Wilson Pro Staff 6.0 85 Racquets Customer feedback

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Comments: Got the chance to finally play with it today. Awesome racquet. Not as difficult to play with like some people said it is. I shanked maybe twice in two hours. The secret to this racquet is to use a hybrid of Natural Gut with Polyester string. Remember, your polyester string should be strung low and lower than your gut. I hybrid this with Luxilon Alu Power Rough 16 half set on the main at 48 lbs and Babolat Natural Gut Touch 16 half set on the cross at 52 lbs. Remember, string polys low but no more than 5 lbs difference between them. With this set up, this racquet is addictive. Remember to never let natural gut strings touch any water or moisture, including your sweat and wet tennis balls. Buy it with my set up and you will love it! Thinking of switching to this racquet for good or buying three more if it is ever discontinued again.
From: Abimanyu, 9/16

Comments: This is it. The fact this racquet is back with no changes at all speaks for itself. Great design and immortality.
From: Pete, 9/16

Comments: Been playing with this Mike Tyson of tennis racquets since the mid 90s and to this day i still have not found a stick that can match the control, balance and overall feel. New racquets feel cheap and like platic. Sure the RF97 is a good match, but maybe I am too old school. Hooked for life.
From: Bane, 9/16

Comments: Well, what can I say? In my humble opinion, I believe this is the best racquet ever made. This remake version is slightly different from the Chicago made units and of course the St. Vincent, but still, what a club of a racquet. I used to be a touring professional in the late 80s, early 90's and the Vincent was my stick of choice. I am still in the tennis business, now a high performance teaching professional and, after using all kinds of 'modern' racquets, I have decided to return home. I have 10 sticks left from back in the day, strung one up and went out to crank a few with a friend of mine. Wow, truly an extension of your arm. The purity, the feedback, the feel -- nothing like it. Back to old school.
From: Anonymous, 9/16

Comments: I'm a 5.0 player and here's the story about my elbow and tennis. I started with an Aero Pro Drive and hurt my elbow. Tore the ulna ligament and needed surgery. Was using RPM Blast at 57 Ibs. Didn't get surgery since it was a partial tear, took full year off. Healed up and looked for something soft. The Prince Tour 100 16x18 with a softer poly at a low tension of 52 lbs max. I was OK for over a year, then a dull ache started in. I demoed 4 12 ounce racquets and the Pro Staff 85 was the most solid choice out of these others -- Yonex VCORE Tour G, Babalot Pure Control Tour Plus, Pro Kennex Iconic 5 PSE. The PS 85 strung with a synthetic gut so maybe that factors in, but I never used this type of string so don't know. Hitting with this was like putting the pain to the ball. A very distinct thud can be heard echoing out to the horizon --miles away.
From: Dave, 8/16

Comments: This is the greatest racquet I've ever hit with. It was love at first swing. I am a 5.0 player and I found this stick at a thrift store (snapped the frame hitting a serve too hard) before TW brought it back into production. Because of the small head size, I leaded up the head and handle of the racquet, adding 15-20 grams. The tiny size and heavy weight creates a deadly combo of momentum and torque. This racquet is punishing when swung from a full swing, I hardly feel the ball when making contact. My net clearance is very consistent with this stick and I can paint the lines with ease. It took me a few months to get used to the small size, but that has only improved my game and my swing. Its thin beam and tiny head feels like a sword cutting through the air, the head speed generated with this stick is outstanding. It definitely is a player's racket however, and will take lots of practice before the shanks and mis-hits stop. I will never switch to a different racquet again.
From: Alex, 8/16

Comments: I returned to this racquet at 67 years old and have to say it still gives back to you when you play with it providing you keep your eye on the ball. It is a challenge to serve with, but I changed my service motion just a little by a slightly high lift on the toss. By leaning in onto the court the extra height gives you a window to get the racquet at optimal point for contact. I also have some 25-pound arm weights which I lift after most matches to keep them toned up. Great for forehands, backhands and touch drop shots. You can hammer back any kind of hard serve and make the receiver jump out of his shoes.
From: Stuart, 7/16

Comments: I'd initially tried this frame as it supposedly would help streamline my strokes -- having only recently started tennis at the age of 40, this is a priority for me. So here I am 1 year later stuck with this damn thing. I can't move to anything else. The 16x18 pattern combined with 85 square inches, 10 points headlight, and a thin beam will result in a feel that will not be replicated by another racquet. So trust me when I tell you that if you want to play competitive tennis, keep away from this racquet. Once you get hooked to its sweet swing you may as well walk on court with a handicap. But if you're a bit like me, you're playing tennis to hit that perfect ball, that perfect moment of control, power and spin, this is your racquet. Just also know that unless you're really really good - that is to say a tennis racquet is a fluid extension of your body and not the dominant aspect of your stroke -- you will only have a handful of these perfect moments in a match/rally/drill. Serve is especially challenging.
From: Mickey, 7/16

Comments: I used this racquet in the 80's into the early 90's and I loved it and then I went to the lighter Hammers. The Pro Staff is as honest of a racquet you can have as it is heavy and sleek and will reward a good stroke every time. There is a key to this racquet -- you must have well developed strokes. If you do this, the racquet will become your best friend. It is for serious players only. I wish I had never left it, but now it is just too heavy for me at 68 years old. If you are a young player and want to advance, get this racquet and play with it forever -- it will never fail with a good effort.
From: Dave, 6/16

Comments: What a racquet! I have always used the 90 square inch Pro Staffs in the past and traditional players racquets that have small heads, weighed 12.5 ounces and are super headlight as I have tried multiple 98-100 square inch racquets and never had success. After playing with 90s for so long, I ordered this new re-issue PS85 without demoing first because I knew it'd be an easy transition for me and it was. I have this strung with Babolat VS Touch 16g in the mains at 57 lbs and Luxilon ALU Power 16g at 54 lbs in the crosses. Fantastic setup. This stick screams for a gut/poly hybrid with the natty gut being in the mains. Racquet has a ton of power despite the 85 square inch head. The whole stringbed is a sweetspot provided you keep your eye on the ball and make good solid contact. It is a very rewarding racquet. I also have a service motion similar to Pete Sampras and serving with this beast of a stick is a dream. I can smoke serves up the T on the AD side with pretty little effort. Hit some great kicks with this racquet as well including a kick that probably jumped 7 feet roughly. So this stick is can provide alot of spin, power and control. Great at net as well. No need to modify weight with this thing. I've got a Yonex dampener and Wilson Pro overgrip on and it weighs right at 12.9 ounces or so total, which is just about perfect. This is an arm friendly racquet as well and putting a natty guy/poly in the setup makes it that much better. All in all just a sweet sweet stick and will probably buy at least 1 or 2 more in the future so i have backups cause you never know when they'll stop selling this stick. Best racquet I've ever hit with and I've been playing tennis for 13 or 14 years now. I'm a 4.5 player with a semi-western forehand and one-handed backhand. The one hander is a dream to hit with this thing. It'll make you smile every time.
From: Mitch, 6/16

Comments: This is a racquet for a serious tennis player. I used these for years when they first came out and even broke one with a forehand volley. I loved them but I developed arm problems and had to go to another stick but if you want to build your game around a nonsense players racquet this is the one, as it will give you an honest reply to a good stroke every time. No easy power with this racquet, you will earn it with a good stroke. I would love to go back to it but I am 67 now and it is just too heavy. I do remember that when I would hit a ball just right with that racquet it was a wonderful thing.
From: Dave, 5/16

Comments: My second entry. I purchased these frames strung with Babolat RPM Blast 18 at 65 lbs and Gamma Glide 16 crosses at 68 lbs. While the stings may be great, I believe its potential is lost on such a small head. Any increase in spin and power was negligible, and a pronounced vagueness at impact was very disconcerting, most especially on groundstrokes. Two out of three were fine and then the third was long/wide by a foot or less? Serves and volleys were soft and consistent. I gave the set up four days of 2.5 hour workouts before restringing with my usual Kevlar 18 mains at 68 lbs but kept the Gamma Glide crosses, dropped to 65 lbs and have to say I believe the glide is as close to VS. as I've even felt and I am very impressed. I have played 18 Kevlar and Gut 16 with a full bed of Babolat string savers for as long as I can remember but I believe I'm going to switch permanently to the Glide crosses for easier stringing, less cost, imperceptible difference in playability, and hopefully increased durability. I should like to add that although half of the experiment (poly mains) did not work out, I was very impressed with the quality of string job. Kudos to TW for their expertise and also bringing back the benchmark of tennis frames: Wilson's PS 6.0.
From: Rich, 2/16

Comments: I own nearly every version of this frame from its inception. Static weight and balance in this newest one splits a very fine difference between the St.Vincent's and the final Chinese model from the late 90's (.3 grams heavier via scale and half a point more head light via viper balance beam for the St.V). I have not played with the originals since the Chinese models came out, hoping that they might be worth some money by the time my grandchildren go to college. The others, think of a young Fed, are all well worn so some discrepancies must be considered. I am 45, ex-satellite (6.0) player who now plays a solid 5.5 game with a strong serve and is still able to finish points off both sides. My playtest was against a division 2 college #1 player on indoor hard courts. Simply put, if you lose -- it's your fault, not the frames. Everything still remains true about these frames and I could not be more pleased. Two notes; first, stick to an old school string set up for control +/- 60lbs. Second, when did every 20 year old kid become 6'3" and have a dependable 120 mph 1st serve? I lost in the third tie break. (Strung with Ashway 18 Kevlar mains at 60 lbs. Gamma Glide 16 at 54 lbs crosses).
From: Rich, 2/16

Comments: My favorite racquet ever. Used this playing in University back in 1990-1994 until about 3 years ago. Unfortunately, I judge all other racquets based on this one. This is a club, period. Know what you're doing while swinging it and you will be rewarded. Plush feel, easy to really roll the ball without having to worry about catching the frame. In the 90's, it was fine to compete with this. Now I found my self getting bullied by lesser players, so I made the switch or I'm still searching I suppose.
From: Pete, 2/16

