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Comments: I agree with the comments from @Karan and from @Murat. Love the strings for power and control, but mine last about a month playing 3 times per week. I don't break strings, but pretty quickly I get an oval wear pattern of frayed (gut) strings. As the strings get frayed, the consistency drops off which is to be expected. The tension seems to last ok, but the durability isn't there. I'm playing with the RF97, strung at 57 lbs. If you're on a budget look for alternatives.
From: Peter, 12/16

Comments: No doubt, these are the best strings around. I have been using them for the last 2 years. But as of late these are breaking too soon, say after 4-5 sessions of 2 hours each. I think there some quality issue in the natural guts. Wilson needs to look into this.
From: Karan, 10/16

Comments: Durability wise, I have some concerns about this package. My first set of this hybrid went on for 8 sessions and my second and last set could only stay alive for 2 sessions. My second set was strung with Federer's recommended tensions as engraved on the RF97 and it easily ripped off during my second session. I don't recommend it if you don't have a sponsor.
From: Murat, 10/15

Comments: I agree with Eric. These strings are phenomenal in pretty much every regard. It's such a comfortable set-up with great pop and spin. The durability is very good too. But after about the 15 hour mark, if you haven't broken them by then, the tension drops and the power becomes excessive. I'd say string a little higher to counter this tension loss even a little. I strung Champions Choice in my RF97 at 57/54 lbs, gut in the mains, poly crosses. I'm a 4.0 with a one-handed backhand.
From: Brian, 12/14

Comments: For performance, I find these strings to be amazing. I strung them at 54 lbs in the mains/52 lbs in the crosses (gut in the mains) on my Speed Pro LTD and found the extra "pop" I was looking for that I didn't believe the Wilson Control Duo provided. I basically wanted a string with more power without sacrificing too much control or touch and this string did just that. I got more power, feel, touch, etc. (no drawbacks performance-wise). It also feels a lot comfier than a feel bed of co- poly (Alu Power), which is what I initially started out with when I first purchased my racquet. My only complaint is that, even though I'm not a string breaker, I felt significant amounts of tension loss after about 1.5 months (playing 3-4 hours/week). Depth control has now become a big problem. I'm not sure if that's a long time or not, but since gut is expensive, I was hoping I could use it for a bit longer? I would still highly recommend trying this if you're willing to pay up. I'm a 4.0 player.
From: Eric, 12/14

Comments: Simply the best string set-up there is. It's just perfect in all areas. Control, power, spin, feel. If you're at least a 4.0 player, string the natural gut in the mains around 57 lbs and the ALU rough in the crosses around 54 lbs and you'll have the best stringbed in the world.
From: Nikko, 11/14

Comments: I have tried many different strings and have to say these are well worth it, I put my tension about 6 or 7 pounds lower than I normally use, I have much more control and power too. I also use string savers in these to keep them from fraying and they keep the strings from moving so much. I use gut in mains at 53 and Lux in crosses at 54 lbs in a Head IG Speed MP 315 (16x19) and I have superb soft touch and great at net play.
From: Adam, 4/14

Comments: Strings never broke and I am approaching 4 months of usage (7 hours a week in South Florida). Almost no fraying, which I attribute to using a lot of string savers from the center out. Felt the tension had dropped too much so I have put in fresh set. Great strings. Great on court results.
From: Anon, 12/13

Comments: Wow, wow, and wow again. Power. Control . Feel. Best strings I've ever used. Gut in mains at 55 lbs, Alu in the crosses at 53 lbs. Put in string savers from day one. Approaching 2 months and still going strong in South Fla. Worth every penny. You have to try this setup. Scintillating!
From: BDP, 10/13

