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Comments: This is a great racquet! I have ordered 2 and it should be my racquet for awhile. It is very manueverable, has tons of power and helps me hit pretty much any shot I want. I was a little skeptical about the oversized head because I have a one-handed backhand, but there is great plowthrough and I am really blasting my backhand for the first time in years. I had previously been using the lighter version X-7, but I've switched to the heavier version for both doubles and singles. Strung at 54 lbs with Volkl Cyclone Tour.
From: Pat, 7/14

Comments: This is an update to my previous review which mentioned the poor response from the upper 25% of the frame. TW's own research indicated that only 17% of the force of the hit was returned by this section . Anyway, I added some lead tape to the 11 and 1 o'clock positions, bringing weight up to 12 ounces. The racquet performance has improved and I am pretty happy with the way the frame is performing. More solid power all around
From: Ed, 12/13

Comments: I have been playing with this racquet for 6 months. The specs are perfect for me and when I get a good swing and solid contact there is a great blend of power and control. Spin generation is very good, especially on the serve. Volleys are very solid, except on balls hit on the top 25% of the string bed, which brings me to the one major flaw. The top 25% of the racquet is stone dead. Balls hit there go nowhere. Feel is like cardboard. The lower 75% is excellent and actually has a good size sweetspot. I will keep using this frame while trying to stay away from hitting with the top part.
From: Ed, 11/13

Comments: I have had the chance to test a Volkl X-7 310g for only one hour and I experimented a mix of feelings, some very positive and some negative. The most positive ones are related with the stability, power, control, plow through. This racquet is very solid, much more than expected with its head size. It is a fantastic combination of power, control and stability with extra help in the serve due to its extended length. Fantastic tweener racquet based on the positives. But I also had some negative feelings, and all of them are related with its poor maneuverability. The racquet is difficult to move, perhaps because of the combination of weight, beam size, head size, balance, and extended length. It seems not to be very aerodinamic and sometimes it is difficult to move in the air especially in quick interchanges. But once you can properly move the racquet, the experience with the Volkl X-7 310 is fantastic.
From: Anon, 3/13

Comments: I'm very happy with this frame. For me, it plays a lot 'smaller' than the specs would suggest, being easy to manoeuvre and whip around on aggressive strokes. The X-7 310 is also very stable when blocking back heavy shots and volleying. As expected, serving is a breeze with plenty of control available to help make the most of the considerable power offered. No issues with the stiffness rating, the racquet seems remarkably arm friendly after 3 weeks of pretty solid use. It's kind of like a PDR only with some Volkl 'feel' and no arm pain. I've made the switch, ordering another frame!
From: Tim, 3/13

Comments: The positives and negatives of this racquet were about equal in number for me. While most shots were comfortable, balls hit high in the stringbed reveal the 73 flex rating and are jarring. In the long run, I don't see this racquet as being arm friendly unless evey ball is hit perfectly. Power is good but some balls flew on me, more than with my own 105 inch frame. The almost-even balance makes it hard to maneuver, though my volleys felt very secure. And the spin was less than with my own (Exo Red) frame. Serving produced some good results. I think this one is an improvement on the PB-7 but still has its share of shortcomings.
From: Paul, 3/13

Comments: I would normally never play with anything over a 98, but I tried this out after losing a bet. This racquet is incredibly stable, especially on volleys. The spin generation is amazing (strung with either full poly or all multi). At 104 square inches and 24mm, it feels soft and much smaller. It is really difficult to describe the feel with the thick beam and large head, but it hits with more spin then a Pure Drive and you are able to hit flat too. Traditional-style players should really enjoy it as well. I am getting one of my own and I've never kept a frame bigger than a 95. Wow!
From: Raymond, 2/13

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