Comments: I ordered three of the PS 85 frames after playing with the PS 90 for about an year. And I absolutely love these! The racquet is absolutely solid on groundstrokes and volleys. Still working at the serve -- I think it is about training the muscles for the extra mass. At present I'm terrorizing net riders with my return of serve. Fun! Please pick up this racquet to have an interactive coach on your side while you play. The feedback is instant and genuine. I'm able to tell the exact ball landing point the moment I hit it. I've strung with ALU Power Rough at 57 lbs twice and happily broken them within 35 hours each time. Currently using Solinco Tour Bite at 57 lbs, but it's stiffer than what I normally like. I'll either lessen the tension to 53 lbs or use a more lively co-poly like ALU Power Rough.
From: Manu, 2/16

Comments: On a long term trajectory learning this wonderful sport -- I'm a 3.5 and the very instant I hit my first forehand with this racquet, I was in love. Initially purchasing this as an aide to fine tuning cleaner/consistent strokes like a lot of the reviews suggest it is, I've decided to keep playing with this thing for at least a year. Just like love, it comes with high expectations: none of the cheat code power you get from tweeners, none of the getting away with poor or inefficient contact point on the serve, and forget about slice unless you've got your weight transfer and smooth, long motion. I'm rather taken with these classic frames, yes, after using this for a month I think I'm very much a Pro Staff 85 (or perhaps 90) person. The 90 seems to be slightly more realistic when I'm playing competitively but if I could hit with this thing all day and night, I really would. It's a real beauty. My string set up: First I went with the standard 4G 16 at 60 lbs, something I read below. But Lux 4G to me is well overrated, and especially on this frame, one can easily go for a finer gauge. Next I'm trying the Soderling Strings which have the highest reviews I'm seeing thus far. I've decided to drop the tension to 55 lbs to get a bit more power, I'm absolutely certain this will be a better experience. I've also ordered an additional stick and plan to put in Natural Gut just to see what all the rave is about.
From: Mickey, 1/16

Comments: I have returned back to the new model from Taiwan and this model is so much better to play with than all the previous ones. The stiffness, feel and overall power, control are still there. It is not a really a hard racquet to play with except for serving you need to let yourself build up the power and train just a little longer. Fabulous for forehands, and the the rest of my game. Strung with Babolat Excel at 57 lbs.
From: Graham, 1/16

Comments: I have two of these, and I believe they are much better than the old 85 models. The flex, control and power is great, no arm issues with these. Much easier to serve with and has wonderful touch and control. Killer forehand drives and slicing backhanders.
From: Anonymous, 1/16

Comments: Trust me when I tell whoever is thinking about purchasing this racquet that this Wilson Pro Staff 6.0 85 deserves a user's manual. Nobody bothered to make one before I started using it so I have had to deal with tons and tons of trial, error and many weeks of recovery from behaving recklessly with this amazing stick. All of such problems I will try my best to help the purchaser to avoid. This wonderful racquet is the 2nd best control oriented racquet I have ever played with; it has an outstanding power to control ratio. It has a whole lot of power if you're strong and if you're in position earlier than usual for groundstrokes (the later being much more important than overall strength). However, when I bring the Wilson Pro Staff 6.0 85 out, its always for the purpose of letting off some steam and relieving tension in my brain from built up daily stress (I used this Wilson as a theraputic tool, because it would help me sleep better at night). If you can watch the ball like a hawk, you will be able to hit the sweet spot of this Wilson Pro Staff 6.0 85; and the feel of hitting exactly in the sweet spot is a heavenly sensation to say the very least, especially on groundstroke winners. If every single ranked player from Futures all the way to the ATP 1000 circuit were "required to use this racquet for training purposes only" the game of tennis would be a much more beautiful representation of itself. Trust me when I say that this racquet is very unforgiving if you hit serves and groundstrokes outside of the sweet spot (even just a little). The lack of forgiveness can actually become a very beautiful assistant for anyone who is extremely passionate about evolving their game (someone who is obsessed on getting outside of their comfort zone). This racquet is a great weapon if you think you got the skills to pay the bills. I truthfully bought this racquet from Tennis Warehouse brand new without even demo-ing it (because I had borrowed one from an old friend a few years back and after a long while (it took a mighty long while but 10 months of constant usage with the Wilson Pro Staff 6.0 85 and I fell completely head over heels in love with it); I have about 150 hours of experience using this Wilson Pro Staff 6.0 85 and my game has blossomed quite rapidly because of it. I totally would not be writting 2 paragraphs worth of information on it if I didn't cherish it more than my Yonex Vcore Tour 89 (which I consider to be the best Control/Feel oriented racquet on the planet). The weight is not an issue like some people say, unless you focus primarily on never-ending groundstroke rallies with a 5.0+ seasoned professional for 2 hours straight with no break, so no worries there. However, If you are like myself, and fancy the immense fun of hitting groundstroke rallies with a 5.0 + seasoned pro, you might better prepare yourself beforehand with extra shoulder and tricep conditioning (swim laps every other day for however long).
From: Shane, 12/15

Comments: Everything in life is a tradeoff. If you want "this," you have to give up "that." The PS85 is no different. It's not a very good racquet if you're a grinder or even an aggressive baseliner. However, if you are an attacking player, one who serves and volleys, chips and charges, and seeks to finish points at the net, this is the racquet for you. The combination of feel, maneuverability, and power (yes, power) is sublime. And that's another thing: as the pro game has totally gone away from attacking, club players have followed. But as a result, if you are a good club player or even an accomplished amateur who competes in tournaments, you will give your opponents fits by serving and volleying.
From: Rich, 11/15

Comments: I bought two. They offer a much better tennis experience. Better than the Pro Staff 90! Hopefully these stick around for a while, it is a nice racquet!
From: Eddie, 11/15

Comments: I bought a second hand Belgium made PS 85 to hit along side my BLX Pro Staff 90 last year and it's been fantastic to play with. Although at times our relationship has been rocky (mishits and lack of power) when I listened to my PS85 and took on board what she was telling me about my game I started to see a massive improvement; now when I go back to my PS90 I just miss the feel control and power (surprisingly) of this brilliantly honest, pure racquet . I recommend everyone takes her out for a date, she may be older but she's experienced and I bet you'll fall in love with her just like I did. I'll be buying a TW version very soon.
From: Michelle, 11/15

Comments: I'm an open level player and I have always loved this frame. This is what I used back when I was competing and still use it today. I tried going to bigger, lighter frames but always come back to this one. Keep in mind this frame is not for everybody and I would highly suggest demoing before purchasing. As for me and my game, there is no better frame than the 6.0 85. I have it strung with Volkyl Cyclone 16 Black at 56 lbs.
From: Chuck, 9/15

Comments: I've been playing with the Pro Staff lineage for 12 straight years. (Tour 90, n-Code, K-Factor, BLX 90) -- I loved them all, until they added basalt to the handle and called it "ampli-feel." All that did for the 90s, was cause the racquet to be incredibly unstable upon impact! Control became impossible! Seeing how I'd run out of stable BLXs and considering the fact that the new versions just weren't working for me, I decided to, once again, to try the the classic PS 6.0 midsize 85. I have not been disappointed, whatsoever! I did have to add about 16 grams of weight to the frame. But, once again, I can control the ball! I've got touch, power, and precision; at my own discretion. This frame, for me, is right on par with my two favorite Pro Staffs -- the K-factor (amazing touch, with plow) and the BLX 90 (a little more power, with slightly less touch). There is absolutely no arm pain or discomfort! The whole racquet is like one big sweet spot (contrary to popular opinion). I will say this, you have to use good technique for this racquet to work for you. It's demanding! If you try to swing lazy, the shot will not turn out how you want. Serves -- think Pete. Tons of plow through, and lazer-like precision. But again, good technique is a must! I love this racquet with all of my heart! I'm absolutely sure I could complete at the highest level with this frame. Thank you Wilson.
From: Bmac, 9/15

Comments: Just finished my first match with this racquet a few hours ago and I'm still smiling. This is the best racquet ever made in my opinion. Even the miss-hits feel good! So very pleased with the performance and feel of it on all shots and areas of the court. Serving felt particularly good -- almost magical the way the ball landed where I wanted it to go. I have been struggling with my one handed backhand but not anymore with this stick, it is just amazing. I have played with oversized light frames as that was recommended by friends and even a local shop, but never again. This racquet is fantastic.
From: Thomas, 9/15

Comments: Picked one of these up second hand just for the heritage really. Didn't think I would be able to play consistently well enough with it but how wrong I was. Didn't feel like I was swinging a small headed racquet, just a big plush sweet spot. Sure, I framed a few but I do that with a bigger headed racquet too. The previous owner had put 8" of 1/4" lead tape at 3 and 9 and maybe this helped the solid feel I was getting on all shots. Heavy topspin, dirty slice, it's all possible with this frame. Like a scalpel at net and awesome for pounding serves and over heads. I play on grass and the serves I was hitting were heavy and penetrating. I am not a high level player so if I can play well with this then so can you. Worth a demo at the very least.
From: Jim, 9/15

Comments: Fantastic racquet! Unsurpassable feel, control, and accuracy. It does not give free power, but full strokes are rewarded with a plush feel and fantastic control. Strung with Volkl Cylone at 54 pounds.
From: Nick, 7/15

Comments: This racquet is awesome, thank you TW. The Pro Staff 85 is a scalpel up at net, and great in all aspects of the tennis game as long as you have a good form. My frame is strung with Tecnifibre X One Biphase at 59 lbs.
From: Al, 6/15

Comments: This racquet is the best tennis coach I've ever had. It gives me instant feedback on my strokes and punishes me when I am lazy with preparation. As a result, I am hitting with more power and control than ever before. It did give me a bit of tennis elbow when I started out with it, but some rehab with the Theraband flexbar fixed that up. If there is one drawback to racquets such as this, it is the lack of easy power when you are in trouble in a rally. But with the Pro Staff 6.0 85, you will be the one who does most of the pushing around. I recently made the switch from synthetic gut to polyester strings on this frame. I was worried that the combination of a low powered racquet with a stiff string would suck all the life out of my shots. Wrong, the poly strings gave me the confidence to swing faster and the added racquet head speed resulted in more topsin as well as power. I've tried the Kirschbaum Pro Line II and Signum Pro Poly Plasma (strung in the low 40s) and both play very well in this frame. So far, I've had no recurrence of my tennis elbow with the poly strings. I would advise stringing at low tensions with a poly as the strings will play stiffer in a mid sized frame than a larger frame.
From: Matty, 5/15