Comments: I have to say, to date, I have tried almost 60 different strings. I am a 5+ player and have been playing club level competitive tennis. For a long time I wanted to try the Natural Gut but couldn't afford due to its price. But man, after going through some research I bought this strings, had the gut in the mains at 51 lbs and ALU in the crosses at 48 lbs and it is a magic wand. I use it in my Pro Staff 6.1 90. Man the kick serve, flat winners and baseline exchanges were all great. Power and control are outstanding.
From: Mike, 6/13

Comments: I used this string set up and copied what Roger does with his racquet (Wilson BLX Prostaff 6.1 90). So I used the gut in the mains and Luxilon alu power rough in the crosses. I strung the mains at 50lbs and in the crosses I strung at 48lbs. The spin, control and power I produced was something I have never experienced before. It was amazing until the crosses popped after 1 week of play.I switched to Babolat vs touch and Luxilon alu power big banger at the same tensions. We'll see how that goes but overall, this string was spectacular but the durability of the Luxilon rough was terrible.
From: Anton, 4/13

Comments: I've played with these strings in a Wilson 90 for about 3 years. I advise you to string it as low as possible so you can keep control. I started from 64/62 lbs and now play with it at 53/51 or 51/46 lbs. I tried using Babolat gut instead of Wilson, but it feels much stiffer. Babolat is more durable but the playability is better with the Wilson/Luxilon setup.
From: Ivan, 9/12

Comments: It gives off a lot of power! It feels amazing! I reverse the hybrid like Roger Federer, with the poly in the crosses and the gut in the mains, and it lasted a very long time. Full poly usually lasts me about 4 days, and hybrids usually last me 1-2 days. This string lasted 2 weeks. Feels amazing!
From: Shane, 9/12

Comments: I found my string of choice. I've been experimenting with different hybrid combos before finally deciding on these. The feel and control is amazing. Gut at 51 pounds (cross) and the ALU at 49. I can really whack through the ball and it always stays in. It's super spin friendly and feels great when serving. Didn't get to volley much with it, so I can't really comment on that. The gut did start to fray after 20 mins of hitting. It can be pricey to restring so I hope they last. Regardless, I plan on stringing my other racquets with this combo.
From: Dalton, 8/12

Comments: Best hybrid combo I've used yet! Gut in the mains at 53 and ALU in cross at 47. Only problem is the ALU feels dead after a couple of weeks max and needs to be replaced, that's if it doesn't cut through the gut first. I think I'm gonna start using MSV co-focus in the crosses to save money.
From: Jeb, 4/12

Comments: I agree with everyone else. This string is the best. I've tested so many different strings and I am glad I found this one. Great control and power. I use the gut on the main and the lux on the crosses, both at 62. They also maintain the tension for a long time. The only drawback is the price. Totally worth every penny
From: Mike, 2/12

Comments: I have been using this string for over a year now and love it. I have tried dozens of other set ups but this one is tops. The control and spin are what sets this combo apart from all the others I tested. The ball sits on the strings forever. I string it with the gut in the mains at 62 and the Luxilon in the crosses at 57. For a while I had been putting the lux in the mains at 57 and the gut in the crosses at 60. I am glad I switched to the gut in the mains, big difference in ball pocketing. I use this set up on all three of my Wilson K 6.1 tour 90's.
From: HJE, Sarasota, FL, USA, 02/11

Comments: This hybrid gives great control and feel to the ball I am so close in saying "I found my strings!" But the durability really is problematic. Like other comments, the BB rough cuts through the synthetic gut. This hybrid is quite expensive to set up. I'm trying to find a replacement for the synthetic gut with a polyester string that gives the same "touch". If anyone tried out any other hybrids, please leave a comment here too.
From: Anon, Vancouver, B.C., Canada, 12/10

Comments: Ok this is a great string. There is no doubt about that, but it lasts 5 days! I played with it for 10 hours and it broke! It had a very nice feel and power and control. I have also tried the Babolat string with natural gut and pro hurricane tours, they are similar but lasts longer.
From: Sindre, TX, USA, 12/10

