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Comments: There is nothing like that Volkl feel! As a 4.5 doubles tournament player, the solid feel and maneuverability of this frame is equal with that of any Prestige, Pro Staff, or Babolat available. Strung with a full bed of syn gut or round poly rewards the aggressive player with precise volleys and serve returns. Direction on the serve is excellent. Strong players will enjoy both spin an forgiveness. No worries with wrist, elbow, or shoulder aches. Coming from a Youtek Prestige Pro, the lighter weight and stiff feel make this frame worth a demo. Used Technifibre syn gut 17 in the mains at 60 lbs with Dunlop Explosive 17 in the crosses at 57 lbs.
From: William, 10/14

Comments: I have four of these frames, and am going to buy more. Stiff in a thin beam, and strung with a hybrid with poly mains at 56 lbs and syn gut crosses at 60 lbs, it is lively with good feel. No lead tape needed. No wrist, elbow, or shoulder aches with this frame! Buy 1 grip size smaller, replace the factory grip with leather, and put a tourna grip over -- a true weapon! Love that German engineering!
From: John, 9/14

Comments: I've enjoyed every Volkl racquet I've ever played, and this is no exception. My son is becoming a much more competitive player as a 12 year old. I purchased this racquet to replace his Instinct MP, and he loves the feel. We strung his racquet with Volkl V-Wrap in Orange.
From: Robert, 9/14

Comments: Update from my previous review. Moved the added lead tape from 2 and 10 o'clock, to 3 and 9 o'clock. Still counter balanced with lead tape wrapped around the throat of the racquet just above the grip, and covered with the rubber band. Dialed in now.
From: Selles, 9/13

Comments: I play around a 5.0 level and am looking to move up. This racquet works for me and I have tried more racquets than most. It is very stiff to have such a thin beam. This allows me to generate power and still hit with a lot of spin without hitting the frame. I haven't figured out my exact custom weight yet but I am going to add between 12 and 16 grams of lead tape at 2 and 10 o'clock and then add more lead just above the grip handle (under the rubber band) to bring the racquet back to it's factory strung balance of about 5 points head light. I have it strung with Babolat Pro Hurricane 18 gauge string, and two over grips. My strung weight will be somewhere between 12.4 and 12.8 ounces. Definitely worth a demo.
From: Selles, 9/13

Comments: My journey to the Organix 9 is studded with many trials with various racquets. It started in 2011 with the APD then the Dunlop AG500 followed with the Pure Storm GT and very recently the Organix10 (325). I decided on trying the Organix 9, as the Organix 10 tends to weigh on me a bit more as things progress beyond the first hour on the courts. I also noticed that when I lose my rhythm, the Organix 10 can be very difficult to handle. In saying all that, I did not want to lose the heft of the Organix 10 and the stabilty and "old school" feel that it gives. The Organix 9 turned out to be a good go between the Pure Storms, which used to be a bit too light and get pushed around a bit more. Perhaps due to my swing or style of play etc., I found the Organix 9 to be a bit unstable on the sides, hence I put weight at 3 and 9 o'clock, which seems to work perfectly for me. The main features are a stronger stable and repeatable serve and overall heft which more or less matches the Organix 10, but all of this at 10gms lighter.
From: Chakravarty, 9/13

Comments: After a 6 month racquet search, continual use of the TW University website, and the TW demo program, I decided on the Volkl Organix 9. The TW review does not do this racquet justice. I play tested the Head Prestige S, MP and Pro; the Head Youtek Radical MP and Pro; Head Microgel Radical MP; Head IG Speed 300; Babolat Pure Storm GT; Team GT, and Ltd GT; Wilson BLX Pro Staff 95, Dunlop Biometric 200, Donnay X Dual Silver 99, X Dual Gold 99, and XP dual 102, the Yonex VCORE Tour 97, the Volkl 10 295g, 325g, and Mid. I'm a 4.0-4.5 player with a full swing and was having problems with the ball sailing with my old Head Ti Radical OS, not to mention it was hard on my arm and shoulder when strung high enough to temper the power of the oversize frame. My requirements included finding a lower powered racquet I could string with a multi-filament string at a reasonable tension to allow me to play daily without pain: Weight 10.5 - 11.5 oz, Swingweight 295 - 330, Power rating less than 40 (for me 39 seemed to be the right amount of power), Head size Max 102, Length 27 in. I found the TWU numbers to well represent the power of the various racquets (though I did find the Donnay Gold seemed to be the least powerful of the group, which by chart should have been equal to the Organix 9). My favorite racquets were the Babolat Pure Storm, which had a very rewarding feel when hitting the sweet spot, and nearly won the competition. The Organix 10s were all good, but too powerful for me to feel like I could always swing out or block back a hard serve. The Organix 10 Mid in specific had a great feel, accurate targeting, but had a much higher power return (check the charts, actually unbelievable for the soft feel, 59 rating, and thin beam). The Organix 9 by chart appears much stiffer (69 rating), however the feel is still soft and allows laser-like targeting. The racquet is stable even on off-center hits and doesn't transfer a hurtful shock to the arm. The 5pt HL gives easy access to head acceleration and spin. While some of the other racquets provided easier power on the serve, the Organix 9 allows me to hit my spots and hit with more spin, while still being able to put pace on it when required. Adequate power on volleys, maneuverability and the ability to absorb power for soft angles is spot on. If you have a full swing and can provide you own power when you want it, this is an extremely enjoyable racquet to play with, allowing you to use any shot in your arsenal from power drives, to arcing topspin, to angled slices and dropshots.
From: Adrian, 8/13

Comments: Love this racquet so much that I bought 2. I've been searching for a racquet that is close to the Tour 10 circa 2005, and this is it. The Organix 8 had too much pop, the Organix 10 had great control but I couldn't hit the ball past anybody. I play an all court game with a one-handed backhand. This racquet has helped me slowly move from a slice backhand to topspin when needed. I string it tight around 60 lbs, but it is still very comfortable. When the price drops, I'll buy two more.
From: Kieran, 5/13

Comments: After 3 months of solid play I have definitely made the switch. The specs are right in my range and from the first hit I noticed the control-orientated response which is what I was after. This had plenty of power for this type of racquet when you needed it. A great blend of power, control and feel makes this one of my favorite sticks.
From: Ryan, 12/12

Comments: I love the weight and balance, and the lower power in a 16x19 frame is heaven for the aggressive topspin player with solid tekkers. Yes, it is lower powered but you can certainly rip winners all day long as it has very solid power when you need to get on the gas. If you're an aggressive player after greater control with better spin, then you need to get on this stick. PS, I always string in the low 50's at the highest with full poly for the best result.
From: Chad, 11/12
String type and tension: Luxilon 4G 1.25 @ 52/50 lbs

Comments: First impression of this stick is very responsive. I was able to scream a few forehand winners from 4-5ft behind the baseline. The ball explodes off the string very sharp. The slice is easy and steady for such a headlight frame. Any one-hander should give stick a try because the thin frame travels through the air a bit faster to hit high topspin backhand. I had previous problems with elbows and wrist but no pain here.
From: Chris, 6/12
String type and tension: Turbo Touch/VWrap 17, 51lbs main/53lbs crosses
NTRP Rating: 4.5

Comments: First impression is that it plays stiffer than the PB9, I would not want to play strung higher than 54lbs and if anything the sweet spot which was already small, seems smaller. Lead tape at 3 & 9 partially solved that. Still great control on groundstrokes, good on volleys, serving and generates good spin. All providing you hit the spot.
From: String type and tension: Volkl Powerfiber II-16, 53lbs
Headsize: 98
NTRP Rating: 4.5

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