Comments: Fantastic racquet! I am mainly a flat hitter and this stick works perfectly. I really improved my serve and one handed backhand with it. I am an all-court senior player, ranked #59 in Chile and this is the best racquet I've played with.
From: Rodrigo, 3/15

Comments: Purest, best feel, best control racquet in the game. Almost as if it can read one's mind. Just think where the ball should go and it's there. I have played with all the top line Pro Staff racquets in the past; played this just once and was hooked! No loss in power because the whole racquet face is a sweet spot. Even miss-hits rarely go out. Will play this racquet until they pry it from my cold dead fingers.
From: John, 3/15

Comments: Having been born in 1988 and growing up using 98-100 size racquets, I had no idea what I was missing out on until I took on the Pro Staff 90. A year later, I decided to purchase this original grandmaster. It took some time but now it's my favourite racquet of my 18 stick collection. I still use it in 4.0 tournament play when my opponent is not just bashing balls with an oversize. This racquet is a lost art.
From: Alexeiv, 1/15

Comments: I got the St. Vincent and resale models yesterday and I have to say there is little difference. The resale feels quite heavier and the original is much more manueverable than the resale. The St. Vincent model is just the best racquet I've played with. In a racquet, I look for control and spin and less power and this one suited me quite well. I used a BLX PRO STAFF 95 before this, I got angry and broke it in a tournament and could not find a replacement so I got these instead. You can really see where Sampras got the name "Pistol Pete" as I was just bombing aces to the opponent. This racquet is absolutely amazing for players looking for control and low power. It is very solid through contact and does not flare at all. For all those worrying about the heavy weight theres nothing much to worry about. After hitting you do get a sore arm that subsides within an hour. I was surprised that I had no problems with my wrist as when I switched from an APD (300g) to a PS 95 BLX (313g) I had some pain in my wrist. My volleys were very solid with this racquet even though my volleys are my weakest shots. My serves were very consistent with +60% of my first serves going in which usually is below 50%.
From: Abdul, 12/14

Comments: I just bought 3 new reissues of the 6.0 85s to replace my old ones, an early Christmas present to myself. I have simply never found a better racquet for feeling the entire stroke and placing the ball where my mind tells it to go. It is not for the faint of heart. It needs a good proper stroke and you must make your own power. But, the rewards are simply the sweetest feeling shots that money can buy, especially on serves and volleys. And, my ground strokes never seem to go out if I properly stroke the shot. I hope this racquet never stops being made, definitely my favorite!
From: Mike, 12/14

Comments: Very good frame, with incredible control. You can hit a strong shot and not care about if it's going to be out or in, but for being a heavier frame, you need to have a good strength. If you have a light and oversized racquet and change to this racquet, you will feel tons of difference, because with this racquet you have to use a little bit (depends of your physical conditions) of force when you hit the ball -- that doesn't happen with a oversized racquets.
From: Otvio, 11/14

Comments: Second to Evan, I also found this racquet to be magic! I used to play with a Wilson Hyper Hammer 6.3. Just this year switched to Dunlop Biomimetic F3.0 Tour and found it to be a good stable and control-oriented racquet. A couple months ago I played with a friend and, out of curiosity, tried his PS85 he had since his high school days. Immediately, I was impressed by the "Mercedes Benz" feel of it. So I bought one from TW. My game and skill did improve, as many reviewers said, since PS85 will force you to play with good form, pace and provide your own power. One mystery I solved yesterday was, I thought PS85 is heavier than the F3.0 stick, but I swear PS85 feels "lighter" and more manuverable! I used my digital scale to measure the weight of the two sticks: PS85 was 13.1 ounces and F3.0 Tour was 12.1 ounces! Isn't it magic? What a great racquet it is: it gives you all the solid and luxury feeling of a Mercedes (without the constant Check Engine light on problem!), put you in the driver seat for total control, while at the same time improve your skill. I play every week with people of 3.0 to 4.0 skill range. Yes, I still sometimes shank the ball especially in backhand topspin, but as my focus and hand-ball coordination improve, I am getting better and more confident to place the ball where I target.
From: Lee, 10/14

Comments: I call it the magic racquet. I only have to do what theory says, and the stick would keep it clean. Strokes come as the mind asks. Then, the only thing left for total match control is positioning. I use Wilson Savage Duo Hybrid on 58x56 lbs. No further customization as I use #5 grip. It is enough. I use 'modern' racquets some times just to hit around so I have a sense of the different feels, and after, I know how to adjust precision with the PS85. I am new to tennis, relatively, but because of this racquet I am a strong 4.0 ready to move up, for sure.
From: Evan, 10/14

Comments: Great racquet -- but you can't play with it against a 4.0+ player, as the newer light weight racquets will out do you. Someone rightly stated that no pro on the tour would play with this against the newer technology racquets because of the inherit weakness in power. Though, you will love to train with this racquet, since it forces you to hit directly on the center and really control your shots. I play with the Wilson Steam 99LS and it's a racquet built for speed, and spin. This racquet is a control one and you'll frame many of your shots until you get used to it.
From: LSUTigers, 10/14

Comments: This racquet is so unlike anything else on the market, you'd have to be crazy not to demo one for only $5 (or $20 for 4 racquets, actually.) I'm new to tennis but decided that a "low-tech" racquet would suit my personality. I don't mind struggling at first, if it means my technique will improve more quickly, and this racquet was a godsend. It won't tolerate short or choppy strokes, or mis-hits, or lazy footwork; it requires you to play defense after you've hit a poor shot (or after your opponent has hit an exceptionally good one); and it forces you to stay in each point, mentally, just to keep a rally going. If none of this seems too unappealing (and sounds preferable to the "new" style of tennis, in which a modern racquet will permit a respectable game if you can haul your body to within about five feet of the oncoming ball and then flick your wrist as it approaches) then give this one a try.
From: Rich, 10/14

Comments: I used this racquet back in high school and wanted to try it again. This is the best teaching tool there is. If you don't have good/great form, this racquet will tell you instantly. I practice or warm-up with this racquet to get my form and strokes in-line. Then I'll switch to my regular racquet (Wilson Pro Staff BLX 90). By doing this, it becomes much easier to get into rallies and/or matches.
From: George, 10/14

Comments: I just started playing again after a 15 year hiatus. Had an old Kramer Pro Staff that I was hitting with because I blew through all of the older version PS 85 in my youth. Wish I still had them. I tried some of the thicker frame racquets -- though I better adapt to new technology, but was overhitting like crazy -- no control, and couldn't figure it out. I kept going back to using my Kramer and then decided to demo the new PS from TW. It felt slightly different than the old PS and even the Kramer but wasn't bad. Ended up ordering two PS85 and have been playing with them. I'm pretty pleased with these racquets. Now it's just a timing and footwork issue but the ball feels really good coming off the racquet and control is fantastic especially volleys. I will stock up on these if they're ever discontinued again.
From: Michael, 9/14

Comments: This is the best racquet of all time! I've used so many rackets over the years and never thought I'd using an 85 square inch head again but as others here have said, the feel and accuracy you get is beyond compare. The smaller sweet spot is of no consequence since the superior manuverability of this racket means I almost never mishit. My normal playing partner is very frustrated since I started using this racquet, claiming "you never miss anymore!"
From: Ben, 9/14

Comments: I demoed this frame for a week. I was impressed by the feel and control. No problems with power. Great balance. Don't worry about the sweetspot, it's ok. As others said, it's very demanding and you have to be very focused on your game to play with this stick. I think it's perfect to improve your game, not so perfect to win matches if you're not the perfect fit. Thanks TW for letting me try this racquet!
From: Mauro, 9/14

Comments: I am a 4.5 player and have played with the Pro Staff 6.0 since shortly after the original came out. Was glad I could purchase several of these since my originals are aging although well. There is nothing that compares to when the ball comes off the sweet spot on a groundstroke. Your mechanics have to be right on and there is less room for error. It generates no power or spin and it all comes from your stroke. Mine is strung with TNT2 at 60 lbs. Volleys are pin point and control is unmatched. Also as a bonus, when I show up at a resort to play and take lessons people notice the racquet and say "isn't that the Sampras racquet" and they know that the person who holds that racquet they have to worry about. Probaby good for a psychological edge even if it's not as true as they think.
From: Todd, 8/14

Comments: If you happen to be a nerd, and also a tennis player, then you will understand when I say this racquet is like programming in assembly compared to Java. This racquet puts you right at the bare metal with no higher level abstractions. If you want spin or pace you are on your own to produce it. Like raw hardware and assembly language the PS85 is a tool and it's potential is only limited by the skill and imagination of the user.
From: Anon, 8/14

Comments: Wow, what a racquet. I'm a recent new Dad, so I've been off the courts for the last 8 months while on diaper duty. Finally got back into action and had to relearn the basics. The Pro Staff 6.0 85 is the perfect teacher. You have to move your feet and get into position to make solid contact; or else you will shank it on the frame. Been playing with it the last four weekends and my arms is a little sore due to the over 12 oz weight on this stick. But nothing a little rest and relaxation can't cure. This racquet is so solid and clean at net. Very crisp on the slice backhand. For the two handed topspin backhand you really need you to be in perfect position. Topspin forehand is about the same. The flat forehand is really strong with the plow through weight. Same can be said for the serve. I am now putting the Pro Staff into my bag and using it for warm ups. Buyers beware -- the stock Wilson leather grip that comes with the racquet is not very good. It unraveled after my third weekend. And the quality is not soft but rather rough on my hands. You might want to have a replacement grip ready. I put the Babolat leather on mine. I am using the Babolat APD GT (2010) with Pro Hurricane Tour 17g at 60 lbs. On the Pro Staff, same PHT at 50 lbs (special thanks to Mark Boone for the string tension advice).
From: Michael, 5/14

