Wilson Control Duo Hybrid 16 String Customer feedback

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Comments: I put the NXT in the mains and ALU in the crosses! It was much better then. Still not grooving on the feel at all. Not all that fantastic.
From: Anon, 3/15

Comments: I've been using this string combo for about a year, and I'm quite happy. I play 3-4 times a week and I hit a hard ball with lots of topspin, and the strings are doing well. Original tension was 65 lbs, and they haven't lost too much. Pretty soon I'll have to restring, and I'll up it to 70 lbs. No elbow problems, lots of control (in a Wilson BLX Six One 95 18/20) and adewquate power. I'l certainly continue to use this combo.
From: Jim, 4/13

Comments: It works great in the beginning when it's fresh - tension is right, get the right amount of spin and power. As it loses tension, it gives a lot of extra boost of power that I am not used to all of a sudden. At that point, it's time to get a new set of strings after 7-8 hours of play. Love these strings and I have been having a hard time finding a more durable combination of strings that is even comparable to this awesome set.
From: Anon, CANADA, 03/11

Comments: I use these strings on my Six One BLX 95 16x18 with the Luxilon in the mains at 54pds and the NXT in the crosses at 56pds. The results are very impressive, its easier to hit harder and flatter groundstrokes with much more topspin than I was previously able to get using solely the NXT 16. Serves are faster and more accurate and my volleying has become sharper and more penetrating. Perhaps the only downside being a bit of a vague feel on touch shots at the net, but its not a problem as that's not a massive part of my game, and even then it's not a downside, just not a positive either. Durability wise it seems average, the Luxilon will inevitably saw through the NXT. I've had these strings on my racket for approx a month and 30 hours of play and they look in pretty shabby state and ready to break soon-ish. Tension loss isn't especially a problem but they have slackened up somewhat noticeably, hasn't caused any problems but something to keep in mind. I'm going to use this string setup again before possibly trying something different, will keep you posted.
From: Joe, London, England, 07/10

Comments: I've strung this at 58/60 with NXT on the crosses. I don't hit hard all the time. This combination is a really great at the beginning when the strings are tight but I lost a lot of control when they came lose. It has pretty good durability as oppose to just simply synthetic gut over the whole bed.
From: Anon. 06/10

Comments: At first I hated it cause it was tight but after you play a game or two and you get the feel of the string you will love how much your game improves.
From: Tito, Fresno, Texas, USA 09/09

Comments: I have been experimenting with various hybrid strings. Have played 4 matches this last weekend with the Wilson Ultimate Duo 16, great response and with a little extra pop. So far no broken strings. Overall, an excellent choice.
From: Rick, Irvine, CA, USA. 06/09
NTRP: 4.0

Comments: One word, Amazing. I was experimenting with string set-ups in my prestige pro, and tried a full set-up of synthetic gut, then I switched to full Luxilon. The synthetic gut had no feel, and the luxilon was just way too stiff. I actually tried on setup at 54 and the other at 58, the 54 felt ok, but did hurt my arm. So then I bought this combo and it was perfect. I get the results of the luxilon, but the soft feel of the nxt at the same time. Great feel and pretty good control. I strung it at 54 mains with luxilon and 56 crosses with the nxt. Definitely sticking with this combo, and excellent choice for someone looking for a nice blend of power, control and comfort.
From: Evan, Philadelphia, PA, USA. 05/09

Comments: I tried using this combo for the first time and I really really liked it. I used nxt on the crosses at 60 pounds and lux on main at 55 pounds, and not surprisingly, the nxt broke after about a week. When I went to get it restrung, I just restring the crosses with nxt and didn't cut the luxilon out and replace it, because I was told that the luxilon is really durable and retains its tension, but my newly strung racquet doesn't feel right at all. So I'm guessing that I should restring the lux whenever the nxt breaks.
From: Mark, PA, USA. 05/09
NTRP Rating: 5.5

Comments: I am breaking this string so fast that I am going broke. I have the NXT in the crosses and have one of my racquets strung at 58/60 and the other at 56/58 and am breaking the NXT in about 6-8 hours of play. I am trying the ZO as we speak hoping for better durability. I am a 4.0 player who hits with lots of power and spin.
From: Matt, Oakland, CA, USA. 7/08

Comments: This string combo really improved my game over the winter. I switched from full Babolat XCel on my Babolat Pure Drive Plus, which also helped my game, (I really wasn't that good before I switched racquets) then went to this, also on my PD+. When the indoor season started (I restrung my racquet right before the season, sometime in January), I completely amazed my teammates with my new-found power and control! I would definitely recommend this product to anyone who plays an all-around game. Might not last you long, though. I don't break strings, but even I managed to fray all of the cross strings (the Wilson, for me).
From: Jase, Manhattan, NYC, NY, USA. 6/08

Comments: Amazing combination! I definitely recommend this! Performs with great control and power. However, depending on your play time, there is low durability. Overall, excellent!
From: Mark, Ellicott, MD, USA. 3/08

Comments: I just switched to this string combo. Incredible, more pop and amazing spin action, control and feel. Using Luxilon on crosses. and Wilson NXT Tour on mains. I strung Luxilon 2 lbs. looser than Tour. I love it. Try it; it is definitely noticeable. I used to use Wilson NXT Sensation before switching. That feels dead compared to this combination. I play 6 days a week and have been playing for 40 years.
From: Dan, Simi Valley, CA, USA. 2/08
NTRP: 4.5

Comments: NXT is soft, while Luxilon is extremely rough. The combination results in fast string breaking of the NXT. I never play aggressively, but I broke it after 15 hours of play time.
From: Hsin-ju, Camarillo, CA. 12/07

Comments: Great combo. Use the Luxilon in the mains and NXT crosses for best results. Also string the Mains 2-3 pounds tighter than the crosses. Mains are longer than the crosses.
From: Dave, Seattle, WA, USA, 09/07

Comments: Hands down the best hybrid I've ever had the pleasure of using. I think I'll be using this exclusively for a long time.
From: D-man. 8/07

Comments: I'm a 4.0-aggressive baseliner-college player and I have been using this hybrid combo for the last year, long before it came out in a packaged form from Wilson and I love it. I prefer the Luxilon in the mains and the NXT in the crosses at 60 pounds (max) on my Wilson nCode six-one 95. This gives me excellent feel from the NXT and plenty of pop and spin potential from the Luxilon. For me, putting the NXT in the crosses and the Luxilon in the mains feels too mushy, no matter how high the tension.
From: Gregory, Phoenix, AZ, USA, 5/07

Comments: I just got these strings because before I wasn't finding my perfect smash, when I got these strings and put them on my K-Factor I was amazed, it hits with perfect accuracy and has the best feel. I am so glad I got these strings!
From: Breck, Palm Beach, FL, USA, 4/07

Comments: I've been using this set up for a long time, maybe a year now. I like it although the Wilson NXT breaks every 2 weeks. I play roughly 2 hours a day. The control is fantastic and the spin you can generate is a must. Try it out if you don't have the money for Babolat VS touch 16.
From: Brian. 4/07

Comments: I have been using this combination even before this combination been sold together; it is absolutely wonderful, incredible. I'm a 19-year-old hard hitting player in Brasil and this combination went out perfect using the nxt on the crosses and the alu power in the mains. Also use the nxt one or two lbs more then the alu power for best performance. The only combination better than this one is using natural gut instead of nxt tour but it is more expensive. I recommend this hybrid for everyone, it's excellent.
From: Rodrigo, Espirito, Santo, Brasil, 04/07

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