Volkl V-Suede Grip Black Customer feedback

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Comments: I have to say that I love this grip. I was using the standard synthetic grips that most racquets come with these days. I been playing with a Head YouTek Prestige but replaced the standard grip with a leather grip because I feel you feel more "feedback" when you hit the ball with a leather grip. It was good in that sense but I longed for something else. When I saw this at Tennis Warehouse I thought, 'man this is great, a suede grip.' I thought it was authentic suede but through further research I realized it was synthetic, hence "V"-Suede. Well that didn't stop me one bit and I bought one. It was easy to put on and it feels excellent. It provides a good grip, better than leather and better than synthetic. Warning though -- it's fairly thin so when you hit the ball the grip doesn't absorb much if any of the vibration so you will have a sore arm by games end. To remedy this I put on a vibration dampener which I normally don't use or like because it deadens the feel of the string bed in my opinion. Well in this case it's fine because it saves my arm and because it's so thin I feel the string bed pretty good still. Let me add this -- back in 1984 when I was a young 17 year old, at the local tennis shop they sold something called the chamois grip which was made out of chamois (for you shammy) material in the form of an over grip. It was great, I loved it. Years later I wanted another but they are not sold anymore. I went back to the same store all these years older as well as the owner being 30 years older and he said he remembers them and no they are discontinued. So I see this V-Suede and think maybe it's similar. It sure is but not as soft or thick. I'm glad I found this. I can't attest to the durability of this as I have only used this grip about 5 tennis sessions for about an hour and a half each, so I didn't give it a long run to see how durable it is. So far though it's been very durable. No signs of wear. Once there is signs of wear, I will buy about 8 more from Tennis Warehouse just to have on hand. That many should last me some years. This is the best kept secret in tennis. I may suggest if you want a nice grip on your racquet that really feels good then try this. If you don't like it then big deal, you aren't out much since they cost so little, and if you like it then you've found your new best friend for tennis.
From: James, 11/15

Comments: Love these grips! They feel different than other grips, but I love the feeling. Nothing else on the market like these. It feels smooth but grippy. You have to try it to understand it. I can see people either loving or hating these grips. Glad I tried them!
From: John, 6/15

Comments: Execellent absorbption with a dry, non-tacky feel. It allows you to swing aggressively on your serve with confidence knowing that the racquet will stay in your hand. I did not eve need to use a towel playing in humid 90 degree weather.
From: Alnn, 7/14

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