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Comments: Rubbish string. Used in a full bed it has some slice but zero topspin and wears out really quick. When used in a hybrid, the string does not slide back into place.
From: Scott, 8/16

Comments: Great string, but lacks control and spin in a full bed. Combine it with Gosen Sidewinder 17 on the mains. (I have given more extensive feedback on the Gosen Sidewinder 17 page see that for more details.) Don't let the poly put you off if your worried about it being too stiff, Sidewinder is fairly soft.
From: Mike, 1/16

Comments: I've been using this string for over a year. Pros: Feel, good spin and power. Cons: the outer jacket wears off quickly which increases the friction between strings and makes it harder for the strings to go back in place and it prints black lines on the balls when you hit hard.
From: Bilal, 12/14

Comments: Great multifilament string that compares to poly without the elbow pain. I've tried other multifilaments rom Gamma, Babolat and Technifibre and I find the Volkl Power Fiber to be the best as far as power, control, spin and comfort. The black color looks great and price is a no brainer. I string my racquet in the middle around 54 to 56 pounds.
From: Al, 8/14

Comments: This sting has nice power, some spin, and good feel. Durability is ok but lasts long. After it lost tension, I got too much power. I strung a full bed at 52 pounds with Organic V1.
From: Tong, 8/12

Comments: I did a full bed at 57lbs on a 16x19 90 sq. in Mizuno Turbo Pro. The drilling pattern makes the string bed fairly dense in the middle. With this particular racquet I use OG Sheep and then Gamma Live Wire XP when I have a bit extra cash. You really have to generate your own power and let the weight of this racquet do it's work. The strings had a nice feel and was comfortable. I think this would work well with those suffering from GE/TE. I've only played 2 sets with this and so far the tension seems to hold up fairly well. It didn't seem to need to settle but then again I had it strung and sitting at home for over a week. It probably settled some during that time. I have heard that this string will look pretty beat up just like any other multi. I get lots of control and a decent amount of spin. The racquet (12.8 oz) leads me to hit a bit more flat than my midplus and lighter sticks. I am eager to try this in one of my midplus racquets. The one thing I didn't like was the sound upon contact. I had a dampener while playing, yet it had more of a ping sound than a pop.
From: Nathan, 8/12

Comments: I see comments that say this string lasts a long time, but I pop a string about every 3 weeks....that said, this is the only string I use. (17#) Great feel, nice bite on the ball.
From: Lynn, 3/12

Comments: I strung this up on my girlfriend's Head Extreme Team (@ 52 lbs). First, I must say that this string is a dream to work with. It strings up like a wet noodle! Forten Sweet 17 is the only string I've used that comes close for ease of stringing. I will buy more of this string. Anyway, my GF loves it. It's easy on her arm, has ample power, good spin, and, most importantly for her, the black string looks good on her racquet :-). She (a 3.5) doesn't hit with a lot of pace or spin, so the fraying described by others is not a problem. I intend to try it as a cross with poly mains.
From: Steve, 1/12

Comments: Great feel and power. Poor durability, even by multi standards.
From: Mark, USA, 1/12

Comments: Before I used this string, used Wilson NXT Tour 17. I liked that string, but the Powerfibre is a major improvement. It holds tension better, and the strings don't move. I also found it much easier to put topspin and slice on the ball. I have it strung at 54 pounds on a Babolat XS 105. I feel like I can be more aggressive from the control that these strings provide. However, power is not lacking either. I've only been playing for 6-7 months, so I've never broken a string before, and I guess I'll just have to wait and see with durability.
From: Brandon, Sacramento, CA, USA, 02/10

Comments: I have been playing with natural gut for the couple years, but wanted to try something less expensive, and decided to give this string a try. I love it. Excellent bite on the ball. (I had it strung at 58#.)
From: Lynn, Chicago, IL USA 09/09

Comments: Excellent touch, feel and comfort with this string. I play with a Volkl Tour 10 V-Engine and string in the mid-50 lbs range. As mentioned it does start to shed the outer coating a bit earlier than other multi's, but seems to last just as long despite the shedding. One interesting characteristic of this string is when it starts shedding it imparts more spin on the ball.
From: Larry, Indianapolis, IN, USA, 01/07

Comments: This string has great control and feel. However, it tends to "shed" the outerlayer quickly, but even without it, it lasts a surprisingly long time. If you like hitting with heavy spin and good precision, it's definitely worth the $13. I have found that you increase the play length without giving up much feel if you use this multifilament in the crosses and a polyester in the mains.
From: Blake, Albuquerque, NM, USA. 02/05

Comments: Great tension maintenance, but the outer wrapping frays really quickly. Other than that, great value, especially in 17g.
From: Sebastian, Kenosha, WI, USA. 3/04

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