Weiss CANNON Black 5 Edge 17 (1.24) String Reel Customer feedback

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Comments: Provides a softer, flatter hitting experience than the two strings I tested before (Weiss Cannon Ultra Cable and Tecnifibre Black Code 4S). It was hard to get used to the strings, balls were going into the net or long. After I adjusted I my playing style I enjoyed the softer feel and better directional control.
From: Devin, 1/17

Comments: Just all around very good. Good on everything -- comfort, power, control, feel, playability remains good enough until it breaks and it holds up better than other strings. Conclusion: it is just as good as ALU Power but has more spin and comfort and will last for 5 days instead of 2.5 hours. What more could you wish for?
From: Jim, 8/14

Comments: Stiff and hard on the arm.
From: Anon, 8/14

Comments: This is a spinny string but over a series of restrings (hybrid with Gosen OG Sheep Micro), I've found it drops in tension pretty quickly compared to Weiss Cannon Silverstring. If you enjoy a more classic feel and have a keen sense of how your strings are loosening as they age, then this is not the string for you. The positives are that it's not overly stiff and is quite spin friendly. This is one poly where you should consider pre-streching -- it will hold it's tension longer. If you're not a spin demon, then Silverstring is far and away a better string for you.
From: Bobby, 9/13

Comments: I am a 4.5 player and used this in my Head Prestige Mid Plus, with Weiss Cannon 5 Edge in the mains and Weiss Cannon Silver String on the crosses, both at 52 lbs on drop weight stringer. I always pre-stretch my poly strings -- tie one end to a post and pull about 100lbs to take 90% of the coil out. It makes a huge difference in how long string holds tension. This silverstring and 5 edge combo is bliss -- just enough spin, not over so. And the 52/52 lbs combo gives a good amount of power, like Luxilon yet the shaped main gives access to controlled spin. I never thought I could use full bed of poly again but here I am. This setup feel soft and easy on the arm.
From: Insang, 8/13

Comments: This is a great string indeed! Great durability and tension maintenance. Zero movement of strings. You just need to adjust to the lower tensions if your racquet is stiff, or go higher if it is flexible. I use this string as the mains at 48 lbs and Weiss Cannon TurboTwist 18 as cross at 52 lbs on a Volkl Organix 4. This way I get the spin, control and power I want. The TurboTwist provides the power I need. I highly recommend this setup using Black 5 Edge as mains and TurboTwist as cross. If 48/52 lbs is too low for your type of game, you can go higher but not to much as these polys work better in lower tensions.
From: Adrian, 12/11

Comments: Switched from Silverstring X Turbo Twist. I was slightly concerned with the fatter gauge but I don't feel as though I have suffered for it. I don't have to run as high a tension as the previous strings to get the same control but more comfort. I am using a Dunlop 300 4D Tour and have been using 5 Edge for around 6 months now.
From: Em, 12/11

Comments: I have played with this string for 2 days now. I can't say much about the durability yet but in terms of spin control, this is just plain awesome. I can literally see the ball arc up and down. Not much power though so make sure you have seasoned arms that can provide your swing with enough power. I previously used Luxilon Big Banger TiMo.
From: Matt, 8/11

Comments: I am a Babolat RPM Blast 16 user and I decided to give these a try. I strung them at 55 lbs in my Babolat Aero non cortex and played with them for two hours. For me, they felt too stiff, but had great spin especially on the second serve kicker, ground strokes. However, the ball fell shorter in the court because there was more spin and less power. It is a good string for the price point. Maybe I will try a lower tension next time.
From: Gregor, 7/11

Comments: I had been playtesting strings for over 9 months until I came across Black 5 Edge on the recommendation of a friend. I use it at low tension in the mains with a multi cross. I just love everything about it. It is soft, low powered, has high spin potential, good feel and a reasonable price. The 5 Edges are not very pronounced so it does not saw into the other string like other sharp polys do. This also makes it easier to string up.
From: Mike. 7/11

Comments: Will have to agree. Tension maintenance and arm friendliness with the same amount of spin and power as RPM after 2 weeks of play!! (You RPM hitters know what I am talking about). Simply amazing.
From: Ken. 6/11

Comments: I think this is the best poly out there. Great spin and tension maintenance without the arm pain associated with the usual suspects. Have been playing this for several months now to great results.
From: Anon. 5/11

Comments: Great string. Incredible tension maintenance. Nice pocket feel and soft for a poly. I prefer in a hybrid setup, either as main or cross. It beats many polys with bigger names. Pros and non pros can benefit from this string.
From: Adriel. 5/11

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