Comments: Great string combo, on Wilson BLX tour 90. 57/55 lbs, however loses tension fast, like 10-12 hrs max.
From: M.Darius, Potomac, MD, USA. 09/10

Comments: I am a 4.0+ player. One-handed on all shots. Serve at 100 mph. Only 15 years old! Phenomenal string... there's nothing better! That's all L can say. Strung on a BLX Tour 90 at 56 Luxilon Mains and 58 Wilson crosses.
From: Patrick, CA. 5/10

Comments: I used the Babolat Vs Touch in the mains with Luxilon Alu Rough in the crosses at 53 lb each on my Wilson KTour. Using Babolat string savers, this string combination has lasted more than two months or playing three times a week. It's fraying now in a spot where I didn't have string savers. Great touch at the net, great feel on the backhand, but a little underpowered on the forehand compared to a full bed of Luxilon.
From: Andreas, Lake Mary, FL, 5/10

Comments: UPDATE: from: 3/10 I Just tried every other major brand of top rated strings and hybrids on the market and I just keep coming back to this one! It seriously can't be beat! This hybrid is amazing, but don't buy it separately only get the Champions choice package. Otherwise there is a big difference in the gut. I love the gut from the Champions Choice package/hybrid the best..it can't be beat! It's important to hit a bit harder than what you are use to with this string set-up for more control. Amazing spin! It cups the ball!
From: Scott, 04/10

Comments: Very good string, one of the best out there besides Babolat Gut/Hurricane tour. But both play very different. The champions choice is great for the first set but then the gut looses so much tension and becomes ultra bouncy. That's why Federer changes racquets every three games! In order to correct this bounciness problem I put in Tecnifibre X- One Biphase 17 in the mains and Lux rough in the crosses..same set up as Federer for maximum CONTROL! This set up works a lot better for me and does not become bouncy and last much longer. 6 hours or so. I use a Wilson tour 90 and the new Volkl Powerbridge 10!
From: Scott, 03/10
53lbs. Tecnifibre Mains 52lbs Lux crosses

Comments: I like this one, the alu rough is not that great, though. The Wilson natural gut is very good. I saw a comment up there saying that the alu rough tears through the natural gut, and that is very true. The alu rough will do more damage to the strings than your actual hitting. The best thing to do is to get the Head natural gut half-sets and then just regular alu power, not alu rough and it feels great and the alu-power doesn't do anything to the natural gut. Costs more but a much better string.
From: Anon. 11/09

Comments: This is the end-all be-all of hybrid string sets. I strung my K-Six One Team with this string; it took me about 2 hours from the pre-stretching of the gut (I used it in the mains)to tying the last knot. If you are new to stringing, I wouldn't recommend starting with this set because there can be a slight problem with friction burns (I countered this by rubbing the gut down with chap stick). The gut provides exceptional feel and pop, while the Luxilon considerably improves touch at the net and is a clean winner (pun intended) when it comes to hitting kick and slice serves. Some people complain about the Luxilon eating into the gut, but if they suck it up and buy string savers like I did (they're not expensive) they will have no problem. Anyone playing at the high school level or above should have no problem using this string to its full potential. Buy this, YOU WILL PLAY BETTER!!!
From: Tim, College Station, Texas. 10/09

Comments: Pretty good but the ALU Rough string just tears through the natural gut.
From: Liam, Phoniex, AR, USA. 7/09

Comments: I really liked this string. It had a lot of bite and control on the ball. I just changed my racquet to a Pure Drive GT Roddick Plus.
From: Junior, Tampa Florida USA 06/09

Comments: This is no doubt one of the best hybrid combination to be strung onto the face of a racquet. Hitting the first few shots during warm-up, I could immediately tell the difference in control and most importantly the feel of these strings in comparison to other hybrids. Although the feel is awesome, the gut frays rapidly because of the BB Rough. I recommend the BB rough to be strung as mains and the Gut cross; this gives me 6 hours of hitting. I'm currently using a Wilson 6.1 90 and it's a great feeling to hit with these strings. Although they're expensive, I go to these strings from time to time.
From: Anonymous, Hong Kong. 3/09

