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Comments: I have had recurrent elbow problems for the last 4+ years, using both Prince, then Babolat racquets, last fall, I switched to the Organix V1 MidPlus, and can finally play tennis without pain, without losing the feel or power in my game. I'm back to playing 4.5-5.0 tennis.
From: Sam, 12/14

Comments: Let's talk about comfort and playability. I have played tennis for 30 plus years and I am 40. I played college tennis in the USA with a scholarship. After college, my arm pretty much was totally worn out and hurt. I was looking for a comfortable, powerful, controllable, and precise stick for quite a long time without any luck (very hard combination to find). I tried everything, and in the end my arm was always paying the price. I was about to give up and hated the fact that I could not play more than once or twice a week without feeling hurt...again! I read the reviews on TW about this stick and gave it a chance, it is simply amazing! If you want a real tweener racquet that is very forgiving to your arm and amazing to handle -- this is it! I have to agree that if you are not in the sweet spot at the net, the outcome is not as good as you would like it to be; but if you practice enough with this stick it will deliver amazing net shots as well. Beautiful to serve with, amazing forehands, and backhands and the more you hit with it, the more you get in love with the stick. I recommend Prince More Feel at 56 lbs for even more comfort.
From: Rod, 9/14

Comments: The perfect racquet. Smooth, controllable power. Strung with Cyclone in the mains and Gosen Micro Sheep Gut in the crosses, both at 53 lbs. A true gem.
From: John, 8/14

Comments: Good controllable power with silky smooth feel! Highly recomended!
From: Sittichocke, 4/14

Comments: Strong beginner here, 3.0 level, 31 year old athletic male and I think this racquet is supremely comfortable. Not jarring at all like the Babolat frames. Good power, but a controllable power. It felt too light for me in stock form so we added lead to 3 and 9 positions and also in the handle to maintain balance. Now the racquet feels and plays like a dream. The head is more oval shaped (not as round as other frames), so it feels very aerodynamic and whippy through the air. Great for bombing out flat first serves, but not as much spin on kicker or slice serves as rounder heads. Head size is 102, but it looks smaller than my Prince turbo shark 100 in a side by side comparisons. Great racquet overall that really sings when weighted up. I agree with a previous posters claim about the sound it makes -- there is absolutely zero ringing from vibrations.
From: Brandon, 2/14

Comments: I have played with this racquet for a month and can give an accurate assessment. This is the most arm friendly racquet I have ever played with. It has ample power, especially on serves, ground strokes and return of serve. Spin potential is average. The only flaw is a lack of head stability on volleys but you will only notice it if you hit off center. I love serving with this racquet. The sound it makes reminds of artillery being fired. This racquet is very similar to an EXO3 red. Overall, very pleased with the racquet and with Volkl racquets in general. I am surprised they are not more popular.
From: Jeff, 11/13

Comments: Very accurate review from Sean, I can agree with his impressions 100%. The Volkl Organix V1 MP is a very good racquet that excels in comfort and maneuverability. The main upside comparing with a Pure Drive, apart from the inherent control that it has, is the success in flat shots. The Pure Drive is a great frame, with great control and power if you hit with topspin, but very poor if you flatten out the ball or if you don't put enough topspin into the ball. The V1 MP has incredible control and feel in than situations for a open patterned 102sq in frame. I've also leaded up a bit (at 2-10 o'clock and under the grip) for increase plow-through and general stability, and the maneuverability don't suffer at all because of the low stock value.
From: Pablo, 8/13

Comments: After researching tons of racquets and demoing 4, I finally have settled on the V1 MP. The nice combination of superior comfort, good maneuverability, nice feel, and good pop convinced me to drop some money. I'm switching from a Babolat Tour NCT, which was nice, but had some comfort and maneuverability (even for a light racquet) issues for me. The feel of V1 MP and balance is perfect for me and I'm excited to get it. I had it strung with a Volkl Cyclone 6 gauge since I'm a string breaker. I never played with a poly before, but I'll report back on how it plays in combo with the racquet. I'm a 3.5 player who hits with heavy topspin with an eastern forehand grip and a relatively flat powerful two handed backhander.
From: Brian, 7/13

