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Comments: My 10 year old plays with this racquet. He is sectionally ranked. It is a light racquet that is a good for young kids.
From: Brian, 8/12
String type and tension: Wilson NXT @ 53 lbs

Comments: I fully agree with what was previously mentioned. Like Tara, I also was just on a high school team. I got this the summer before freshman year. My game was just average before. I had assumed I wasn't working hard enough. I had a slightly lighter racquet, but the head size was bigger making it feel incredibly gaudy. I got this and played a single game which made one fact clear: I was never the problem, the racquet I had was! This racquet helped me maneuver quickly, helped me get to places in time, and helped me serve smoother. I would recommend this to a friend! I would recommend this to a stranger! That's how much I loved it!
From: Tess, 4/12

Comments: I am a middle of the road 4.5 adult and good 4.5 senior. I have been playing with the BLX 6.1 team. I seem to be a little behind the ball against hard hitters and desired a lighter stick that I still could hit with a medium swing and generate moderate pace. This racquet is it! I had no problem off the ground, with returns, serves or volley's. I bought 3 of them. Feels perfect.
From: Timothy, Charlotte, NC, USA, 02/11
String type and tension: Wilson nxt tour 18
Headsize: 100
NTRP Rating: 4.5

Groundstrokes - Despite the fact that this racquet weighs just over 10 oz, I found it extremely competent on groundstrokes. The low weight meant I was able to whip the crap out of it, which gave me great power and spin. I felt that it was equally good off both wings. Feel on standard groundstrokes was good too. Nice and crisp without being harsh, and not too unforgiving of mis-hits. It also did quite well on slice shots

Serve - This racquet has great pop on serves. I felt like it was giving me way more pace than I would normally expect, while still allowing me to keep the ball in. The low weight of the racquet also allowed me to be a bit more consistent than usual. The problem was that I felt the serve demonstrated everything that was wrong with the stiffness of this racquet. If I didn't hit the ball just right, it was jarring; I could feel the racquet vibrating in my hand.

Volley- The fact that it's light means that it's easy to get into position in a hurry, so even though it doesn't have the mass to make blocking back balls effortless, it's easy enough to put things where you want them. The stiffness also probably helps here, since it helps add some rebound that was lost in lowering the weight.

Serve Returns - I found the racquet significantly better than average on serve returns. I think this was for the same reason that volleys are strong: light weight gives great maneuverability gives you time to get in position. Again the stiffness counterbalances the lower weight, giving enough pop to block back or even swing through serve returns.
From: TT Username: Stufflebean
Racquet of Choice: Pacific X Force Pro, Volkl Power Bridge 8 315, Prince EXO3 Ignite Team,Babolat Pure Drive GT

General: The frame felt fairly flexible, and was much lighter than what I am used to.

Groundstrokes: It's a very easy racquet to swing fast. But in order to get any decent pace on the ball, one had to swing very hard. Balls tended to float if not hit solid and set up quite nicely for my opponent to take advantage of. I couldn't get decent depth and weight on my shoots. It also felt like the racquet was going to explode at full swings from the base line but it was very stable. I was quite surprised that this 10 oz frame could stand up to heavy hitting.

Serve: I just couldn't serve with it. Had to swing very hard to get any pace on the ball. My big serve is a weapon, not in this case. My opponent jumped all over my serves.

Volley: Ok, Not much punch or depth due to its light weight. But real easy to get into position.

Serve Returns: It was real easy to whip through the hitting zone on both sides. Not much weight behind the shots due to the lightness.
From: TT Username: A_Instead
Racquet of Choice: Wilson BLX Pro Open

Groundstrokes- I was able to maneuver the racquet adequately. I am a strong person so even with a light racquet I can generate pace but for someone without the strength that I generally have the pace will be a problem. After a while, I felt some arm soreness. When I did hit the ball right on the sweet spot I did get adequate control and spin. Backhand was the same - low power, control, spin but miss-hits were present.

Serve - Actually serves were very nice with this racquet. I had accuracy and control. I thought with the lightweight head I would not get enough pace behind the ball but I did. I am thinking it's because it's light and I was able to follow through without struggling with it like I would a heavier head.

Volley - For volleying, it helps to have a maneuverable racquet.

Return of Serves - The racquet would be pushed around. When I did get a good return the control and accuracy of the shot. But as noted the lightweight was to my disadvantage.

Overall Performance - I do like the control I got and the spin was good much to my surprise but pace was lack thereof.
From: TT Username: wilsonplayer101
Racquet of Choice: Head Microgel Radical MP

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