Comments: This is insane, I am a bit of a racquet hoarder, trying something new every few months but never this one, until today. It is so pure. From a golf comparison it's like hitting a forged steel Mizuno blade. The touch is unbelievable. The whippiness of this racquet is amazing! Just like the playtesters said the small head makes it whip through contact so fast, and allows for massive spin. Please never stop making this frame!
From: Anon, 5/14

Comments: Hi all -- great comments indeed! I am also a competetive "comeback" player and chose this iconic racquet to develop back the control and the perfect touch, the power will come later (if ever). Thanks to the previous comments I was fully aware that this weapon really means work: workout, get yout kilos down, be humble at your play (there will be off- center hits) and get your overall condition level up to this racquet. Nothing comes for free. I hate when my opponents have the opportunity to punish my short groundstrokes with their "hammers" but in the same way I enjoy to place the ball exactly where I want. This is something that none of the racquets do if you are not at ATP level. All in all, this racquet is not for everyone but the feel hitting heavy on the tiny sweetspot it is the winning point. If my arm lasts this beast, it will be my first choice.
From: Jukka, 5/14

Comments: I've been using the PS 85 for years. When TW stopped carrying it I tried to move to the other Wilson equivalents. N-codes, k-factors....definitely helped Wilson's bottom line! But all were too powerful and light. I even tried to change my style as progress is often awkward but rewarding in the end. But gone were all my "touch shots" and I remained at 5.5, struggling to maintain my ranking. This is the best racquet for someone who can make power (never an issue for me) and has long traditional strokes. Andy Murray talent will probably prefer something else. I liked the previous analogy about it being a sports car, perhaps race car. Most will find it horrible. For us few, there is nothing better for battle. Now I'm back and rolling at 6.0.
From: Dave, 4/14

Comments: I bought one to try out and liked it so much I bought another, but what a disappointment. It's balance point is so different that it feels like a completely different racquet.
From: Ryan, 4/14

Comments: It's like falling in love all over again! I had this racquet when I was in high school and during a match it slipped out of my hand and I cracked the frame, I was devastated and didn't have the money to get another and wasn't able to find them anywhere. Now that TW has them, I purchased one and I just ordered my second one as well.
From: Homer, 4/14

Comments: One word -- amazing! I am a 4.0 player well beyond my prime tennis years by about 15 years. Modern racquets are too powerful and the frames are too thick. If you are looking for power you might need a modern stick. But if you want to experience the great days of the game when points lasted for more than three or four shots, you will love this! Don't be afraid of the 85 square inch head as I was initially; it is not much different than a 95. The thin frame (only 18mm) makes up for the miss hits cause by the small surface. Groundstrokes really stay in but you have to take a fully swing to make it over the net.
From: Jerry, 3/14

Comments: Surprisingly comfortable to play with. Similar solid feel to the Head Youtek Prestige Mid (my racquet of choice) and the smaller frame size compensate for its open string pattern in terms of control. On the down side, extremely unforgiving if hit outside the sweet spot or incomplete swing. The racquet itself offers very little power thus is completely dependent on the player. Also difficult to generate topspin as expected from a smaller frame. Overall, excellent racquet with excellent feel for players willing to invest the effort.
From: Albert, 2/14

Comments: I'm a 4.5 player. This racquet has plenty of power for me at the beginning of a match, but 2 or 3 hours later, it just drains me. Most rewarding experience on the court though, and instead of walking away, I just have to get into better shape. A pointer or two from my experience: to match power hitters for long periods of time, don't be afraid to string at lower tensions. I used to string at 62 lbs, now 52-55 lbs and you can still swing your heart out. Great for serving and serve placements! Because it's 10pts head light (bottom handle heavier than top, and center of gravity closer to handle), I've been incorporating more pronation in serve than with other racquets (adding more spin, power, and kick). It's a very honest racquet. The ball goes exactly where you want it to go. If your mechanics are not good, it will tell you (especially the frame). So hitting approach shots on the rise can require higher concentration and/or better mechanics. Some people here said they use it as training tool. I do not plan to play with any other racquet for the foreseeable future, but I did try that strategy and tried other racquets. Man they were like butter (because worked out game kinks with this stick). But not rewarding and not a lot of feel in comparison. Great stick. Thanks TW for bringing it back. Please make an announcement if you ever plan to discontinue it!
From: Dan, 2/14

Comments: I am a female 4.0 player, baseliner, power hitter and I began using similar-styled Donnays and Wilsons in the early 80s and have used the ProStaff 6.0 since around 1995. Anyone who has only used the big power racquets has truly missed the incredible experience of being able to feel what is really happening during an entire tennis stroke. The racquet gives you nothing, it's like a sports car. Since it gives you nothing it leaves all the room in the world to add skill and mechanics without getting in the way. I have tried the power racquets and good lord, what an awful experience. I always immediately came back to the ProStaff. When I first used this racquet it did cause some arm and wrist problems. I added weight at 3:00 and 9:00 and the problems disappeared -- this also gave the racquet a bit more punch and stability. Power: don't expect this racquet to do it for you, that is up to you and (hopefully) your great timing, swing speed and ability. Maneuverability at the net: Well, you have to hit the ball in the center of the racquet anyway, right? It's plenty maneuverable, all you will want unless you have the big frying pan style of volley. Spin: see above; it won't do it for you. But, you can get as much spin of whatever type you want out of this racquet. I have recently began playing again after a 6 year hiatus due to medical reasons. I can no longer serve with as much power as before. I now rely on spin and can get an incredible amount of spin on serve. You can hit any spin you like with this racquet, the ProStaff just forces you to know how to do it. I do have to say that the power racquet crowd who never played with anything else will be very lost trying to hit with this. They will not get by with the short, choppy strokes that a big racquet allows.
From: Daniela, 2/14

Comments: I'm an ex 5.0 player, now a solid 4.5 I'd say after adding some serious weight. I've been using the Pro Staff family of racquets and equivalents for about two decades now. I started with the St. Vincent ProStaff 6.0, then due to temper, broke the two I had in time where they stopped making them. I tried the PS 88 Sampras afterwards and absolutely hated it. Similarly with the N-Code 90 that followed. Beautiful stability and plow through but felt their weight a lot more than the 85. The were not as maneuverable. I enjoyed the BLX and then moved to the PS SixOne 90 a couple of years ago. I like it a lot. Long story short, I was itching for a Christmas present and got myself a new edition PS 85 in November (early Christmas). Man, oh man, the only thing you should know, is I've been asking my self since then, "why haven't you gotten this earlier?" Tremendous feel and maneuverability. I can literally hit my forehand or one handed backhand using any grip orientation (everything goes over the net). Some people have said that you need good mechanics to maximize the potential, I agree. Using it however, has not required as much physical effort as I was expanding using the PS 90! But my arm sure was and still is sore after every game played. One of the greatest racquets of all time, and if you ever had one before, get it, its still playable, its still sharp, it's still great, and it can still keep up with all the Babolat spinners out there (just need good timing). Best thing about it, much easier to pronate with this racquet for serves! Results? Great placement on serves, great spin, great power! That's the biggest improvement I've felt, and ability to swing like crazy and still have ball land in. Enough babbling, get this racquet, it's fantastic. Thanks to TW for bringing it back.
From: Alex, 1/14

Comments: I initially bought this racquet as a measuring stick. I have used the Prince EXO3 black, Wilson BLX Tour (blue/orange) and Dunlop Biomimetic 300 prior to trying this PS 85. I tried this stick after about a 2 months break from tennis, and my initial reaction was that it is heavy, but at the same time I love the feel and the plow through. The racquet feels very solid and I could take big cut at the ball. It has now become my racquet of choice.
From: Dominic, 1/14

Comments: I have two Pro Staff 85s -- one St. Vincent from the '90s and one BLX. Just awesome racquets! You must have good technique and a full swing to unleash all the power from that stick. It's amazing on slices and serves!
From: Reimundo, 1/14

Comments: Amazing racquet. Feels more solid than the Babolat Pure Storm Ltd GT, and the Heat Prestige. Despite it's heavy weight, it feels very easy to move around. A must try for the advanced one handed players.
From: Xiaoping, 1/14

Comments: What a racquet this is! Pure awesomeness. Before this, I used a Wilson BLX Pro Staff 90 square inches. After switching to this model, I wonder whether I have made the right choice. I use this racquet with Wilson Ripspin 16 at 53 lbs. I'm a 3.5 player and baseliner player who tends to construct points and finish it at the net.
From: Mahezzuan, 12/13

Comments: Update: I ended up purchasing 5 more PS85s. Kudos to TW on my order. I bought 3 more, as earlier stated, on Black Friday. Several hours after I placed the order, I received the sneak peak email for Cyber Monday with the PS85 for $20 less. Long story short, TW credited me the $60 difference and I ended up buying 2 more on Cyber Monday! That's incredible business integrity. I continue to enjoy the playability of this racquet; serves, groundstrokes and volleys. Just awesome!
From: Sparky, 12/13

Comments: Just one word...amazing! Having this racquet is like using a cheat code. Forehand, serves, single handed backhands and most of all volleys were solid. None of the current generation racquets can hold a candle to the Pro Staff 85. Thank you Tennis Warehouse for bringing back this amazing racquet.
From: Saneev, 12/13

Comments: Thank you Tennis Warehouse for bringing back my racquet. I was so disappointed when Wilson discontinued this racquet during their '80s wide body "phase." I ultimately ended up buying 12 Wilson Ultra FPK 95s which was the closest thing I could find to the Pro Staff. Earlier this year, I bought 2 of the new 6.1 PS90s which play much better than the FPK95s. Enter the PS85 strung with Gosen OG Sheep 17G at 54lbs (usually use Prince Original Synthetic Gut 17G at 52lbs). Wow! This racquet is unbelievable; the power, the spin, the control. My groundstrokes and volleys are like I'm a 20 year old in college again! This racquet has a much larger sweet spot than the previous two racquets. The PS90 is to the FPK95 as the PS85 is to the PS90. I initially ordered 2 and now I'm ordering 3 more...just in case. Your mileage may vary, but this is my experience.
From: Sparky, 11/13

