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Comments: I bought this racquet after demoing several different frames from Tennis Warehouse. I am generally a great fan of Volkl racquets. They build a quality product; better than any other tennis racquet brand, in my opinion. The Organix V1 doesn't disappoint. A solid performer from all areas of the court with a perfect blend of power and control; the extra length helped add some pop to my serve. It's easy on the arm and elbow too. Great at the net especially when you get some pace to work with, the ball shoots out like a cannon kissing the line on its way to the fence. As mentioned in other reviews, this frame has a sense of style, which is a plus for me. I use a softer feeling string in my racquets for better touch and easy power as well as to protect my arm. Give this frame a try you will be glad you did.
From: Ramy, 3/13
String type and tension: Babolat Tonic + Longevity (mains) / Gamma Synthetic Gut 16 (crosses) at 37.5 lbs

Comments: I've also had shoulder issues and searched long and hard to find a racquet solution that would provide the comfort but not compromise touch, power or control. For me, I think this is it. Having read the mid-size review and the reviews here I concur with what they say. Hard to fault the racquet which has a great feel and is not overally powerful for an OS. I found it didn't hit long and it was well-controlled. It has very good stability. At the net it is excellent, with good control, good touch/feel, particularly for an OS. It is a tad light but thats helpful at the net. I might try some lead tape at some stage but it's more than good enough at this stage. The finish is excellent, as you'll not see a brown racquet in the market and not sure if that is a good thing, but it is distinctive and IMHO it is one of the best finished racquets around. There's huge attention to detail in the styling around the frame. It is very enjoyable to play with, and I recommend demo'ing it.
From: Steve, 9/12

Comments: I have serious shoulder problems, and for that reason the V1 Oversize is a good fit. I switched to this racquet from the Volkl PowerArm models which, by comparison, have quite a trampoline effect. The V1 Oversize has a nice blend of power and control for someone like me. However, some big hitters I know who have tried the racquet had trouble keeping the ball in play, but loved the racquet for volleying, as do I. What I like most about the racquet is the sensation it gives at impact. Firm, but with a slight flex that reminds me a bit of wood but with a much bigger sweet spot of course. My serve has been consistent and accurate, but I'm having trouble generating enough power, which is probably more the fault of my shoulder than the racquet.
From: Russ, 7/12
String type: Luxilon ALU Power Big Banger

Comments: I've been playing through shoulder and elbow pain for years now, albeit slight. However, it is quite persistent. After playing with the new Volkl X V1 it is no longer an issue. Furthermore, I can hit out hard on the ball and generate plenty of spin to get the ball well into the court. Serves are great due to the extended length of the racquet and the extended string bed. I't s a great choice and better than the mid plus in my opinion!
From: John, 7/12
String type and tension: Tecnifibre X-One BiPhase @ 57 lbs

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