Volkl Power Fiber II 18 String Customer feedback

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Comments: I used Power Fiber in a hybrid setup on the mains at 64 lbs with Volkl Cyclone crosses at 61 lbs (Head Youtek Extreme Pro). Excellent string. It has power and control with decent tension maintenance and durability. Reminds me of X-one Biphase. Definitely will be using this string again in the future.
From: Rod. 3/12

Comments: Why doesn't anyone try this? Strung some up, felt great. Great pop, good life, good pocketing, soft on the arm to boot. This stuff is sweet, I prefered it over prince syn gut 18 I tried along side in another frame.
From: J, MA 07/09

Comments: Strung at @ 57 lbs in my Yonex Ti-70. This setup had a noticeable decrease in power compared to my normal BDE 17 hybrid, which I expected, given the increase in tension and the move to a multifilament synthetic. I increased my normal tension by 2 lbs. in this case to account for the tension drop associated with multis compared to natural gut. Surprisingly, the string job does not appear to have lost much tension at all, even after a couple of weeks of use. I guess you can add Volkl Power Fiber II to the short list of multis that actually hold their tension very well, on par with the Laserfibres, and Yonexes. This string felt identical to Klip Excellerator, and I suspect it is the same considering the 2 companies affiliation with each other. It has very good control and decent bite, and above average feel for a multi. I'd say it plays on the stiff side, but this may have to do with the excellent tension maintenance. There was again the feeling of decreased solidness, or maybe a shrinking of sweetspot, as with the Klip Legend 18 hybrid. The spin potential was about the same as my BDE 17 hybrid, although it is not a fair comparison given that it is not gut (I seem to get more spin with gut than any other string). The power level was quite a bit lower; I think I'd have to string this stuff at 2-3lbs. BELOW my normal BDE hybrid tension to get a similar power level. In any case, the Volkl string was solid across the board, desipte not being excellent in any one area, so I may use it in my "damp weather" frame, when it is too wet to use gut strings.
From: monologuist. Post on Talk Tennis 11/05

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