Comments: Best combo ever! But I can only use it once to twice a year due to the high price. I could use it to improve my game more. But overall,it's a really cool & fun string to use.
From: Nick, Kedah, Malaysia. 2/09

Comments: I am coming back to this string. I mentioned in my previous comment about using Babolat VS touch and Luxilon for durability. This string's overall "feel" is still superior. I don't mind changing it a bit sooner now.
From: Balaji, Hong Kong, 11/08

Comments: I have been playing with natural gut for many years. The string is very easy to get excellent control and has enough power that only the road runner can keep the ball in play. I have had about 10 hours of play and the strings are not fraying at all. The humidity and general weather conditions in Miami are not conducive to giving long life to any gut. You have to keep the gut from the air when not playing.
From: Peter, Miami, Floirda. 9/08

Comments: I have about 8 hours on this hybrid so far playing doubles. It has a very solid, crisp, lively feel. So far it seems to be holding its tension pretty well. The spin potential is good but not outstanding as when I had 18g Klip natural gut with the Luxilon. All in all it seems to be a very playable and solid string bed. I have the gut in the mains and the Luxilon in the crosses at 61lbs/60lbs in a 100sq" racquet.
From: John, Riverside, CA, USA, 09/08

Comments: I had this hybrid strung in my Head Radical OS about eight months or so ago but I bought a new Dunlop racquet at that time so I never used my Head racquet with the new strings until tonight. After eight months of just sitting the tension in the strings had loosened up and the racquet felt and played great, great controllable power. The racquet was also a joy to serve and volley with, and I may go back to this racquet for doubles play.
From: John, Riverside, USA. 9/08

Comments: As mentioned in a previous comment, the gut frays very quickly (it took just one set, no wonder roger changes racquet every 6-8 games). I would recommend using Babolat VS touch natural gut for the mains and Luxilon Alu Power Rough for the crosses. Same playing characteristics but far more durable.
From: Balaji, Hong Kong, 09/08

Comments: I liked this string so far for the first 2 hours or so. I should test the string more in the next 10 hours and see how well it plays. It's a really powerful and amazing string. It's no wonder why Roger Federer could play so well.
From: Tim, CA, USA, 07/08

Comments: The gut frays a little too quickly; however, the hybrid of Luxilon and natural gut creates great feel while still maintaining durability. One of the best combination's I have tried.
From: John, Washington, D.C. 2/08

Comments: I am a power baseliner and have a serve at 120mph. The gut frayed way too fast, and the ALU Power had terrible tension maintenance. With this hybrid, I had a harder time generating power on my hits, and my serves didn't have as much spin. Volleys had OK control, but it is difficult to do a great drop shot. Overheads are out of the question because every time I tried to smash one into the corner, it felt as if the strings were about to break. I had to look at my racquet to make sure that they didn't. I would recommend this string to people who do not hit very hard and have enough money to replace their strings every 3 weeks. I usually have great spin, power, control and a great serve, but with this hybrid my power was cut in half, I had OK control, mediocre spin. It was just not the string for me.
From: J.C., Chicago, IL, U.S.A. 1/08

Comments: I have to say that there is no better performing string bed out there. The gut allows you to cup the ball and feels like you have complete control over the ball. The Big Banger keeps the bed from breaking too soon and gives great spin. If I were a touring pro, I would go out to the court every time with this in my racquets.
From: Colin, Seattle. 12/07

Comments: Best combination ever. You cup the ball in your strings, and get incredible spin. It's not like any other hybrid.
From: Anon. 11/07

Comments: They are the best. Make sure you use string savers though because the Alu Rough frays the gut. It is the best string so pure and clean to hit with.
From: Steve, Agoura, CA, USA. 8/07

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