Weiss CANNON Mosquito Bite 18 (1.16) Black Customer feedback

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Comments: I totally agree with Jimmie (from 08/13). I'm a 3.5/4.0, and I like to produce my own power from the baseline so I appreciate a string that doesn't add unwanted pop to my shots. I tested many other spin-oriented poly strings, and this is by far the most comfortable and controllable so I have come back to it for good. It loses tension quickly after stringing, but settles in nicely for durable consistency within a couple sets (so I string it a couple pounds higher to counter the initial drop). Definitely my go-to as well!
From: Tim, 11/15

Comments: Wrist injuries, shoulder pain and elbow injuries from this string. It is stiff and harsh.
From: Anon, 8/14

Comments: I put a full bed of this string in my Dunlop Biomimetic 200 Plus and after 30 minutes I started to feel some discomfort in my arm and shoulder and after two hours I was feeling a lot of pain. I am trying to replace MSV Focus Hex. I like that string but it loses tension too fast for my taste. Unfortunately I will have to keep looking as this one causes pain and is actually surprisingly more powerful than MSV focus hex.
From: Omid, 6/14

Comments: I've been playing tennis for three years and am now at a 4.5 level with an Aero Pro Drive GT. About nine months ago, I switched to the Mosquito Bite from some Solinco strings and I have found my string. While the durability is very low, the spin potential is awesome and the control is very good even at 52 lbs. I tried an RPM Blast too, but that had so much power in comparison to the Mosquito. This string is great for people like me who generate their own power. Definitely my go to string for the foreseeable future!
From: Jimmie, 8/13

Comments: Absolutely my go to string! I have strung in my crosses most of last year and then tried it in the mains with Forten Sweet Gold 17g cross and hallelujah! After some time dealing with a nasty TE injury the MB Mains FS17 hybrid with a flatter stroke has been glorious! Solid tension maintenance, nice bite, outstanding control and slice and dice wonder thread. Don't buy it because I want it all!
From: Lou, 1/13

Comments: Absolutely a great string for 'feel' in a poly. I use it as my cross string to gut mains, and the combo is perfection. Spin and power are ample, while control and touch are great. It has great tension maintenance as well, something all WC strings seem to excel at. The price/performance of this string is hard to beat. It's easy on the arm too. I'm using a racquet with an 18x20 string pattern, strung at 52/48 lbs.
From: James, 7/12

Comments: This string is exactly like Pro Line II. However it lasts a little longer before goes it dead. String at 25# it plays with great control and a little power (that is what I need). Spin is excellent. Over all this is the best poly I tried. (Been using Luxilon, Kirshenbaun, Wilson...)
From: Nee, 2/12

Comments: First off, this string seems virtually identical to the Kirschbaum Pro Line II 18 string. They're both incredibly low power strings. They might be good for you if you can generate your own power and have a very fast swing speed. Since I don't, I had to string at 11 lbs. lower than normal for adequate power. Unfortunately, that meant I had no control on my serves (and still with not much power).
From: Ron, 1/12

Comments: All I have to say is ouch! This string destroyed my shoulder/arm. I have been using full poly string jobs for the last 3 years and I have only once before had such pain in my shoulder/arm. I will never use this string again.
From: Mike, 9/11

Comments: This is easy to string. I tried it at 58 and 62 pounds. Great feel and control on ground strokes and volleys. There is nice pop on serves. Absolutely no string movement. Two weeks of solid play and no signs of string weakening. Surprising for an 18 gauge.
From: Wolfman, 8/11

Comments: I find that this string got tons of control. Totally no power at all, you need to generate your own power. Good for players who are looking for control string and also for players with a more power oriented racquet that are looking for control. I would rate this string (with 1= Lowest, 5= Highest): Power= 1, Control= 5, Spin Potential= 4, Durability= N/A, Stiffness= Soft(considering it's a poly), Feel= 4.5, and Vibration from string= 2. Overall I would give this string a rating of 4.5.
From: Wayne, 8/11

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