Comments: Easy to use, fun to play with. But it's not a realistic choice against the spin artists of these days. But who cares? Sampras played with it, so I can too!
From: Jan, 10/13

Comments: I bought a used PS85 on the internet to try it out and see what all the hype was about. I shanked a few initially and was not used to the head light feel and weight. I kept at it and it did make me focus more on my strokes. Once I was used to it, no other racquet even feels good to hit with at all now. My serves and volleys have improved so much. It almost feels at times like anything that I hit on offense or from a defensive position stays in the court and the capability to place the ball deep or near the lines is extraordinary. I have since bought three reissues and could not be happier with my game. Any seasoned player should demo this racquet and you might never go back to anything else!
From: Mike, 10/13

Comments: What an awesome racquet! I have been playing with this for about 5 months now (got it in May for my birthday) and the first month or so, I wondered whether if it was the right racquet for me or not. After the first month, I knew it was. My one hander was failing me with my old Prestige as my footwork was terrible. The smaller head size on this racquet has really helped me to concentrate more on the ball. Furthermore, the footwork aspect of my tennis has really come along as you can't be lazy with this racquet. At 360 grams and an 85 square inch head there is not much margin for error, but once you get over that the balls you hit will be heavy. And once you find the perfect technique, then you will be hitting with tons of spin as well! Serves are about 10 mph faster than they used to be because of the weight and also my kick serve kicks a lot more! All in all, the perfect racquet!
From: Alex, 10/13

Comments: I'm a 5.0 player and this racquet feels great. I used to play with KFactor 90, then switched to Pro Staff 90 BLX mainly due to its paint job, which I find very nice (white matted with details in black, red and gold). I have been using the string MSV HEPTA TWIST 17 for a while, which is a nice string, similar to Babolat RPM Blast. Previously, I was stringing at many different tensions, from 52x49 lbs, 45x41 lbs to 33x30 lbs. The difference between the string tensions? The ball heaviness. I noticed that at higher tensions, the ball goes heavier, making it harder for my opponents to return. Hence, I went back to my old string tensions from high school and college years -- the mid 50s -- I strung all of them at 54x51 lbs. The racquet is stock and I haven't done any customization yet (lead, etc.) because it already feels great. It really feels nice when you hit the sweetspot, which does not seems small. I have a tennis ball machine and it is a pleasure to practice my strokes as well as crank some winners. This is definitely my main racquet. It helps you to keep concentrated all the time and that's what the game is all about: concentrating, dictating and controlling the game. I recommend this racquet to any player that has a sound game, for he/she will appreciate what this racquet has to offer.
From: Peter, 9/13

Comments: I haven't played tennis for a while, but I started back up recently. When I started again, I purchased the PS85 to try, but in stock form it was too light for me. After I added lead tape to it (pretty much a little bit all around the head), it felt like a dream. I've used a lot of racquets in my days and this is one of my favorites. I have it strung with Polystar Energy at 60 lbs and it gives me excellent control on all of my shots. As someone mentioned previously, "it's like having a scalpel in your hand." This racquet is also extremely stable. Word of caution: If you don't have very fast swing speed, you might have to look at other racquets. Someone mentioned previously that the PS85 is the holy grail of tennis racquets. I agree with him. I have probably purchased over 50-60 racquets in the past 10 years, but I think my search is over.
From: John, 9/13

Comments: I bought one PS85 from Tennis Warehouse's current batch, as well as one from the previous batch a few years back. The current batch seems to have a bit more swingweight (more weight toward the head) compared to the last batch. This racquet brings the "sport" back into sport. What's the point of sport if one uses a huge racquet to increase power and reduce mishits, or uses a huge powerful golf club that makes things easier, or drives on a racetrack with auto shifting and traction control? Sport is supposed to involve challenges. This racquet is that. It challenges you to develop a set of technique that works for you, to not be lazy and hack at the ball at the last moment and rely on the racquet's size and power, to have proper footwork and preparation, to be physically fit, and so on. This racquet is a great training tool. It keeps you sharp. The first time the average weekend player uses this racket after only playing with larger racquets, is a shocker. You realize how much better you need to be to hit the ball properly. But that can motivate you to study and practice proper technique. Yes, you will have more mishits and will not have as much ultimate power at your disposal (although the reduced power gives more touch to volleys). This racquet is not going to make you achieve better results via advantage of fancy equipment, but rather makes you achieve better results by improving yourself. I say that gives more satisfaction then letting the equipment do all the work. And after a while, and with some work, patience, and luck, you find that you have improved your form, and then you might even find that you can't live without the absolutely raw feel of the PS85.
From: Andrew, 8/13

Comments: So on the seventh day God rested and created this racquet. I have the Original 85s and the 90s and these feel exactly the same. This is pretty much the holy grail of them all, only if you have elite strokes and technique. It is my go to stick for college tennis.
From: Jay-Ar, 8/13

Comments: This version of the Pro Staff 85 hits great up until the point you need to crank it, then you can feel the flex, which the St.Vincent version didn't have. For this reason, I had to sell mine. Great pocketing feel, though.
From: Michel, 7/13

Comments: This racquet is like a Stradivari! I have been using a lot of racquets form the Babolat Pure Drive to the Head Prestige; then I switched back to this old model, which I used when I was a junior tennis player, well no other stick out there feels like this one!
From: Alessio, 7/13

Comments: This racquet requires precise timing and really encourages (forces) you to swing through the ball. That being said, if you tend to love smashing forehands with unpredictable topspin, I do not recommend this racquet for you. If you have patience and are willing to go through the growing pains of practicing good form, this racquet will be a precise surgical tool for you. I love this racquet; I just got it a few weeks ago and I'm learning to play a more controlled style of tennis. I haven't tried polyester strings on this racquet yet, but I don't think I ever will. I enjoy the touch that I get from multifilament/synthetic gut (I am yet to splurge on natural gut). I have used KFactor 90, Head Liquidmetal, and Yonex Rdis 100 Mid, and this racquet has been my favorite. I have it currently strung with the Wilson Hollow Core 16 at 60 lbs, but I think I'll try Vokyl Synthetic Gut Ice 16 next.
From: Andy, 7/13

Comments: After so many years, I can still hit awesome shots with this racquet and hit winners against top college players and aspiring young professionas palying futures tournaments. Inredible accuracy. I dont know why Federer shanks so many balls with his version, he probably needs his eyes check by a good doctor. I will be buying a few more soon just in case.
From: Arzola, 7/13

Comments: Best racquet I've ever hit with. I have ran through a few racquets in my years of playing. Nothing feels as well as the PS85. It's like having a scapal in your hand. Hitting sharp volleys, ground strokes and serves. Makes you swing correctly and use good form like using a wooden racquet. I'm a certified tennis instructor and if I was starting someone out I would use the PS85 to ensure good form.
From: Edward, 6/13

Comments: I recently got the 2013 Wilson BLX Pro Staff 90. I do not like the swing weight of the new BLX Pro Staff 90. My backhand is off and the backhand slice lacks the usual depth I got with the previous gold and black framed model. When Tennis Warehouse brought the Pro Staff 6.0 85 back in stock with my grip size, I decided to give it a try. This was my stick of choice back in high school in the '90s. The new version is still pretty stiff and a little heavier than the BLX Pro staff 90. This allows me to hit my backhand with weight behind the shot. The only downside is the paint job is inferior to the Pro Staff 90. This is my initial impression after playing for two hours.
From: Anon, 6/13

Comments: Wow! I just got my Pro Staff 6.0 85 and what a joy! I couldn't find a new replacement for my '09 Blade 93 Tour and I didn't love the new Blades I play tested, so I took a chance on the Pro Staff 6.0 85. Now, I'm pushing 60 but still fairly athletic and active - I play almost every day - sometimes 2 or 3 times a day. This truly feels like coming home! This is exactly what tennis is supposed to feel like: Pin-point accuracy and control. It handles flat as well as spin with no trouble at all. It just wants to hit killer serves - just perfectly translates the power I put into the shot (no trampoline). I was a little surprised that I was able to find and keep the sweet spot so quickly. I will be getting at least one more as a backup. And I may add some weight but, for now at least, I will keep it just stock. I had it strung with RPM Team 17 at 53lbs.
From: Kicker, 6/13

Comments: Quite possibly the best racquet of all time. These are still fantastic to play with and only marginally different. They are solid yet forgiving and beyond compare for hitting serves or volleys, or one-handed backhands. They may take a little extra concentration to play with but once you're used to it, you wont notice any downside at all.
From: Bobby, 5/13

Comments: I went from the Prestige Mid (2009) to the Pro Staff 85. I used it to play against a 4.0 player and demolished him 6-1 6-2. He could not return my serves for his life. The small head size makes it easy to be really accurate, however you really need to concentrate on the ball. It's super good on the return if you just get the racquet back and just block it. I was pulled off the court on my backhand side and still managed to smash a 90mph backhand around the net. Cant wait to play with it tonight.
From: Alex, 5/13

Comments: My instructor recommended me this one to be my replacement for my Prince OG long body which was no longer in production. It took some adjustment going down from 100 to 85. Due to tighter string formation, I needed to push more for depth. In the beginning, my preparation was often too late especially on my back hand side. I could not be lazy with this stick. It was very demanding. Control was by far the best. I could change the direction of incoming balls like I never had done before. Balls rarely went out due it's head size. Serving was one of the best parts. I did not need to muscle it since I could place the ball where I aimed for, but kick serve was almost impossible for me due to string formation. Serving return was very good because of the mass. Sometimes I did not even need to swing. I just used its very stable mass to return the balls. I needed to use lots of back hand slice because I could not set up quick enough. Off center hits were my biggest problem since it produced lots of force that came to my elbow. It made me scared to miss hit the balls.
From: Joe, 4/13

