Weiss CANNON Silverstring 16L (1.25) 660 Reel Customer feedback

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Comments: I play with a Head Prestige IG MP 18x20 and string with Silverstring at 36 lbs. I'll write that again for all you low tension non believers....36 lbs. This poly performs incredibly well at proper low tensions -- around the 30s. I'm amazed how people talk about low tension poly string jobs being so awesome and mention tensions in the 50s. That's not low tension. Anyhow, (off my soap box) I have tried many many strings over years of competitive playing and this is the best for my racquet and game. Highly recommend. Give that low tension a go! I'm an NTRP 5.5 player.
From: RJ, 5/15

Comments: This is one of the best all around polys on the market. Soft feel from the first hit, great pocketing - - you can feel the ball sink in the stringbed. Excellent control and adequate spin. I have tried over 30 polys. Anywhere from the most expensive big brands through cheap, small producers. Textured, twisted, round, hybrids, full beds, all ranges of tensions -- I have tried strings that have been on the market for years (like this one) and I like to test out some of the new comers once in a while -- and trust me, Silverstring is one of the best money can buy. I recommend a full bed at 53/51 lbs. I am a 4.5 baseliner currently using the latest Head Radical Pro.
From: Sal, 4/15

Comments: Very good string! For a poly, this one is quite soft and the touch is nice. Spin potential is good, control is great, and there's the perfect amount of pop. My only complaint is that they look almost white (or very light gray), especially in the daytime. But beside that one gripe with the aesthetics, I think I found my new go-to string.
From: Brian, 5/14

Comments: Great string! Decided to string a full bed at 50 lbs in my Technifibre Tfight 320 VO2Max. I'm a free swinging 5.0+. Excellent balance of spin, power, and feel for a full bed of poly in this frame.
From: Jack, 1/14

Comments: I absolutely love this string. Very soft poly with great touch. Don't get as much spin as I would with the Turbotwist or mosquito bite but the feel is so much better. Good power but not too much like the Turbotwist. This string pockets the ball like no other. Recommend stringing this around 52 like Paul said. Very good choice for people using multifilaments who want to try a poly.
From: Max, 5/12

Comments: I use it in my Babolat Pure Storm Ltd Gt, it's superb. I think the key to this string is to understand how it is design to work. This as well as similar strings as this one, will perform at their best at low tensions. Polys were never designed to be strung as high as multifilament or gut. I used to make that same mistake untill I did some quality reserch. For what I understand the best tension for the Silverstring is 52 lbs. For a 95 sq. Racquet like mine with a tight string pattern it's an unbelievable combo. Crazy spin, outstanding control, very good tension retention.Don't let the low tension intimidate you but keep in mind that in order for the raquet and the string to do their work it's going to require proper technique.
From: Paul. 6/11

Comments: Great string if you want a softer, springy co-poly with bite and plenty of control. Along with the thinner 1.20 gauge and the TurboTwist versions, very good characteristics if you hit hard topspin and need to control. Not as soft as some other co-polys, and returns power to the ball more than others. Stringing low 50s or higher 40s recommended to get the string pocketing properly. Lasts a few hours (8) for me, and that's quite good value compared to other soft co-polys that go dead quickly. Less spin will equal more hours. Flat hitting might mean weeks or months. Great tension maintenance all that time. Feels way better than expensive Luxilon.
From: Paul. 6/11

Comments: Strung this up in my K6.1 90. Followed manufacturers recommendation and strung it 8% lower. This was a huge mistake! I had a rocket launcher on my hands and even after twisting my grip more aggressively I found it hard to swing out without launching the ball long on my forehand. Slice was nice, it definitely grabs and seems like it would hold up well. Gave it a good 30 minutes of play but couldn't dial it in. Will stick with Pro Line II for now which is pretty amazing and holds tension well. But I'm tempted to try this out again at my usual tension of 58lbs (might even go up to 60 as the string doesn't feel too stiff).
From: Michael, Boston, MA, USA, 11/10

Comments: I have used these strings for 2 years, so it's time to comment. I would categorize these as a medium-soft, medium powered poly with excellent tension holding. When I switched from gut to poly, this was one of the last poly strings I tried in my Vantage 90 frames and k90 tour. Superb string. Is not rock hard but provides a very firm stringbed for hard hitters and plenty of control. Low power (medium powered for a poly), so I can relax and use my long spinny swing on both sides and a full-blooded serve. The ball stays in, there are no surprises where you might overpower the string if you know what I mean. Silverstring holds tension as good as any poly. They are not prone to much sawing. I occasionally flirt with other poly strings, and even gut strung very tightly, but I keep coming back to Silverstring...when I want to win. Forget sponsorships and star power. These strings are about as good as it gets.
From: anon. Morganfield, Los Angeles, California
NTRP 4.0 01/10

Comments: I found the string to be pretty hard on the arm. Just feeling the string and you can see that it is like a cord of steel. Sort of like the Gamma Zos. Good tension maintenance and control, but just too hard on the arm. Was using it in the mains at around 54 (on a Head Micro Gel Pro) with Babolat Polys on the crosses.
From: Tony, Tampa, FL 09/09

Comments: Tried these to compare to my usual Luxilon: either ALU rough or power 16. They are just a bit snappier, with a little less "catapult" action. This offers a tad more control, which is what you want with a poly string, and this doesn't seem to translate to any less comfort. I string at 54 lbs on a 97 sq inch frame (Dunlop 200 16x19), and have been using Head Rip Control at 56 lbs for crosses (used to use Laserfibre but they're gone...). BTW, the ALU rough/Rip Control is a Great spin combo with good comfort, but a little bouncy. Good for a few weeks at my level (3.5) though.
From: Stewart, Vermont, USA 09/09

Comments: This string's strengths are comfort, control and tension maintenance. Good but not extraordinary spin potential, average poly power.
From: Gene, Houston, TX 08/09

Comments: Best poly strings I've used so far. I've been using poly strings for over 10years. Great feel, good control, easiest poly for the arm.
From: Lex, Las Vegas, NV, USA. 07/09

Comments: I string this full in my 90 inch head size racquet. This poly string string has great tension maintenance and access to lots of spin. It's really worth trying out. I could see that people might not like the muted feel, but if you're a modern hard hitter it's great.
From: Gene, NYC, NY, USA. 2/09

Comments: Tried this string and disliked it right from the start. It was stiff and had no control. I might try some of the other polys from this line, but this wasn't the greatest experience for me.
From: John, Atlanta, Georgia, USA. 6/08

Comments: I have played with many of the newer co-polymer strings, including Luxilon, Polyfibre, Pro Supex and Topspin. The WeissCANNON Silverstring 1.25mm is by far the best for me. I am able to generate excellent spin, my shots are consistent, and the string is quite durable. It holds playing properties nicely and feels even more solid to me than the 1.20mm version. While the thinner version is also excellent, I prefer the 1.25 for best overall play in my 16 x 19 frame.
From: Todd, Fairfax, VA, USA. 2/08

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