Volkl DNX VibraStop Vibe Damp (2 pack Pink) Customer feedback

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Comments: One of my favorite dampeners next to the Babolat Custom dampeners. A bit more difficult to put on but well worth it for me. It really doesn't fly off unless you hit it with the ball a couple of times. The pink color really does make it hard to lose when it does fly out. Overall, a nice dampener that stay on the strings. I have it on my Pure Aero and my woodie.
From: SN, 11/16

Comments: Very difficult to get on my Volkl racquet. So difficult, that I almost could not use this damper because I could not place it on the strings. I believe the tight fit also changed the feel of my strings. Did not end up using.
From: Alison, 6/15

Comments: Came with my Volkl V1 Organix racquet. It functions good but it flies off a lot and I hate that. I'm using the Dunlop Biomimetic Dampener instead and am very happy with it.
From: Bilal, 12/13

Comments: I recently put this dampener on my new Babolat Pure Drive Roddick racquet which was strung with Luxilon Power Rough on the mains and Babolat Excel on the crosses. I had this weird sound when I struck the ball, it sounded like the racquet was cracked or something, but I tried this dampener and it fixed about 95% of the sound. Also, it feels more solid too. Try it, it works!
From: Tony 5/12

Comments: This is a pretty good dampener. It is my favorite besides the old Pete Sampras "O" dampeners. It is not quite as soft but is very close. This is better because it falls off less that the "O". It seems like the dampeners fall apart a little bit and parts of the rubber break off when you take it in and out of the racket a lot.
From: Chris, 3/12

Comments: I agree with the other comments here. It should be just another piece of rubber, right? Nope. For what ever reason, these work the best. I've been playing them in my Prince Original Graphites for decades. Try them - you'll be surprised that there really IS a difference.
From: Blair, Huntington Beach, CA, USA. 4/11

Comments: I have been using this dampener for three years. It was sent with the two Volkl racquets I purchased through Tennis Warehouse, meaning free. I had tried several different models to that point and nothing ever felt as perfect as this one. Just like the other "feedbacker" stated its just another piece of rubber, but more effective than anything I have ever used. Buying other dampeners is just a waste of money.
From: JDub, Chico, CA, USA. 04/10

Comments: Highly recommended. Stops vibration pretty effectively. The main reason I brought this dampener is because of the neon yellow. There were several times when the thing flew into out of the court. Made it "easier" to find it.
From: Tony. 5/08

Comments: It's just a piece of rubber like the other dampeners, but for some reason this feels so much better. I've continued using this even when I switched from a Volkl to a Yonex racquet. I've tried quite a few dampeners, including the Yonex and Babolat Cosmic, but this feels significantly better. The silver paint on the logo comes off pretty quickly, so even if you're really concerned about matching the brands, it won't be very noticeable.
From: Mike, New York, NY. 11/07

Comments: Great dampener. My dampener of choice. Some people like to switch dampeners to get one that matches their racquet but not me. I use this dampener on every racquet I have (none of which are Volklís). I have not found a dampener that fits as securely and dampens just the right amount quite like this one.
From: Anon 08/06

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