Comments: I have a Saint Vincent, Chinese and 2 Taiwanese models of this frame. Pulled the Saint Vincent and Chinese models out of storage and gave them a whirl. Insane. I've been hitting with the N90, K90, BLX90, BXPS90 and PS88 for the past few years but this PS85 beats them all. To preserve my vintage PS85's, I bought 3 of the new re-issued PS85 from TW. I can't believe how easy it is to hit with this frame. I'm a 5.5 player. So quick through the air, great feel, amazing plow through, this is by far one of the best racquets of all time. Serves and volleys are beastly, one hand backhand slices are deadly, and I'm able to generate loads of topspin on forehand and backhand shots. I'm not sure about the complaints of the sweet spot and head being too small, I have a much easier time hitting with this than with any of the other frames I mentioned as well as the numerous modern frames I've honeymooned with the APD, Head Prestige MP, Dunlop 300 Tour, Head Extreme, Head Radical Pro, etc. It's truly a revelation for me. I'm selling my BLXPS90's, will always keep my K90's and PS88's but this PS85 is the frame for me.
From: Nik, 4/13

Comments: Just bought one. Eeegads, what a beast! I am a 4.0 player and I play with the Prostaff 90, love that racquet! I string my own with NXT 16 in the mains and Babolat Hurricane 16 in the crosses. I did the same with this. This racquet will let you know if you need work. It's not easy. I am not saying I don't like it, it's just not easy. I bought it to help me learn, and I believe it will.
From: Johnny, 3/13

Comments: Unlike most racquets, this beauty requires a brain. While the KPS88 was slightly designed heavier to accommodate the modern evolution of the game, the PS85 remains the perfect tool to master proper technique. Train with the PS85 when your technique gets sloppy/lazy again, it will transition perfectly back with the KPS88 or BLXPS90 for some serious hitting. Cons: Backhand top spin is tough. Pros: Evrything else is great. I used it with Tecnifibre X-One Biphase 17g at 60.5lbs.
From: Romain, 3/13

Comments: Wow - what a racquet! I tried this years ago when I was a junior but stuck with Prince racquets (the Graphite Mid). I just wish that I had chosen this racquet when I was younger. Recently I have used the Wilson nCode tour, the modern Prince Graphite, the Yonex xi98, and this one is by far my favorite. The 85' head doesn't feel as small as it sounds, and the fact that it is headlight means that it doesn't seem heavy for the most part. It is fast at the net and easy to flick shots around. I struggled with the new technologies, finding them too powerful for my long swing. This one lets me hit through the ball with confidence, and I still have control and confidence to hit the ball without fear of it going long. If you are even considering playing with this, then I would say go for it! You have nothing to lose, and everything to gain.
From: Austin, 3/13

Comments: These are one of the best racquets, if not the best, racquet of all time.
From: Andre, 3/13

Comments: Great racquet! This model cannot be beaten! Sharp, precise groundstrokes. The perfect classic old school racquet.
From: Igor, 2/13

Comments: This is one great racquet, maybe the best of all time. You can play a modern style or old school power tennis. Super control and put away power. One of the best volley sticks to touch a tennis ball in history. No new technology can touch this gem. I have tried many newer frames and they are all good, but with a good player this is a weapon. Can you tell I like this ProStaff 6.0. Try one.
From: Mark, 2/13

Comments: I played with the PS 85 from '84 through the mid-nineties. I usually played with a good deal of lead tape at 3:00 and 9:00. I went years without worrying about holding serve, except against much better players. Then I switched because I felt I no longer had the power needed against the newer frames. People were just blocking back serves that used to rattle their racquets. Since then I have been searching for a racquet exactly the same as, but with more power than, the 85. My current racquets are as close as I've come; the Volkl PB10 Mids, with a bit of lead at 9, 12, and 3. This week, I tried both the current Tour 90 and the old 85. If the current 6.1 Tour 90 BLX had been out when I bought the Volkls, I probably would have bought it instead. It has a bit better control and a little less pop, but not enough difference to make me replace the Volkls now. But the old 85 just feels right. I've played with all the famous frames from Kramer Autographs, MaxPlay Fortes, T2000s, Head Master, Vilas wood, Head Radicals, all the way up to the current Babolats and Heads. Dozens of shapes, sizes, materials and strings. While I think the extra power and forgiveness of the current racquets makes them the logical choice if winning = money. No experience has ever felt more like tennis heaven than a backhand slicing right down the sideline (exactly where I wanted it), or a drop-shot pick up landing 8 inches from the net in the opposite corner - from the good old 85. To me, it is without a doubt the greatest frame ever made for its buttery feel, response to customization, and absolute obedience to your commands. If there was an IROC for Tennis, it should be played with PS 85s! So now that my opponents are once again blocking back some of my best serves, I need to decide if I want to live with those few extra shanks and few extra returns that may lose a match, in return for the sweet sensation of perfect placement when I do everything right. Happy choice!
From: Rob, 2/13

Comments: I currently own 7 of them. One from the 90's with a white butt cap and the other 6 ordered lately from TW. I admit that I am addicted to the feel on this 85. It serves well, hits like rocket from either backhand or forehand. I've sold all my other racquets and never have an eye on technology-oriented racquets. Thank you for bring the 85 back!
From: Sat, 1/13

Comments: I found this racquet difficult to play with. I'm a 5.0 player currently using a Volkl C10, and play with a lot of topspin off both sides. It really excelled on the backhand slices, but outside of that I found it too demanding for my game. Perhaps if I hit the ball flatter I would have felt more confidence in my ability to use this racquet. Great racquet, just not for everybody. I found it difficult to get any depth when trying to hit with heavy spin from the baseline. From the serve and net it performed adequately, but it didn't blow me away.
From: Jerome, 1/13

Comments: Let's just put it this way, before I bought this racquet in November, I had lost six matches in a row. Since the purchase, I have won 5 in a row and have only lost 2 sets. The ball now goes where I want it to go, and I have never had a racquet place balls so amazingly on the lines like it does, time and time again. Even mis-hits come across like knuckleballesque winners! Simply put, a perfectly made frame and highly recommended for improving your game. And while it's a personal thing, 60 pounds seems to be the tension for great control. Apply your own power with proper swing mechanics!
From: Aidan, 1/13

Comments: Yep, I am a believer. The Pro Staff 6.0 85 is my weapon of choice. Recently I had a little tennis elbow so I demo'ed the IG Radical Pro, AeroPro Drive, Blade, and a couple others, thinking a new racquet would solve all my problems. But instead I relized if it isn't broke, you do not have to fix it, just perfect it. So, I do a few more push ups, crunches and jumping rope. My arm feels better swinging my old school stick. Consistently moving feet to get into position, this racquet makes me keep my technique. I string my 85 at 45 lbs mains with 16 gauge Unifibre natural gut and 53 lbs crosses with 18 gauge Kirshbaum Pro Line 2. None compare to the Pro Staff 85 as far as feel, effortless plowthrough and pin point accuracy.
From: Jamal, 1/13

Comments: This is some racquet! I was playing until recently with a Prince Original Graphite Mid and then with a Head Youtek IG Prestige Mid. The PS 6.0 combines the best of these racquets; the comfort of the POG and the control of the Prestige. The hysterical press this racquet has received (except on TW) is sheer nonsense. It seems that the norm today is topspin addiction played with a racquet with a head the size of a satellite dish. However, where I differ with TW's reviews is that I would actually recommend this racquet to someone learning the game. I am a part-time coach and the way I see it there is a strong correlation between the performance of this racquet and playing textbook tennis. It is important for the future of the game that Wilson keeps making it and TW keeps selling it.
From: Claude, 1/13

Comments: I got this racquet for Christmas! I've yet to use it but love the appearance and find it fantastic in its structure. I love it! It's great!
From: Dom, 12/12

Comments: I'm a former college and satellite player killed in the 80s by rotator cuff injuries before they had good surgery. This thing without doubt still remains the most comfortable, truest racquet ever made. If you time it right, the ball just explodes. It forces you to prepare early and swing smoothly. It's great on serves, volleys and groundstrokes, except one handed heavy topspin backhands (slice, flat, and mild top one handers are great). It requires you to volley returns on fast serves, and you can't really swing, but its weight and stability makes volleyed returns penetrate anyway and with astonishing control. All that said, I still can't see it as a match racquet for almost anybody who isn't playing several hours a day and is seriously talented to boot. As another reviewer says below, nobody uses this even on the senior tour except Sampras, and that includes guys like Courier who played with it on tour. Nobody old or just human can handle tough shots with this thing consistently under pressure. Don't kid yourself, practice with it and drool over it if you want, but unless you move like Federer, stay away from it in open level matches, as it's too demanding and you'll shank two for every one you groove. The similar Federer racquet is actually much more forgiving and even he still shanks many more shots than other top players and has trouble in the wind.
From: Russell, 12/12

Comments: I've played with all the new models (Babolat AeroPro Drive, Wilson PS 6.1, Head Youtek IG, and Dunlop Biomimetic F3.0). None of them compares to the Pro Staff 85. At first, I read all the discussion about how great this racquet is. I thought to myself, "If it's on sale I'll buy one just for testing." At first, I was skeptical of the 85 square inch head. I'm thinking I must be crazy! But after 15 minutes, the 85 square inch felt like 105 square inch on my forehand side. I kept hitting for 2 hours nonstop just to see if this racquet would hurt my arm and you know what? It didn't! I'm a convert of this racquet. I've ordered 4 more, just in case it disappears!
From: Alex, 12/12
String type and tension: Tecnifibre NRG2 @ 52 lbs

Comments: Ok people here's the lowdown on the PS85...it is simply the greatest racquet ever made! Like many players out there I have been playing with numerous racquets over the last 4-5 years trying to find the perfect one. Well, I just ordered 2 of these to see if I can still play with them after using them for over 10 years. As soon as I started hitting with my new PS85's, I said to myself, ''Why did I ever leave you?'' This racquet is that good. I actually ''shank'' less balls now than I did with previous 100 sq. inch racquets because of the thin beam and I have to focus on hitting the ball. Thank you TW for the re- make of these babies and thanks to Wilson also.
From: Anon, 12/12

Comments: Wilson has introduced new racquets, but they not for me. This racquet has never failed me for all the years I've played. I've tried so many other brands but I always come back to this one. My first and only love is this racquet.
From: John, 12/12
String type and tension: Prince Syn Gut @ 52 lbs

