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Comments: I've really enjoyed this string. I love the spin. And the pop from this string has been brilliant. I tried a full bed of poly but found that to aggravate my elbow. I tried the Gamma Moto/Glide hybrid but found that the Touch and pop off the string was diminished but the spin was brilliant. I switched back to the Dual Reality with in 6 matches. Strung on a Volkl Organix 7 295 at 53/47 lbs.
From: Steve, 9/16

Comments: I have been playing with hybrid strings now for more than 15 years (when I was approaching 40 years old). Anyone who strings or plays with hybrids will tell you that you will never know what will be the result of your own hybrid experiment untill you try the combination. I tried this hybrid last year and then I have experimented with other hybrids with Wilson Revolve as the main string. I have done many combinations also before (WC Turbotwist and WC Explosive would be my 2nd choice). Now I am back to WC Dual Reality -- I do not want to waste any more time and any more money to find out "strings which play instead of me." This combination is really great and has optimum control and comfort -- I am happy that WC invented it. I have to say (after playing tennis for more than 40 years) you should stick to whatever what works for you. So I stick to WC Dual Reality. It saved me time and money too. I really trust to Weiss Cannon because it works for me.
From: Vladimir, 7/16

Comments: This is my first experience with hybrids, so I have nothing to compare it to. But I was looking for an arm-friendly hybrid that would provide more performance than a full bed of syn gut, and so far, so good. I definitely like this stuff. I had it strung on my Blade 104 at 51 lbs (mains) and 57 lbs (crosses) lbs, based on the directions on the package. I feel like it offers more access to spin, and so far, no issues with my arm. I'm going to explore some other options as well, but so far I would definitely recommend this to anyone who's looking for an arm-friendly hybrid.
From: Duke, 8/14

Comments: Great strings. I had been using gut for the last few years and that just seemed to be getting expensive, so I decided to give Dual Reality a try. Quite glad I did, very comfortable with loads of control. I couldn't be more pleased. Strung as recommended on a Prince EXO3 Black Team 100
From: Kurt, 4/13

Comments: Very comfortable setup with superb control is where this hybrid really shines. Average to low powered and average on spin but big hitters looking for control may want to check out Dual Reality strings. Strung at 51/56 in a Dunlop F3.0 tour.
From: Thomas, 4/13

Comments: Update. After a few hours the grey cross string started to scuff and turn whitish. After 60-90 minutes the gnarly sounds fade away. The tension seems to have dipped a little, but the playability, control, spin potential and comfort after that tiny dip remain very well and constant. The power is still controllable. I will cut it out and restring. I still like this string. I wonder how it will perform outdoors on clay. I tested it indoors with Babolat Roland Garros tennis balls, playing with Dunlop Aerogel 4D 200 Tour. I'm a 4.5 attacking, all court player.
From: Jevon, 2/13

Comments: Nice! I really enjoyed these strings. I strung them up at the recommended tension for a 95 sq.in. frame and it performed far above my expectations. I played on an indoor hard court with Babolat Roland Garros tennis balls. My current hybrid is Yonex Poly Tour Pro 125/Weiss Cannon Explosiv. These strings helped me control my shots better. They complemented me very well when applying spin and provided my shots with more than sufficient power. Dual Reality Hybrid is a very comfortable combo. When struck in the sweet in the decent sized sweet spot, it produced a gnarly bang! I'm getting more. Now.
From: Jevon, 1/13

Comments: I'm surprised nobody has commented on these before. These strings truly are trippy. I now understand the name and psychedelic packaging. Out of the bag they have a strong odor, but I didn't inhale. It clears out after a while but stringing these on my drop stringer was a new "Experience". This was the first string I've strung that's super stretchy, like a rubber band. Elasticity is obviously very high on crosses. This makes the string an absolute breeze to thread, pliable as a shoelace, and so easy on the fingers and quick to string. This is the most comfortable poly string I've found, yet they still have good feel and great control. Super great control in fact despite not having as "tactile" a feel as others, like my fave TourBite/Vanquish combo, I may actually like these better overall though. With such high elasticity I was actually worried about a trampoline effect, but in reality control is fantastic. However, when I serve or crush a forehand they reach back for nice controlled power and spin. I can't speak for durability yet, but I am a fan of strings that don't move and saw each other. I'm a fan. I strung it at Weiss' recommended 49/55 lbs tension on a Donnay X Dual Gold 94.
From: Larry, 12/12

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