Volkl Psycho Hybrid 17 String Black/Silver Customer feedback

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Comments: I thought this Hybrid combo was OK, however I didn't experience so much of all the love other posters expressed. Control was good, but my play didn't have the greatest comfort, nice feel, or great spin. Adding my own power often resulted in a loss of control or sent balls sailing. As for durability it lasted a few matches over the course of only one month and then my string bed felt a bit dead and stiff. Maybe I set the tension too high at 49/51 lbs. Oh well, since I ordered 3 sets from TW so will give it another try at 47/49 lbs. Thanks!
From: Basil, 6/16

Comments: I just bought this based on the TW video blog, and I'm very glad that I did. This string grabs the ball very well. I played better today than usual. I am glad I bought this one. I have been using Kirschbaum Pro Line II 18g, but the tension loss has become an issue. I'm glad I got this.
From: Scott, 5/15

Comments: I like this string! I've been using Head RIP Control 17g for years but wanted a change. I get more spin, especially on serve, as well as great depth and control. It's not bothering my arm at all. I'm a 4.5 level player.
From: Ken, 5/15

Comments: This was an amazing change. It plays with lots of spin and also offers a little bit of power. However, the strings seem to lose tension fast, and since PowerFiber is a multifilament, Cyclone kind of wears it down. Mine broke in about a month. Still a very great string for a great price.
From: Loelue, 5/14

Comments: I love this string. I changed from RPM Blast and didn't expect to like these as much. I was wrong, I like this string every bit as much as RPM Blast, but it seems to lose tension a bit faster than my RPMs did. If you don't mind restringing a little more often, this is an excellent string with massive amounts of spin, plus it is less than half the price of RPM Blast.
From: Sam, 1/14

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