Comments: Now I have been testing my Pro Staff 85 for the first time on the tennis court since I got it. I am so pleased. I can do so much more with the ball compared to my K PS 88. Maybe the K PS has more plow through, but man the Pro Staff 85 is so amazingly maneuverable somehow. I think I have found the ultimate racquet and I recommend this racquet for everybody who can handle a pretty heavy stick. My serve was excellent and I was able to get so much spin with it. I play with Kirschbaum Pro Line II with the tension at 60 pounds and that feels just awesome. Please, if you have been looking for a super- racquet, buy this one. I am from Sweden and I ordered all the way from here and I am so pleased. I'm going to order one more before the summer. I thought the K PS was the greatest stick until now, but man I was totally wrong. It's a great stick, but the Pro Staff 85 is so much more fun and great.
From: Kjell, 12/12
String type and tension: Kirschbaum Pro Line II @ 60 lbs

Comments: I ordered this racquet feeling somewhat skeptical. I was mainly planning to use it for practice in order to improve my control, but after a few weeks with this baby, I have no desire to touch another racquet. I am a 4.5 leftie with a big serve and a one-handed backhand and, as many reviewers point out, there is just nothing like the control you get with this stick. For me, I am able to generate more power than I did with my AeroPros because of the mass and confidence I feel with this racquet. You can really cut through the ball and take a full swing without fear of going long all the time. If you don't feel confident in your ability to create your own power than this is not the stick for you. However, if you tend towards shortening your swing with newer racquets to compensate for too much trampolining and poor feel, buy this stick and you won't be disappointed. The feel and control are just unrivaled.
From: Mitch, 11/12
String type and tension: Babolat VS Gut mains / Luxilon ALU Rough crosses @ 53/49 lbs

Comments: I must say something about this beautiful piece of work. Just bouncing a tennis ball against the floor at home is amazing with it. I have played with the K PS 88 for a while and when I compare the stability with the Pro Staff 85 just by bouncing I can tell its a big difference. The 85 is incredible and tomorrow I test it on the tennis court. I am so excited.
From: Kjell, 11/12

Comments: I needed to string this VERY low (41lbs) and add 10 grams to 12 o'clock as well as replace the leather grip to even play with this. I can see why they discontinued this stick. I play with a full western forehand grip and two handed backhand, both of which are normally heavy topspin strokes. However, if you have classical strokes and use an eastern or continental forehand grip with a one handed backhand this is the stick for you. But if you play a modern game of power and spin go for a more modern 100sq inch head size such as the Juice or Babolat AeroPro.
From: Dean, 11/12
String type and tension: Babolat RPM Blast 17g @ 60 lbs

Comments: I am a beginning/intermediate level player. I tried the other popular racquets like the Babolat Pure Drive, Prince EXO3 Tour, etc., and felt a loss of control. I read the reviews and purchased this racquet. I strung it with the new Luxilon 4G at 57lbs. The result was amazing control and placement. Like a chisel you can curve out each shot. The smaller head means less trampoline effect and more control. This setup allows me to go for my full swing without worrying about overpowering the shot. I play with a lot more confidence now and this racquet has taken my game to another level. My recommendation is to buy this racquet and practice, practice, practice.
From: Shuaybi, 11/12
String type and tension: Luxilon 4G @ 57 lbs

Comments: I normally play with the ProStaff 6.0 95, and I thought it was really great until I tried the new 85 version. It played extremely well, with awesome control, volleys were amazing, serve was right on target, and the backhand slice was amazing. My topspin backhand was a little off because of the small stringbed but I guess I just need to practice more. Overall, it's a great racquet and I'm really glad I purchased it.
From: Daniel, 11/12
String type and tension: Pro Supex Premier Ace @ 57 lbs

Comments: I played with this racquet in college and I got back into tennis a few years ago after a 20 year break. In my return I have tinkered with racquets and strings. I played with the Roddick Pure Drive when I first came back, then I switched to the Wilson K Factor 6.1 and then finally to Dunlops. I played and owned all versions of the 200, 4D and Bio. In my search I was always trying to reproduce the feeling of my Wilson Pro Staff Midsize from the 80's. I've been happy with the Dunlop Bio 200. I bought the Wilson Pro Staff 85 just to see how it felt. I've played with it now for a week and I can't believe how good it feels. The control, the touch and even the power is great. It just feels right in the hand with a great balance. When hitting there is just enough flex and the right amount of heft. The racquet does a lot of the work for you. It doesn't give you the spin or power of a modern 100 sq. inch stiff (Babolat type) racquet, but if you have the right mechanics this racquet is far more rewarding and your game will find new levels of control and touch. I am going to pick up a second.
From: Cameron, 10/12
String type: Gamma Professional 17

Comments: I have the K88, K90, nCode 90, and the 85 blew these 3 out of the water! It just felt...perfect! Not sure if it was the adrenaline of picking up the tool of my heros or feeling the mass of the racquet just drive the ball right where I wanted it, or seeing a real kick on my kick serves, but man if I didn't have the arsenal previously listed, I'd pick up 3 more, especially at the GREAT TW price! Thanks TW for bringing this baby back!
From: Dom, 10/12
String type and tension: Wilson NXT II Duo @ 55lbs

Comments: I just bought this racquet out of curiosity, but man, this was the biggest blessing ever. What struck me the most about this racquet when I first received it was how thin the beam was. I love the look with its thin beam, proportional look and an absolutely beautiful, simple paint job. I think I was lucky in the sense that the racquet actually fits me perfectly. It provides a fast heavy forehand and backhand due to the weight, and it's so fast on the volleys because of how head light it is. I highly recommend at least demo'ing this racquet.
From: Ryan, 10/12
String type: Tecnifibre X-One Biphase 17g

Comments: It was a nice experience shipping my PS 85 from Tennis Warehouse USA to Australia (went very smoothly). I have been using the Tour 90s for several years and I was worried that the 85 would be hard to use in comparison due to other people's remarks about this racquet. However, as soon as I unwrapped my PS 85 and put it in my hand, it felt beautiful and light. It played beautifully as well. It is so maneuverable, precise, and easy to use compared to the Tour 90s. If you play an offensive game, hitting the ball on the rise, coming to the net, ending points quickly, hitting with relatively long swings, and decent technique, this is the racquet for you. Whilst some people will prefer a more modern forgiving racquet, this stick is not missing any essential new technology as some people may have you believe. It's a fun racquet to use and I believe it would help someone improve their technique if they don't quite have it yet. Believe me, you don't have to be an old school pro to use this racquet. In my opinion, this classical PS 85 is better than the modern Tour 90s. It has more control, is easier to use, and hits a more penetrating shot.
From: Anon, 9/12
String type and tension: Babolat VS Gut 17g @ 55/53 lbs

Comments: This isn't a modern racquet, but it will vastly improve almost any good player's game. Practice with it but use something else in a sanctioned match. It will teach you the two key things: preparation and relaxation. You have to be ready almost before your opponent hits the ball, and you have to be smooth and relaxed. Then, the ball does exactly what you want. And that crisp sound! Nothing comes close. If you're not perfectly balanced though, it's shank city. That sort of flow and prep are simply too difficult in a 5.0 or higher match for anybody without the time to practice three hours a day. You don't even see guys on the senior tour using this except Sampras. Enough said.
From: Bruce, 9/12
String type and tension: Luxilon Big Banger @ 58 lbs

Comments: I'm a skinny, tall middle-aged guy who started playing a few years ago. I play club tennis and singles on USTA 3.5 and 4.0 teams, with a modern SW forehand and 1HBH. I'm a very strong 3.5, weak 4.0. The Prince Original Graphite OS has been my main racquet since I started playing a few years ago. I wanted to try something with a smaller headsize but same classic look and feel as the POG, so I bought two of these. I love them. The sweet spot is actually bigger than on the POG despite a headsize being 20+% smaller (thanks, TW University!). I am serving, volleying and hitting overheads much better with this compared to the POG. I'm also more easily hitting forehands through the court with weight. The one tradeoff with the POG is probably on blocked serve returns, on which the POG OS may be the best racquet ever made. It's a fit for me and I look forward to adding more offensive tools to my game based on this racquet's strengths.
From: Dave, 9/12
String type and tension: Prince Original Synthetic Gut @ 55 lbs

Comments: Boy, oh boy. I have played with just about every racquet there is. From Agassi's 107 head size Radicals, Nadal's 100 head size Aeropro Drive for several years, Pure Storm Ltd., Ncode 95, Kfactor 95, BLX 95, everything! A few months ago, I demo'ed 4 racquets. Nadal's, Roddick's, Fed's new stick (the Pro Staff 90), and this gem, the Pro Staff 85. Despite the small head size, in terms of response from the stringbed and control off the strings, no other racquet even comes close. Don't be fooled by modern sticks. Every control-oriented "player's racquet" released in the last 3 decades have been trying to emulate the Pro Staff 85. Why go for an emulation when you can get the real thing? Be warned though, you really have to know what you are doing with this stick. It forces you to watch the ball all the way to your strings and hit it in the center, which you ought to be doing anyway, but with modern racquets, you can get away with it and still hit a decent shot. Not with this. But the incredible control achieved with this racquet simply can't be compared. Tilden used to say the best feeling in the world is hitting a ball in the center of the strings and seeing it go exactly where you want it. If you are a good player, or a player interested in improving their game and technique, give this stick a try. Don't be discouraged if you shank at the beginning. You get good with this stick, you'll never need another one.
From: Jonathan, 8/12
String type and tension: Topspin Cyber Blue @ 45 lbs

Comments: I'm excited to try this racquet. I have always played with the Pro Staff but am very used to the St. Vincent models. However, they are hard to find these days. After test playing with a few Babolat's, including the brand new Pure Drive GT this week, I concluded that I personally do not like the 100 sq in head sized sticks and I feel that they are a crutch for today's players. The Pro Staff 85 is an amazing stick. It always has been and after trying a lot of newer sticks, I still love it. I can't wait to try the new production of this classic.
From: Christopher, 8/12
String type: Luxilon ALU Power Spin