Comments: This is a magic stick. Came back to tennis after a 30 year layoff. Previously, I played in high school and college at a tournament level, singles only, with a POG. Picked up a V1 Classic to get back in the game, a wonderful training stick, trying to avoid racquet induced injuries. Stepped up to a Becker London for more control, strung with Tonic 16 gut, which is a nice setup, but a little slow a net when deflecting gut shots. Just got the Organix V1. I have hit all the usual suspects extensively. It has the spin of Babolat Aero Drive and the rip of a Pure Drive, without the bone jarring or randomly sprayed shots because of too much power. Swing speed is super fast, which I may slow down with some lead for mass and plow. As light as it is, it does not get pushed around by huge servers, which surprised me. In fact I was able to block or rip back with amazing finesse. This is a confidence inspiring stick. Played a match with hard hitters, blasting serves and forehands with wicked spin and pace. One handed backhands can be driven, sliced or top spun without even thinking. Back spin lobs to the line or corners are a breeze. The racquet is super fast at net for brutal put aways or dinky back spun touch shots. And that is all done with multis at 55lbs. A little more mass and hydrid (Cyclone and VS17) will make this frame ridiculous, without screwing up its basic design. If you hit one, you'll buy it.
From: Sean, 7/13

Comments: I've been in search of an arm-friendly racquet, and picked this one is up at an incredible deal. Strung it with Wilson NXT at 55lbs, this racquet felt very easy to swing, comfortable, and had a bit more power than the Prince EXO3 Tour. Could probably use some lead tape to give it even more plow through. I would definitely put this racquet on my list of arm- friendly racquets (in combination with a premium multifilament string).
From: Larry, 7/13

Comments: Picked one up on a whim as my arm just can't take the super stiff racquets that seem to be the staple today. Comfy I must say. Sting bed is soft and no arm pain. Has decent pop and power for a 10.5 oz strung racquet. It is very easy to play with with medium swings, may be a tad light for those who like to swing out from the baseline. A very good racquet for doubles as it swings so easy.
From: A, 7/13

Comments: Has anyone else added weight to this racquet? I love it, but wish it was a bit heavier. I hate to simply add lead tape to the hoop, because I like the balance as is.
From: Jack, 5/13

Comments: I noticed improved comfort in my elbow since switching from the Dunlop 4D 500. The V1 Midplus has more power and a nice sweet spot with the 102" head size. It is a great racquet for returning serves, and my serves have good power considering the relatively light weight. I lost my string damper, but it seems I don't need it with this stick. Control and comfort is good with the 16g Multifilament strings I had, but I will try 18g Technifibre X-One BiPhase, to try for more feel, hopefully without any decrease in the comfort and smoothness that makes this racquet so great.
From: Gerry, 4/13

Comments: I recently switched to this racquet from the Babolat APD. Loved the APD, but it did not love me. After feeling some pain in my elbow and demoing my wife's racquet, I decided to buy a couple of the Organix V1. It has been a very positive change for me. I do not notice any difference in power or spin, but a huge difference in comfort. The only adjustment necessary was getting used to the Volkl grip shape. Now that I've adjusted to that, I love everything about the racquet. Highly recommended.
From: Arli, 2/13

Comments: I posted 5/12 when I started with this racquet, and now it's been 8 months and I have never had a softer, more reliable, better performing helper then this. It can return the hardest shot both in the backcourt and at net.
From: Robert, 12/12
String type: Volkl Fiber II

Comments: I'm in my mid 50s and have had shoulder surgery for a degenerative shoulder joint 10 years ago. I've been playing with a Head Intelligence midplus for 10 years. My shoulder had recently started bothering me again and I was wondering how much longer I could play. I demo'ed the Volkl Organix Midplus for a few days and was sold. I've been using it for a month and love it. Shoulder discomfort has been minimal. My game has improved considerably. I love the maneuverability and comfort of this racquet. I get good spin and much more control with this stick. I feel like this racquet is going to extend my playing time. Thanks Volkl.
From: Bill, 11/12
String type and tension: Volkl Power Fiber @ 55 lbs

Comments: Finally a worthy replacement for the V1 classic. I set one up with extra weight @ 3 & 9 o'clock, and the result was great control, enough power, good spin (both slice and top), nice at the net, and for a larger head (102) serving was good for power and accuracy. Biggest compliment is that for me it plays like a Org 9, with a larger sweet spot and wielding it for 2 hours does not leave you feeling like you have been in a match of Mahut - Isner proportions!
From: Steve, 7/12
String type and tension: Volkl Power Fibre @ 55 lbs

