New Balance WC 655 W White B Women's Shoes Customer feedback

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Comments: I love this series of NB shoes and wear them exclusively. The weight and stability of these shoes isn't matched by any other brands. That said, within a few months (of playing 3 times a week tennis), the heel lining wears out leaving a big hole and rendering the shoe unwearable even though there is little wear on the outsole. If they could go back to a more durable liner, they would be perfect. I only buy them on clearance because they wear out so quickly for me and my tennis playing daughter as well.
From: Carrie, 11/13

Comments: For the terrific sale price I purchased 2 pairs. MY 655s lace up to a snug comfortable true-to-size fit. This shoe's light weight, flexible design is condusive to very quick court movement. I found the foot print to be well balanced on aggressive starts and stops. I play on outdoor hard courts several times a week. Although the 655 traction is excellent, there is substantial outsole wear after a month. Initially, the sneaker cushioning is good. The insole is not very plush and I derived better comfort with a secondary market plush insole. After about 6 weeks of only tennis use, the only down side will be it's durability length. I am glad the shoe has a 1 year outsole warranty. And, I am happy I bought a 2nd pair. Thanks for the prompt shipping TW.
From: Lee, 10/13

Comments: I truly can not do without my 654 model sneakers. Unfortunately they have been discontinued and I can not find them anywhere! Tennis Warehouse, please help us get them back on the shelves.
From: Marie, 9/12

Comments: I have worn New Balance 600 series for years and loved them. The design was changed with model 655. The outside sole has been bumped out, supposedly for stability. It prevents sliding on clay. The protrusion is so pronounced, it catches the surface of the court and trips me up sideways. This has happened twice, so I stopped wearing them. When I wear my old 654 model, there's no instability. Why did you change a perfectly good, time proven model?
From: Anon, 3/12

Comments: It is amazing just how light these shoes are! Wow! I bought these shoes for their weight and stability. However, since the soles are so light they are not very stiff and there's not much of anything between your feet and the ground. You can feel the ground and they definitely bend a lot at the toes. So, would I buy these shoes again? No, I'll take a heavier, more substantial shoe that feels like it can protect my ankle from injury.
From: Lynne, 3/12

Comments: These are really good shoes. True to size, no break in period needed. Like the way they are balanced at the widest part of the toe span. Used to drag my toe now with this design I don't. Thanks Tennis Warehouse!!
From: Vanessa, Venice Fl. USA 02/10

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