Volkl Synthetic Gut 16 String Crystal Customer feedback

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Comments: This is an excellent synthetic gut from Volkl. I used it in my ProKennex Ki 5 in a full bed at 60 lbs. It feels very soft and crisp with excellent control. I like that it doesn't move all over. I hit with a lot of topspin and I do not have to adjust my strings as frequently between points. The durability is ok, as I've played both singles and doubles for around 10 hours, and they are still in very good shape. They are also inexpensive when you buy 2 or more.
From: Jeffery. 10/12

Comments: I have used this as a main and cross in hybrids with Signum Pro Tornado and Signum Pro Hyperion. I like this string a lot. I have been using it as a main at 57 lbs with Signum Pro Tornado cross at 52 lbs. I really like it. Spin is very good and control is excellent. It is a bit expensive for a synthetic gut but I bought the 720 foot reel and it works out to be pretty inexpensive. Durability is good - I have broken a set at about 15 hours but that's about average for synthetic gut. The poly is usually worn by 15 hours anyhow. It last longer as a cross. Oddly, I like this better than a multi main with poly cross. The Volkl Synthetic Gut is crisper than multi mains and maybe you get a touch more spin and control with the synthetic gut.

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