New Balance WC 804 W 2A Women's Shoes Customer feedback

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Comments: What a surprise for me to find a pair of minimalist shoes that fit my feet comfortably. I had to try on five models before I found these beauties. I have a wide foot which creates many woes when it comes to footwear. Just wanted to let you know that I am very happy with my purchase.
From: Lolita, 9/13

Comments: I purchased these shoes as they are rated high for those with plantar fasciitis. I found the narrow shoe to be wider than some other M shoes I've tried. My toes tingled when I played on clay for 30 minutes and then were so hot and burned. However, my heal wasn't too sore,. It's only day one, so we'll see.
From: Tricia, 8/13

Comments: I have worn NB almost exclusively for many years. I like these shoes. I found them to be a little stiff out of the box but they held up well for me. I do think they run a half size small, so when I ordered a second pair, I ordered up in size.
From: Allison, 8/13

Comments: I have worn out many pairs of these shoes. They are comfortable right out of the box. I always wear Thorlo (thicker) socks so I order a half size bigger. I did notice below, however, another customer with the odd squeak in the left shoe. I have had this problem also, until the last pair I got. It seems to have no squeaks. Glad to know it is not my foot!
From: Cathy, 7/13

Comments: I am very disappointed in the quality of the WC804. 1st pair - sole worn completely smooth after only 4 months of doubles play often on clay (I am 55+). 2nd pair - tongue on one shoe so short the laces were on my ankle, tongue on other shoe rolled back under itself bruising a bone in my foot, very painful. 3rd pair - tongue on both shoes still too short if using all the lacing holes. All 3 pairs are wearing holes in the backs of my Thorlo socks since cuff rubs higher than ankle-cushioning on socks. New Balance has now sent me 2 replacement pairs in past month. Nice that they're willing to do so but a pain to replace shoes every few weeks. I have a narrow foot so am stuck using their products. Wish I could still get the WC 803. Hope the WC 805 comes out soon.
From: Cordelia. 10/11

Comments: I used to love New Balance also. The 802s were perfect, 803s rubbed my ankles and the 804s did not fit at all. They took a GREAT shoe and ruined. I have been looking around and found a new shoe that I think is much like the 802. Prince Scream. Just played with them today....great!
From: Clare. 5/11

Comments: I too have worn New Balance for several years as they are the only narrow shoes I can find. I too developed blisters (calluses) on the ends of my big toes after wearing these shoes for a couple of months. You can feel a lump inside the shoe where my callus developed. Unfortunately I bought 2 pair but will have to find another style or suffer.
From: Sue, Spokane, WA, USA. 4/11

Comments: I have worn new balance for a long time but I can't wear these. I wear 8.5 A. It seems like they put on the wrong tongue for a wide shoe. The tongue is very wide and thick, especially around the edges, so that when I tie my shoes, the edge of the tongue digs into my ankle. I tried wearing these 5-6 times and had to stop.
From: Allison, Walnut Creek, CA, USA, 01/11

Comments: I have recently been diagnosed with plantar faciitis so these were recommended as a good choice. I have worn New Balance shoes forever and initially loved these shoes. I have always worn size 8 in NB but had to get 8.5. After the first couple of days, they just didn't feel right. I had to start tying them so tightly that the top of my foot hurt or my heel would slip. I ended up with blisters on both of my big toes. For whatever reason, these shoes seem sized differently from other New Balance shoes I've worn. I'm sure they're great shoes, but they're not for me.
From: Julie, Avon, CT. 5/10

Comments: I never wore New Balance prior to the purchase of these shoes in 2A width. I've had a problem finding shoes that I don't need to wear 2 pair of socks & these are great! My inserts fit perfectly & I have played in them every day for a week & they are extremely comfortable. No blisters or break in time.....great!
From: Sue, Salinas, CA. 5/10

Comments: I have recently developed plantar faciitis (heel pain) and these shoes provide fantastic arch support. My only complaint is that after a few days, the left shoe developed an odd squeaking/squishing sound when I walk. I took them back to the New Balance store and they ordered me a new pair. The new pair was perfect for 2 days and now the left shoe is squeaking/squishing just like the first pair. I don't know if it's something with how my left foot is when I walk, but I've never had a problem with any other shoe before.
From: Lisa, Raleigh, NC. 5/10

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