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Comments: I'm an avid Head racquet user, but when I started using Volkl, my tennis game went up to the next level. First, I bought the Power Bridge 10 but because of the very thin frame it had some vibrations. When I started using the Organix 7 295g, it became my favorite racquet. And I especially like the Kawasaki green color.
From: Jewn, 3/15

Comments: While I loved the racquet when I reviewed it earlier, over time I found I needed a better combination of control and power, so I switched to Volkl Cyclone Tour 17 co-poly strings strung at 51 lbs. I've been hitting with it for 3 weeks now, much better pop and spin control -- the strings really grab. The raquet was made for these strings.
From: Pat, 5/14

Comments: I just bought this racquet and I love it! I have been a Prince player for close to 30 years and never thought I would play anything else. I love the feel of this racquet on all areas of the court. Best money I have spent in a long time.
From: Brian, 4/14

Comments: Tried my TW demo today and like Chris said in his review, this racquet feels more solid than a 295 gram frame. Good pop from all over the court while very maneuverable at the net. Will put it on my want list and wait for the inevitable price drop.
From: Pasdep, 3/14

Comments: First time I have a problem with a Volkl, and I have played 20 years with those frames. I played 5 hours with this one -- nice first sensation, but enough to wake up an old elbow injury.
From: Anon, 11/13

Comments: This racquet is very stable in spite of its weight. It doesn't get any vibration. I'm still trying different string set ups, but I'm very satisfied so far.
From: Francesco, 11/13

Comments: I've been looking for a lighter, slightly larger racquet for doubles. I love my Volkl PB 10 Mid Plus, but it is a bit too heavy. I totally love the Organix 7, it satisfies all my needs for doubles, and I'm liking its combination of control and power for singles and I can hit any serve I want, with good location. I added a little weight at 3 and 9 to make it just a little more stable for power returns and digging out half volleys. Strung it with Prince Premier Attack 16 multi at 55 lbs. Very arm friendly in spite of its stiffness rating.
From: Pat, 10/13

Comments: I have been playing with the Yonex EZone XI100 for years. A friend recommended trying a demo of the Volkl Organix 7 so I thought I would give it a try. This has become my new favorite racquet offering both solid feel as well as good control. Strung it with Volkl V-Twist 16g at 55 lbs and I love the response. The Kawasaki green color is definitely a head turner.
From: Henry, 10/13

Comments: I was looking for a lighter frame that was close to even balanced or even a little head heavy to provide some stability at net and on return. Performance-wise, this racquet turned out to be exactly what I was looking for. Very stable for a light racquet, good spin and control, and good power. However, I cannot switch to it. Even though I've never had arm trouble, I felt twinges in my forearm from the very first shot. It's just too stiff for me.
From: Paul, 6/13

Comments: Because of the stiffness rating, I was reluctant to even give the X7 (295g) a try, but boy am I glad I did! This racquet is very stable, provides power and depth on demand along with having excellent control. All mine needed (and I now have 3) was to replace the grip with leather and add an OG and dampener. Volkl has done an amazing job of engineering feel in a stiff frame. So far, no problems from the stiffness, which seems to indicate that this racquet can save an older players game!
From: Charlie, 3/1

Comments: I have also found the Organix 7 (295g) to be solid on the baseline and for returning serves. I was concerned about the comfort given the stiffness rating, so I am using a multifilament string (Volkl Gripper at midtension). After multiple outings, I can attest to its comfort. No arm issues and a solid performance. Another winner from Volkl.
From: Tim, 3/13

Comments: I played with both Organix 7s, and they are very similar, except that this one is lighter. This is just as stable as the heavier version. It hits with lots of spin and it has good plow through for such a light frame. Swing fast and you'll get spin and speed, but with a lot of control and precision. It also volleys well. I usually don't mess around with such a light frame, but this one will surprise you.
From: David, 2/13

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