Comments: Racquets simply don't come any more comfortable than this one. It's the only stick I've used that I saw no point in adding a vibration dampener. Plusher than prior versions of the V1, it's a soothing balm for your wrist and elbow. Having said that, anyone with a fairly long swing will be launching balls continually with this lightweight stick. Not an easy racquet to be consistent with, as it has some uneven power on the string bed, and I was never able to really find a rhythm with it. Maybe when I'm older and more arthritic......
From: Mike, 7/12

Comments: I have been using Volkl since I had en elbow problem some 3 years ago. My previous racquet was the Power Bridge 8 315 with polys at 52lbs and 50lbs. It is an splendid racquet but quite heavy, 350g strung. This made me look for something lighter but with good power potential. I have been playing with the V1 now for 3 weeks. It is a very good racquet. It feels light but has very good head acceleration. Nevertheless still a bit light for my taste. I put a total of 4g of lead tape at 9 and 3 o'clock in 2 inch strips. I kept the same strings WeissCannon, BlackEdge mains 50 and TurboTwist 18 cross 52lbs. The effect was superb. No more torsion instability, lots of power and spin, and amazing racquet head speed for huge flat and kick serves. Great slice and touch. I highly recommend this set up for those looking for a lighter frame with lots of power spin and control. Good for all kinds of play.
From: Adrian, 6/12
String type and tension:Weiss Cannon BE5 mains 50lbs / TT 18 cross 52lbs
Headsize: 102
NTRP Rating: 4

Comments: I also had elbow issues which is what led me to try Volkl! I would agree that this is something like the Babolat Pure Drive in power, but with greater comfort--though a little less crisp. It's smooth instead. So far it has been very comfortable. I notice the biggest difference in serve, which works a lot better for me with this racquet. It's a little less stable when returning hard-hit balls, but I'm finding that the comfort level is leading me to find other ways to work around this.
From: Dana, 5/12
String type and tension: Wilson NXT Tour 17

Comments: I had elbow issues changed to v1 midplus with Gamma TNT RX 17. Elbow resolved. Racquet is powerful yet great touch and feel, good at net, can handle hard hitting. Can serve accurately and with spin.
From: Robert, 5/12

Comments: The demo I got from Tennis Warehouse was brand new. I have no idea what it was strung at but I guess in the middle of spec. I play with the V1 Classic and this racquet is not in same ball park of classic. It has no power. It is too light at net. Once again volkl tried to improve the the V1 but have failed on this one.
From: RM, 5/12

Comments: More power and feel than the V1 Classic. More stable than the V1 Power Bridge (my least favorite of the V1 line). Fun cosmetic. My coach does not go easy on me and this racquet offers the forgiveness needed to keep up with a stronger player.
From: Tim, 5/12
String type and tension: Polyfibre TCS 16, 55 lbs

Comments: I demoed this racquet for a week. The one I got was brand new, grip still in the plastic wrapper. This is a very impressive offering from Volkl! I will be getting one soon. I really liked it, especially for doubles. The response is lively and pretty clean feeling-- not muted (may have also been the brand new Volkl strings- they were superb). No string dampener is needed as string 'ping' and frame vibrations are virtually non-existent. The light static weight and player-friendly overall balance makes this an extremely maneuverable frame to use coming forward in the court, and at net volleys are solid and precise with outstanding feel. From the back of the court power is on tap in abundance when needed, but it is not forced on you. My only minor gripe is the Volkl synthetic grip seems a little spongy, but it's not intolerable. Overall, I give this one an A+ for this racquet category. Thanks for the excellent demo program Tennis Warehouse!
From: Tom, 5/12

Comments: Objective performance power/spin/directional control similar to my Babolat Pure Drive GT, but much easier on the joints. The feel of this V1 is really superb. Nearly no shock, no vibration, no wobble, even on off center shots. Organix material seems to be such an advantage, and this is even more pronounced in the V1 and X6 than in the X10, which I also used. As the X6, this new Version of the V1 is a very easy to use racquet, but with a very high potential. Does not get pushed around even against heavy hitters.
From: Andrew, 5/12
String type and tension: Babolat RPM 17L, 25kg

Comments: It's a more stable Classic V1, even easier on the arm, with a more lively, less muted string bed. Don't shy away from the light weight or light swing weight; the stick has lots of power and hits with an amazing amount of spin, especially if you grip it loosely. I think it's the best V1 since the Classic, which was made for the traditional player. This V1 plays great for the modern player.
From: Rush, 2/12

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