Volkl V-Torque 17 String - Poly Bag Blue Customer feedback

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Comments: Update from my review exactly one year ago: After trying V-Torque 17 last year, I managed to buy a few more packs on my trip to the US a few months ago to see if V-Torque really will be my go-to string. Long story short, it's still one of my favorite co-polys and agree with everything Peter has said. Like I said in my review, this string is low powered, has incredible bite on the ball for spin and it's one of, if not the best string I've used for control, consistently finding the lines and corners. Now new things to add: I've tried the green and blue version and somehow I find the green one to have a little more pop, but it might just be me. I have strung this between 46 and 52 lbs and it's perfect in my 98 square inch racquet. I find the string not very crisp nor muted, kind of in the middle and not harsh on the arm, which is nice since I had shoulder injuries. I reserve this string for tournaments because it's amazing when fresh. It does notch quickly, but playability remains great until it breaks which is 2-3 weeks max so not very durable. I will conclude by saying I really wish I could get this string in my country because I would buy a reel.
From: Ken, 10/14

Comments: If you can hit hard, do not buy these strings. I unfortunately got the 4 pack deal and thought great deal on all 4 strings, these however broke in 2 hours of play. I tried them again with the other 4 pack I bought, same result. If you can serve over 100 mph and hit topspin, they are a waste of money. Stick to V Pro or Solinco Outlast co polys.
From: Chris, 7/14

Comments: Great string, excellent spin, and of all the polys I've played with this one has exceptional feel and comfort. I've found that after hard hitting, the unusual string shape tends to causing longitudinal splitting which propagates quickly. When this starts I know I only have a few sets left before they break, so for me I've only been getting around 3 weeks out of a string which isn't great. But compared with a multi I can't complain. I'm committed to these strings, strung at 51 lbs. TW please get some reels for sale!
From: Peter, 5/14

Comments: I'm a 4.5 offensive baseliner and I love these strings. Strung at 52/50 lbs on a customized/more polarized Dunlop Biomimetic 300 and the control was so impressive! When freshly strung, I was taking huge swings at the ball and was surprised it consistently landed just inside the lines. Second time I played, the control dropped slightly, but was still very good. 4hrs of play and the playability is still great so far but with a little bit of notching. The spin is great as the shape does seem to grab the ball well. Feel is crisp but not stiff and is quite comfortable. The neon green color started out annoying but I got use to it. I might switch to these (just wish TW stocked reels of V torque). Anyway, if you like a low powered string, crisp feeling without being uncomfortable then give these a try!
From: Ken, 10/13

Comments: Emphasis on topspin. Tried a full bed, did not like it at all. Did a hybrid with a synthetic gut on the crosses, felt perfect, especially with pocketing and control. You do get that surprise spin, if that's your game. Alone it lacks power. Would recommend it as a hybrid, not a full bed.
From: Andy, 8/13

Comments: Great strings. The spin potential is incredible thanks to the shape. There isn't as much power as, say, Cyclone Tour which I recently playtested, but they offer slightly better control and similar levels of comfort. The playability duration is looking good after 5 hours of hitting. Highly recommend!
From: Brian, 4/13

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