Comments: There really isn't much one can say about the Wilson Pro Staff 85 other than it is a superb racquet. However, I agree with one of the Tennis Warehouse reviewer's point that your string set up will have the greatest effect on your experience with the Pro Staff 85. You don't need to radically change your string setup but, if you're used to lightweight, big heads with 60+ lbs poly, you will want to bring the tension down 5% at first because you get significantly less power than a 95+ square inch. The Pro Staff 85's mass is enough to put good pace on the ball without taking a huge swing though. The balance keeps you from getting tired, and makes this stick so easy to turn, I can stand right up on top of the net against hard hitters with confidence. Serves seem to be better but I think that's just because this racquet forces you to really focus on that ball. Topspin/slice is just as easy with the proper string setup as it is with a 100= square inch head size racquet. In fact, since I'm playing with a little less tension than in my old Prince O3 White, and that the pattern is more open, I find I'm getting better results with spin.
From: Stan, 8/12
String type and tension: Luxilon Big Banger 16 at 54 lbs mains, gut crosses at 49 lbs
NTRP Rating: 4.5

Comments: I play singles and doubles about 15 hours per week and am using this with Luxilon Big Banger in the mains at 54 lbs, and Prince Duraflex in the crosses at 49 lbs. I am playing both serve and volley and the modern, "You gotta spin it, to win it." style of tennis. The Pro Staff 85 is a little lighter than I'm used to and have taped it up to a swingweight of 335, (my previous stick was a heavily customized, 100 square inch Prince O3 that weighted 13.5 ounces with a 365 swingweight). No cliche comes to mind that describes how well this racquet is performing for me. First serve pace and accuracy are excellent and a huge boost to my confidence. Second serve kickers down the middle are effortless and look just like they do on tv when Federer pulls that shot out. I switched from a two-handed to a one-handed backhand after playing with this a bit and it seems like the Pro Staff 85 was designed specifically for it. If strung correctly and your technique is sound, you can coax just as much spin out of this racquet as with any modern midplus. Where the Pro Staff 85 really shines above all however, is the volley. Think of where you want the ball to go, and it just happens. Overall, This has to be the finest, most confidence building tennis racquet ever made and I'll be happy passing the ones I bought down to my son when I'm too old to run around the court.
From: Anon, 8/12

Comments: I have tried many of racquets from seniors' favorite 100+ square inch head size, tweener, player, to even Prestige Classic 600 with the hope that those racquets would ease my game. I ended up with this Pro Staff 85 and continental grip and look no further for a better one. I do not agree that this racquet is for muscular 4.0+ players only. All you need is not muscle but proper techniques to get the hidden power out of this one. Yes, it is hefty but easy to swing. The head size is not really a problem, indeed. If shank, don't blame the stick. Move your feet. If you do not play for a living, why don't you give it a try. The learning curve is somehow steep but worth it.
From: Box, 8/12
String type and tension: Natural Guts, 60 lbs
NTRP Rating: 3.5-4.0

Comments: Thanks for bringing this racquet back Tennis Warehouse! I've been using this racquet since it was introduced back in the 80s and was down to my last three well worn frames. I've been on the fence about updating frames for years and glad I didn't have to. I love the honesty of this racquet, there are no free shots and it demands I keep myself in position and moving. I love the crisp feel, power, and control the racquet offers and know I'm a better player technically having used this racquet for so long. There's no problem hitting heavy topspin or slice.
From: SS, 8/12
String type and tension: Prince Pro Blend @ 62-70 lbs

Comments: Ok, so I'm a racquet-aholic! I've played with most of the Prestige Mid line and I've played with the NCode Tour 90, PS Tour 90, and the K90. The NCode and the PS being my favorite. I've heard that this is low powered, heavy, and old school, though I was very tempted to try it out. Well all I have to say is that this stick is amazing! Best feel ever, easy to swing, awesome at volleys, and a great game builder. Though I am stronger than most tennis players because I do Crossfit, most players should not be intimidated by this stick. Give it time, and you will be handsomely rewarded! I have one, and I plan on buying at least one more!!!
From: Brent, 8/12
String type and tension: Topspin Cyber Flash mains @ 48 lbs / Wilson Sensation crosses @ 53 lbs

Comments: I've played with this racquet for the last 15 years and it is the greatest ever! Don't fool yourself and try to go for the latest greatest new racquets because once you play with this you will never be able to play with anything else.
From: Greg, 8/12
String type: Wilson NXT 17g

Comments: I switched to this racquet about 3 months ago. I have played tennis for about 10 years now, using mostly the Babolat Pure/AeoPro Drive racquets since I started. Switching to this racquet has revitalized my game. I used to play a very heavy topspin counterpunching game, which ultimately led me to chronic rotator cuff injuries. With this new racquet choice, I have also adapted to train towards a new playing style. I still play the majority of points from the baseline, but I am a lot more aggressive and have no problem finishing points at the net. This racquet gave me such a solid feeling on volleys and my serve that I had never personally experienced with other racquets. I never would've thought that I would switch to this racquet, but it's one of the best choices I have made in this game, and I am a new player because of it.
From: J., 7/12

Comments: Wow! I love this racquet. I am a recreational player and I was worried 85 might be too small a head size for a player of my limited abilities but, I bought it anyway, because it's a classic. I had no cause for concern. If I just keep my eye on the ball I can unload with this baby and know the ball will stay in play. For the first half hour I played with it I thought I'd never hit a ball out again. As others have mentioned it feels incredibly light and maneuverable for how heavy it is. I was surprised by the lack of plow-through but the control and feel you get more than make up for it, IMO. It seems a lot livelier than the KFactor 6.1 90 and just has a good feel.. I'm 6'3" 180 lbs and I like to take a big, full swing and when you do it right with this racquet it feels so good. It's a joy to play with, so fun.
From: Cameron, 7/12
String type and tension: Wilson Sensation @ 58 lbs

Comments: This is the best racquet!!! I've got all the other new models but I am so glad TW has brought this racquet back. I've ordered 6 (the limit) because I'll reorder again and get another 6. I've played with this racquet for over 20 years and I've had so many arm problems with the new racquets. There is nothing wrong with my stroke or form. Don't look anywhere else, and just learn to use this one and you won't be disappointed. I know I wasn't. My only regret was that they stopped making it when I needed this the most!!!
From: Thomas, 7/12
String type and tension: Prince Syn Gut @ 52 lbs

Comments: I've always wanted to test this racquet. I bought this racquet and tested this along side my K6.1 16x18 and Kblade. This is my first time out with it. Whoever said this stick is demanding is right on the dot. Played 3 hours and 3 sets on and off between my 3 sticks. I put lead tape at 3 and 9 o'clock. This PS85 is rock solid! Awesome feel, and not forgiving at all. I felt my swing speed get very low. The feel and plow through is solid. Returns were easy with the mass of the stick. Compared to the other 2 rackets, this is as stable and solid as any stick I have played with. I will continue to use this stick to improve my game. Thanks Wilson and TW for releasing this beast again!
From: Bee, 6/12
String type: Poly mains / Synthetic Gut crosses

Comments: At first testing this racquet I did have some trouble with it, like shanking the ball. But after a week with this racquet its probably the best racquet I've ever held!! You just have to get use to it. If you like tight tensions such as 60 or 61, go down to like 58 lbs with a poly. It's a better feel on your arm and your strokes. This racquet is the best!
From: Anon, 6/12

Comments: Finest stick ever built. Hands down. I played with one in HS and college and after breaking them all (I had a temper back then) I found they were only availablle on Ebay at insane prices. I've cycled though so many sticks since then and there is simply nothing better. The only thing that would be better is a re-release of the 95.
From: Vincent, 6/12

Comments: This racquet is superb. The 85 sq inches did not bother me one single bit. Once I got used to the swing weight, I was hitting groundstroke winners easily. My singlehanded backhand actually improved and I am hitting much heavier balls with heavier topspin.
From: John, 6/12

Comments: Simply the best stick ever made! Its precision is unmatched, there is no other racquet on today's market that has better feel and control. Don't get fooled by the specs, it feels lighter, gives nice kick to my serve, just a joy to play with... Not too stiff, the headsize is just enough, on contact it feels like a dream!
From: Pete, 6/12

Comments: Pro Staff 6.0 85 is an incredible racquet! Demoed it with the PS Tour 90. I can't put the PS85 down. The balance and weight is right where I like it. The PS90 feels a bit more head heavy. I prefer hitting with the 85 better than the 90. A full swing and use of good techniques are required as the racquet is so heavy and the head is so small. It is a very unforgiving racquet. Beginners need not apply. One will not be able to use this racquet using bad technique like forearm, wrist flipping or squash techniques like one can do with lighter racquets. It is truly a player's racquet! PS85 hits a heavy penetrating ball with good techniques (think Pete Sampras). It rewards the player with unmatched accuracy and feel. Volleys feel easy and natural as the racquet can be easily maneuvered into position because of its headlight balance. I immediately ordered one and now it is my primary racquet.
From: James, 5/12
String type and tension: Babolat Addiction 50lbs
Headsize: 85
NTRP Rating: 4.5

Comments: I began playing this year, and I purchased this racket thinking that I could adjust to anything, since I am young. It did take a little getting used to: the weight was a bit heavy, and my fingers blistered. With all that aside, I am so glad I have this racket because with a heavier racket I am now able to hit the ball with more power and confidence that it will stay in play. I have the Pro Staff 95 version, and now I would consider purchasing the original 85 version.
From: Walker, 5/12
String type and tension: Wilson NXT, 60lbs
Headsize:95 square inches
NTRP Rating: 3.0-3.5

Comments: PS85 is like an old friend, have tried all the new frames and all their bells and whistles and smokescreens, this is the real deal. I always return to it, simply the best racquet ever made, unequivocally. Not for the beginner for sure, but for those who have used it since it's inception, sheer magic, and I am not the least bit embarrassed for all the superlatives used in this review.
From: Rudy, 5/12
String type and tension: VS Natural gut, 60lbs
NTRP Rating: 4.0

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