Volkl V-Tac Overgrip White Customer feedback

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Comments: It's called Volkl V-Tac, don't believe it! I thought these grips would be similar to a Yonex Supergrap, Wilson Pro, or Babolat Pro Tour overgrip. They're more like Babolat's VS overgrips. They're dry and thin. By no means am I saying they're bad grips, but I don't think it fits the description of tacky.
From: Anonymous, 4/16

Comments: To follow-up on other comments, my experience is that there seems to be a difference depending on which color you choose. I have noticed that although the white and black overgrips are good (good balance of tackiness and durability), the yellow over grips do not seem to have anywhere near the same level of tackiness. I do no know if this is only a question of a bad "batch or if it is a question of the dyes that are used. Also, is this an issue only with Volkl overgrips or other brands as well. Excluding the issue with the yellow overgrips, I can definitely recommend the V-Tac.
From: Emery, 12/15

Comments: I love Volkl V-Tac. I typically buy the white or green. I purchased yellow recently, and strangely enough, the yellow seem not to stay in place on my Babolat racquets. I'll stick to the white or green going forward.
From: Ross, 12/14

Comments: I'm a big fan of Volkl for their strings and this time I decided to give their overgrips a try. I have to say I'm very disappointed. It's called V-tac but it's not very tacky when new and it loses it's tackiness very quickly in a matter of hours and then it becomes slippery. I was playing a match yesterday and on a serve, my racquet slipped out of my hand, hit the ground and cracked. This has never happened to me with any other overgrips and I regret getting these. I'm sticking to Yonex Supergrap.
From: Ken, 5/14

Comments: Don't waste your money. I always use Gamma grips and love them, but decided to try a different product. My hands do not sweat and I don't grip my racquet too hard, but this grip only lasted about two hours before it started to shred. I'm returning these and going back to Gamma.
From: Barbara, 4/14

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