Wilson Advantage Overgrip 3-Pack Black Customer feedback

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Comments: Similar to Tourna but thicker with a more of a cloth-like feel. Can't be stretched to be thinner like Tourna. Black doesn't show the dirt as fast as the blue does.
From: Bill, 10/16

Comments: Finally, an overgrip that beats Tourna. I have tried many grips over many years and these are the best for my sweaty palms. They have a velvet-like feel, are just the right thickness for comfort and are amazing the way they last. I usually use Pacific XTR because it lasts,which I also recommend. I usually have a towel on court but it is not necessary with these grips they are so good. Occasionally Wilson does something really well and this is one of those. I am so impressed I have just ordered two 30-packs.
From: Mike, 8/16

Comments: This grip does not do a very good job in absorbing sweat. It easily wears out after a week or so of play. Would not recommend.
From: Nate, 6/16

Comments: This is the stuff -- perfect overgrip. I've always disliked the tacky/sticky overgrips, I always had to 'wear them in' until they lost their tackiness to be comfortable. This overgrip is perfect in that it has no tackiness or sticky feeling. It's got a soft fabric feel to it and it keeps your hand in place nicely without any slipping. I play in Southern California where it's dry year around, so I'm not how it would fare in humid/wet conditions. So glad I found this grip -- definitely the perfect grip for my racquets. It's pretty thin, so I use a Wilson Pro overgrip underneath (no overlap). Very high quality so I expect it to last a good while.
From: Alan, 5/16

Comments: I am amazed at these grips. If you like Tourna grip these are better in that they last longer -- much longer. And they have a great feel that stays consistent for the life of the grip, which seems to go on forever!
From: Doug, 9/15

Comments: Best overgrip ever!
From: Cory, 6/15

Comments: Just as absorbent as Tourna Grip in my opinion.
From: Anon, 3/15

Comments: Someone gave me a free sample of this grip and it was sitting in my bag for 6 months. One day I ran out of my regular Dunlop Viper Dry and put it on to try it for the heck of it. I honestly didn't expect it to be good at all. It felt weird. But I gotta say that after playing with it for a week or so that this stuff is really great. It surprised me. Feels really nice, stays dry, and is not too grippy or slippery! Sticking with it now for sure.
From: Pete, 1/15

Comments: With the weather heating up I decided to try these instead of the Pro Overgrip that I usually use. While they lack the tack of the Pro overgrip, they do work in staying dry and have a nice feel. I also found that without the tackiness of most overgrips it's easier to change your grip from forehand to backhand, etc. I'm probably going to use these until the weather cools off again, maybe longer. Just wish they came in more colors.
From: Sheldon, 7/14

Comments: This is a very good grip! Just as absorbent as Tourna grip but with a smoother feel. It's also slightly (very slightly) thicker, and it's pre-cut like all other Wilson over-grips, making application much quicker. With this grip around, I don't see any reason to use Tourna grip anymore (other than to have a blue grip).
From: Brian, 5/14

Comments: Feels just like Tourna grip only now you have a choice other than light blue. Seems to be more durable than Tourna grip as well. The black color brings me back to my college varsity days when black colored Tourna grip was available -- great job Wilson.
From: Ron, 4/14

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