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Comments: I got this 6-pack bag to match my growing collection of Volkl racquets. Great purchase for that reason. While the racquets are high quality and amazing all around, I would say their bags are not on the same level. This is not to say the bags are bad, they're just a little better than ok. I've always had Wilson bags just because I was trying to show my love for Federer. In comparison, this bag has some design issues. I'm not used to having the straps on the top of the bag, which makes opening it up to grab a racquet a little more awkward. The glossy plastic/vinyl part of the bag is great in looks but not really effective in the long run as you can see where it will crease and show wear and tear. Zippers are not as big as on the Wilsons. All the previous issues I can certainly deal with but i have two main issues with this bag. The first is that it does not have a handle or loop at the top of the thin part of the bag. I tend to pick up my bag from that area. I thought it was because I've always had a Mega sorta bag but even the mega in this version doesn't have that loop. Secondly, the backpack straps are thin width-wise as well as padding- wise. But the biggest issues with the straps is how they're sewn onto the bag itself. If you take a good look at the picture, the straps are sewn on with a piece of fabric and then onto the bag. Perhaps it's because the straps are at the top, this is to give them more room to move around. But you can clearly tell that it's an area that will have wear and tear. All in all, definitely a great looking bag that will serve it's purpose enough.
From: Ian, 11/14

Comments: I use Volkl racquets and wanted a bag to advertise my usage, so I got this backpack. The compartment where the racquets fit has a zipper closure and it rubs against the frame of the racquets and damages the finish. It is not a good design and I am now shopping for a different bag. Sorry Volkl.
From: Karen, 10/14

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