testing is because I bought a bunch of other string to try. It has excellent control and nice power and just enough durability to not make me angry; huge playability. Try it!
From: Sunshine, Jacksonville, FL, USA, 09/07

Comments:All I can say is "wow!" The performance I got with this string was shocking to me. A copolymer that provides outstanding power and comfort. I got a set of this on whim along with a few other goods. Had it setting around for a couple of months and finally strung it up. I am impressed and will be ordering more!
From: Jake, Grove Neck, NY, USA, 09/07

Comments: This string has no notching, no movement, very controllable. After hours of intense hitting, it stays remarkably fresh. The most outstanding feature is the consistency of feel and playability. I had to keep reminding myself that it was a polyester. Highly recommended.
From: William, Oak Park, IL, USA. 5/07

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