Volkl V-Torque 18 String Customer feedback

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Comments: I have tried many combinations and brands of strings in the last 10 years. I constantly try new strings. I settled in for 6 years with Babolat 17 gut on mains and Kirschbaum Pro Line II 18g crosses at 53x53 lbs. Odd setup but always felt good. I have been plagued with elbow issues and look for soft setups. I tried 18g V-Torque with different hybrids and like the full bed best at 45 pounds. My ProKennex Ki 5PSE (13 oz) has a 16x20 string pattern. This would be too loose for a more open pattern. The higher tensions with my pattern had no feel. At 45 lbs, the spin is awesome and the feeling of full control has really raised my level of play. With the design of the string, as it is stretched in the stringing process, the edges seem to get sharper not like other textured strings that seem to loose the sharp edges when stretched in the racquet. I play 6 days a week on har tru alternating 2 racquets and I get a month out of the strings. Usually break but perfect timing. My Gamma string tension index tool shows only 1-2 pound loss in a month. I really love this string. I am in my upper 50's and rated 4.0.
From: Dave, 11/15

Comments: I string for several 4-4.5 players -- V-Torque has great feel and bite but has a very short life in the smaller gauges.
From: John, 4/15

Comments: Strung as a full bed in the Prince Tour 95 at 48 lbs (21.5 kgs). It is the string with the best access to spin I've ever used, surely. The string pattern isn't prone to wear down because of the unique shape. Control is pretty good. It has one disadvantage -- the sharp edges snaps quickly, espiecally if it's thinner gauge.
From: Przemyslaw, 2/15

Comments: Amazing string! Lots and lots of bite. Strung it at 56 lbs in the mains with a synthetic cross at 58 lbs. Loads of bite. Great for big swingers with big ripping forehands.
From: Eddie, 1/15

Comments: I have this string as my mains at 50 lbs in a BB Melbourne and Tourna Black Zone at 47 lbs as my crosses and definitely got great spin and control out of this combo. Both strings are great for my arm as this combo is comfortable enough in that frame. The only bad thing I have to say is that when I was stringing it first time V-torque broke on my stringer and that was first time ever that any string broke on me. Still a great string.
From: Zoran, 12/14

Comments: Strung at 58 lbs both ways in a 98 inch head, 12 ounce racquet. Very arm friendly (softer then Cyclone Tour), average durability (maybe 20-25 hours before the string starts to let off and fray), better than average spin potential, fair tension retention, you have to generate the power but very good control. Have you ever noticed that the "geared" textured strings have their edges rounded out as soon as you apply the tension from the stringer? With the grooved x-section on the V- torque the tension seems to pull the edges of the groove out providing more ball-biting surface than I get with other brands.
From: Alec, 10/14

Comments: I had this strung at 58 lbs. as a full bed on my Volkl PB10 Mid. The strings snapped around the outside of the frame of my racquet which is a first for me. The strings lasted for about 10 hours of hitting. I hit with heavy topspin and this string definitely produced more spin since my regular hitting partners commented that my shots were bouncing higher than usual.
From: Kenny, 5/14

Comments: Not friendly for stringing. Very nice spin production. After 10 hitting lessons this string splits in the middle of crosses. I have never seen that before on a poly. I broke it in 20 minutes, but 18 poly is not made for adults with heavy spin.
From: Jan, 12/13

Comments: Tried this in my Extreme Pro at 50 lbs with a full bed. Very good spin, great depth and feel. They broke in 3 weeks playing around 6 hrs per week, so durability is a slight issue.
From: JV, 9/13

Comments: Tried this string in the mains with Babolat Xcel as cross strings - both at 52 lbs on my Yonex Vcore Tour 89. I am usually a flat ball hitter but my hitting partner was saying I was generating a lot of top spin with depth. I credit it to the V Torque string. Great feel and control. I haven't tried the full bed though.
From: Hari, 4/13

Comments: I am 4.5-5.0 player that serves big, but likes to use heavy kick in a pinch. However, as of late, I have come down with shoulder issues, so have had to search for softer less shock-y strings. I currently string this as my main string at 52 lbs along with Isospeed Control+ for crosses at 58 lbs on my Wilson 2012 BLX Six.One 95 (16x18). After trying many hybrids (over 30, mixing and matching mains and crosses and tensions) including having tried Volkl's Cyclone and Cyclone Tour, I can say this is my favorite. Great spin and control, plus outstanding feel and extremely easy on the arm. The only possible downside of the string as a poly is the decreased durability and tension stability, not to say that it is poor, it is just not the best. Overall, one of the top poly strings I have tried. I pray that they will start production of reels of this particular string!
From: Daniel, 4/13

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