Volkl V-Pro 18 String Reel Customer feedback

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Comments: Love this string. If you like a softer, low powered, round poly, I recommend this one. I have strung this as a hybrid in some of my frames because it is a little bit mushy, if you like that. I have found that this pairs well with some of my stiffer racquets. In softer racquets, the feel is too soft, even in a full bed. In comparing to cyclone, as that is the go to for many others, this string is much softer and about the same power levels. Slightly less spin potential. Better tension maintenance. Overall, at this low price point, absolutely recommend giving it a try if these are the attributes you're looking for.
From: Ian, 10/16

Comments: I have been using this string for a year or so in a hybrid configuration with the Kirshbaum synthetic gut 17 on the crosses at 55 pounds with my Head Speed Graphene Speed MP. You get good bite on the ball with lots of pop, and feel better with power. It's arm friendly and has good durability. I highly recommend it.
From: Carlos, 10/15

Comments: This is an excellent string. I used Black Code, Solinco and other polyesters, but this feels softer than the rest. I bought both the silver and the yellow, but the yellow feels a little more stiff.
From: Charlie, 11/14

Comments: I found this string stiff for an 18g unlike what the sales promo says, calling it a soft poly. TW test specs seem to agree. You get good bite on the ball with lots of pop, and feel better with power than touch. It has good durability for an 18g. I'm a 4.0 level player using a Prince Original Graphite OS.
From: Greg, 1/13

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