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Comments: After serious arm problems with the Wilson Juice 108, I demoed the Volkl Organix 6 at the recommendation from TW. I loved the demo and bought the racquet. Best racquet I've ever played with! No vibration, lots of power and great control. I had it strung with the Volkl V Feel 17 gauge. Very happy!
From: Helen, 10/13

Comments: This is a nice comfortable racquet. I agree with all the comments below. There's no Vibration at all. I was playing with the 2012 Wilson BLX Surge. The Surge is a nice racquet but it gave off too much vibration on returns. Be aware that the string pattern on this racquet is 16x18 giving it more spring, hence more power. To level it out I strung my poly's much higher than usual. That definitely gives this racquet the control I was looking for. Nice transition from the Surge. I love playing with this stick. I did add lead tape to the handle to make it more stable against big hitters. I'm so happy with the performance on this racquet. A must for 3.5 level players and above.
From: Mark, 10/12
String type and tension: Topspin Cyber Blue 1.25mm mains / Pro Supex Big Ace Micro 1.15mm crosses @ 58/55lbs

Comments: I was looking for a lighter racquet for my father. We demoed this racquet along with the Head IG Instinct S, the Head IG Radical S, the Babolat Pure Drive Lite, and the Dunlop Biomimetic 500. The Organix 6 was the best out of all of them. It does everything well, is very stable for its weight, and has good feel and shock absorption. If you're considering one of the other racquets on my list above, definitely give the Organix 6 a try. You will be very pleasantly surprised.
From: Eric, 7/12
String type: Gamma TNT

Comments: I demoed this racquet recently and found it to be an impressive stick. Just from tapping a ball up and down one can feel how well the vibrations are reduced. The feel is very buttery and can be compared to hitting a baseball on the sweet spot of a baseball bat. I use a lot of spin and hit the ball very hard so I appreciated the pop from this racquet. Surprisingly, it still maintains control and feel despite its power level. I found myself hitting deep topspin shots then perfect drop shots all with little effort. I decided to buy this racquet and I think it will be worth it for both double and singles.
From: Kyle, 6/12

Comments: I am just going to make my mind up between 4 Volkl sticks (PB 10 Mid, X6, X10, XV1). All are comfortable, joint protective racquets that are extreme fun to play with. The PB 10 Mid is a very demanding (and rewarding, IF!) offensive weapon, the X6 its more forgiving minor brother. The X10 is a control-oriented scalpel, the XV1 its more easily to use minor brother. I have modified the X6 with 8g lead at the hoop (10:30 to 1:30) and 12 g near the butt cap (polarized set-up). This turns out to be the answer to my personal needs and preferences. It is still very easy to play, produced absolutely crazy spin (e.g. serves) and can oppose heavy balls. It is, on the other hand, amazingly precise. Much loved droppers no problem.
From: Andrew, 5/12

Comments: Awesome racquet. Got this racket 2 months ago and love it. Very comfortable, no vibration, stable, good power, may be not as strong on the serves but definitely compensates in all other areas.
From: Sujith Mathew, 4/12

Comments: I used the Volkl Catapult 4 for years, but didn't like the 4 DNX or 4 Organix because they felt more bulky, stiffer and less maneuverable than the Catapult. I demoed the Organix 6 and really liked it, but after buying it found it to be lacking in touch and feel. I added 1/2 an ounce of lead tape to the handle.
From: Anon, 2/12

Comments: This racquet was a surprise. For a thick beamed, light weight stiff frame, it plays with good control and comfort. For sure the new vibration dampening works. No vibration at all! It's really amazing!
From: Nate, 10/11

Comments: I recently demoed this racquet and it was my favorite I have ever played with! I was surprised at the power level it had with the light weight. I hit with a western grip and I had a ton of spin also which kept the ball just over the net when I hit it. This racquet had a good bit of control on both my forehand and backhand. I was hitting the balls back very deep in the court. On the serves, I received good power and I was hitting a lot of first serves in.
From: Jonathan, 9/11
NTRP Rating: 3.5

Comments: Absolutely the best racquet I have ever used. It is stable, easy on the elbow, good power but easy to control the ball. If you try it, you will be surprised. I tried 25 different racquets but none were better than this beauty! Enjoy!
From: Pat, 9/11
String type and tension: 55 lbs
NTRP Rating: 4-4.5

Comments: Just bought this racquet from Tennis Warehouse and it came on time yesterday. After hitting for an hour, there's something nice about this racquet. First, groundstrokes are very stable even though the racquet is quite light. At net, great feel and lightweight make this racquet a great doubles racquet. Serves are placed easily with great spin. Overall, this is a very lively racquet, compared to BLX Surge, which has no feel at all.
From: Bao Thach, Saigon, VietNam. 4/11
String type and tension: Prince Synthetic Gut Multifilament, 52lbs

Comments: Nice stick for its light weight. Surprisingly stable, even on high pace shots, solid. Ample spin, easy to place serves and groundies. On groundstrokes, I can feel lack of weight as the mass on shots isn't as heavy. Great doubles stick. Good for 3.5 and up.
From: Mike, Dousman, WI, USA. 4/11
String type and tension: Tecnifibre X-One Biphase 17
NTRP Rating: 4.0

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