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Comments: Best overgrip I've had if it stays dry. I used Gamma for a long time then decided to try this and got hooked. It is more tacky than Gamma. I use 4 1/4" grip so thickness is perfect for me. It gets slippery if you sweat a lot, but no worse than other grips I tried. It also last much longer than Gamma. Try it and see if it suits you.
From: Frank, 5/16

Comments: This grip becomes too slippery after a few matches in the summer, when you hands sweat a lot. The Gamma overgrips that I used before were better, as they regained their tackiness after drying. Once this grip becomes slippery, it stays that way, even if after it dries. I shouldn't have bought such a big pack before trying it.
From: Roman, 9/12

Comments: This is easily now my favorite overgrip by a landslide!I bought a pack a couple of weeks ago since the Yonex overgrips were out of stock and I figured I'd try these out. What a surprise! I love the feel of the grip and after two weeks the grip is still tacky (a bit dirty though) and it hasn't ripped to shreds like Yonex overgrip or Wilson would do. They are outrageously good!
From: Duke, 9/11

Comments: Simply the best grips on the market as you would expect from Volkl - they have the best value for money products especially for quality of any of the manufacturers. These grips just stay tacky forever and have excellent durability. Better than Wilson Pro OG and the Prince Microtacs, and are my main grips that I use. Just simply, absolutely sensational.
From: Chad. 6/11

Comments: Tacky, suitable for indoor or those who do not sweat a lot. Once you go outdoors in hotter and more humid conditions, this grip is not any more absorbent than other tacky grips. Has nice cushion and tack, but lacks absorbency of grips that are made to be absorbent. I have yet to find a grip that is both tacky and absorbent, but the closest ones are the Gamma "grips you back" overgrips.
From: Anon. 6/11

Comments: I really like this overgrip. I've been using SuperGrap for the last year and I have to say that this is better. I put them in the same category as far as the type of grip, but this one is a step above in feel, durability, and construction. It might even be two steps above. I really like this and I never thought I'd stop using SuperGrap. I also like Tecnifibre Contact Wrap.
From: Kevin. 5/11

Comments: This is by far my favorite grip on the market. Just a little thicker than Wilson pro og, this grip is awesome when it comes to sweat absorption and feel. Not to mention, far more durable than Wilson pro and Yonex super grap.
From: Sam, Brookline, MA, USA, 02/11

Comments: This is high quality over-grip, which became my favorite grip. The grip is about the same thickness as the Super Grap, not "super thick" as many of the reviewers described. The grip material has a little bit of a "gummy" feel which give you a little extra cushion. It's looks a little bit shiny and a little more sticky than the Super Grap and Wilson Pro. I like its comfort and quality a lot. (I was once a leather replacement grip with thin Tourna Grip user, I switched to a more cushion grip after I got a wrist and elbow injury couple months ago. I realized it is good to forgone a little bit of feel but has a little more arm friendly cushion on the grip and the strings so that I can play longer and more without injury or un-comfort)
From: Jack,Denver, CO, USA. 09/10

Comments: This is a very thick over grip and here in the humidity of Atlanta it doesn't work, plus you can't feel the bevels as well as with other thin grips. This could be useful if you want to increase the grip size by 1/4 at least.
From: Marcus, Atlanta, GA, USA. 07/10

Comments: Too Thick. Yonex Overgrap is better. You can almost increase grip size using this one.
From: Anon, Marietta,Ga,USA. 11/09

Comments: The best overgrip I've ever tried. Three times better than Babolat.
From: Daniel, Santiago, Chile 10/09

Comments: I used within the last couple of years 4(four) brands: Volkl, Pacific, Babolat and Wilson.In my opinion, Volkl preforms the best amongst these; I play 5-6 hours per week, and for me, it lasts 2-3 weeks. Compared with Wilson and Babolat, it is much better, is really tacky, never slips and it is very comfortable. It offers me control on the racquet, improves the serve considerably and last, but not least, is very easy to be applied, does not kinks. It convinced me that Volkl overgrip is the best amongst the brands that I tried in this category. In my opinion, the Pacific X tack is overrated within the TW area; I used it, and I thought first that I had bad luck with an aged package. I bought another batch and was exactly identical with the first one: gave me the feeling that I have talk powder on the overgrip, it was not displaying any tacky property, and thus I will stay for sure with Volkl; I am convinced that nobody could be disappointed by the Volkl overgrip. I am an old guy, 4.0 player.
From: Constantin, Toronto, Ontario, Canada. 3/09

Comments: This is a soft and very good grip, particularly for wet hands. I have used many other grips, and this is by a large margin one of the best. I would recommend it for badminton and racquetball rackets as well.
From: David, La Jolla, CA, USA. 7/08

Comments: This is grip is somewhat tacky. The problem with it is that it is too thick. Overall the grip lasts quite a long time, but is to thick. I recommend the grip to people with big hands. I recommend the Wilson Pro Overgrip if you want something a little more tacky.
From: Dave, Atlanta, GA. 5/08

Comments: Have used this overgrip for several years. To me, it has just the right combination of moisture dispersion, heat dispersion and grip. Especially good if wound tight over a fairly soft grip like Head Hydrosorb or ProKennex. The cotton base makes it very stable. Mine gets dirty (yellow) before it wears out.
From: John, Southwest Virginia, USA 04/06

Comments: This Volkl overgrip is excellent for all players, it is tacky, pretty durable, absorbs perspiration very well, and most importantly, extremely comfortable. I've experimented with several different grip types and several different brands- Volkl overgrips are the best!
From: Luke, Jackson, MI, USA. 03/05

Comments: A nice overgrip in hot weather. It will change your grip size little bit. It worked very well for me. If you don't mind spending a fair bit for three, go ahead - you won't be disappointed.
From: Jim, CA, USA. 1/04

Comments: The Volkl Super Grip OverGrip is one of the best all around overgrips. It is great with absorption, durability and gives you maximum feel even after weeks of play. The overgrip is thicker than normal overgrip, but that is an advantage in absorption. I play 6-8 hours per week and this overgrip truly performs well. I highly recommend this to anybody who sweats a lot or seeks total control.
From: From: Vadim,Moscow, Russia. 1/04

Comments: The Super Grip is more durable than most. It lasts for a long time and it still prevents slippage. I would recommend it to anyone who likes to use an overgrip. Even in the extreme humidity of Alabama, Volkl Super Grip is great.
From: Ian, Pelham, AL, USA. 7/03

Comments: The Volkl Grips are extremely comfortable for me. I play tennis all day every day and I never use a different grip. Now I'm on the court for several hours each day and this grip I can always trust this grip to be tacky and sticky.
From: Xave
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. 7/03

Comments: This overgrip is wonderful.. My hands sweat a lot, no matter what the weather is, all the grips I've tried would slip and cause major blisters, but now thanks to the Volkl Super Grip I always am playing my A game no matter what the weather. The overgrip is tacky, never slips and is so very comfortable. It lasts me for about 10-15 hours of play.
From: Sergey, Rockland County, NY, USA. 4/03

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