Weiss CANNON MatchPower 16L (1.25) 660 String Reel Customer feedback

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Comments: Great string overall and for the price you won't find any better. It holds tension well, doesn't have much power, so you can swing it out as much as you want, really comfortable when used on Volkl PB 10 mid. This is a lot better than Cyber Blue, Cyber Flash, Pro Hurricane.
From: James, South Carolina. 7/10
NRTP: 4.5

Comments: I found this string to be extremely rigid. I prefer poly strings that "cup" the ball. No matter how loose I strung it, I couldn't get the intended effect.
From: IG, Palm Springs, CA. 9/08

Comments: I picked up a spool of this stuff after researching it on tenniswarehouse.com and stringforum.net, strung it up @ 60lbs on my Prince TT Rebel, and @ 56lbs on my dad's nBlade. I was blasting away from the baseline for hours without hitting a ball long- great control and tension maintenance, very predictable, and SUPER comfortable. Plus it didn't seem to need any "break-in", which is rare for a polyester. I agree with Wayne that it doesn't offer much "feel" ... my dad is more of a slice/dice/finesse kind of player and he didn't like it as much as I did (he prefers a multifilament like Gamma Zo True or TNT). I'd rate it up there with Babolat Pro Hurricane and Kirschbaum Competition as one of my favorite "baseliner" strings.
From: Damon, Bristol, VT, USA, 07/07

Comments: This string was not so great for me, it lacked feel. The string has good power and it didnt hurt my arm at all. I think this is just not the string for me because I can�t seem to control the ball and hit where I want to.
From: Wayne, NJ, USA, 06/07

Comments: Excellent control along with the best comfort I have found in a poly based string are hallmarks of the MatchPower. I thought the string was livelier than SPPP and held playability much longer than Cyberflash. A solid offering and my string of choice.
From: Bradley, Escondido, CA, USA. 5/07

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