Wilson Advantage Tennis Balls 24 Can Case Customer feedback

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Comments: These balls have a seam in them so I would suggest only using them for practice.
From: Tony, 5/13

Comments: I agree with Michael. These are hard balls with unacceptable raised seams. These do not have the same bounce as other balls and proved to be challenging/frustrating while hitting with mixed balls. I was hitting with a friend, we had 9 balls, 3 Penn balls with about 5 sets played on them. These had the most/best bounce and feel. 3 balls were from a can opened 5 days prior, and the players refused to even play with them because of the raised seams. These balls had the least 'bounce' and we considered them 'flat'. The third can of balls were a brand new can of these balls, that had a bounce somewhere in between the Penn, and the 'flat' balls. They still had a "heavy" feel when hitting and definitely do not feel these would be acceptable for league/match play.
From: R, 2/13

Comments: Please note, I am not sure that these are USTA approved as there is no approval stamp of anywhere on the container. While these are fine for practice, there is a noticeable, raised ring around each ball where the two halves of the ball were glued together. I'm no ball snob, but even if approved, I don't think I would use these for league play. These might be reject balls that Wilson has rebadged for practice.
From: Michael, 2/13

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